This is a full android. 4G smartwatch with a large screen, display big battery and lots more now. The watch itself is made from a plastic case. Finished in black, with very nice, smooth ceramic bezels on the front now on the front, we have a large 1.6 inch ips display with a screen resolution of 400 by 400. The watch itself has dual cameras, so a 2 megapixel on the front and an 8 megapixel on the side. Furthermore, under the hood we have the mediatek 67′ quad core cpu clocked at 1.2 gigahertz. You also have 3 gigs of ram and 32 gigs of internal storage. You’Re also getting built in bluetooth version 4, gps, dual band, wi fi, and there is a 4g nano sim slot behind this tray, which means you can insert your 4g nano sim card, and then this smart watch becomes a full featured smartphone on your wrist. You can then make and receive phone calls and send messages directly from the watch. Now. This watch is running android version 7.1.1, with access to the full version of the google play store. Now you can see the aspect ratio is around and some things do get cut off and to change the aspect ratio. You just keep the top button, pressed just tap the top, so it shows a square so circle or square, and then you just simply hit cancel and then you can see a square aspect ratio with nothing cut out.

So, whilst using the watch, you will find yourself interchanging between the different aspect ratios um at different scenarios and it’s, quite quick and easy to do so. Not a problem at all. Now, having the play store means you can download full android apps and you can see i’ve downloaded youtube, music, youtube and whatsapp. So, yes, you can initiate video calls and chat via whatsapp, like you normally would on a smartphone. Now this smartwatch has a large 1260 milliamp hour battery capacity, which is quite large for a smart watch, and we will indeed see how well the battery performs later on in the video. Furthermore, this watch has an ip67 certification it’s life waterproof. Now that actually means you can use it in the rain and wash your hands, but you cannot go swimming with this watch on now. The watch dimensions 60 millimeters in diameter with a thickness of 17.5 millimeters and it weighs 82 grams. Now you do have silicon straps finished in black and the straps are easy to remove and replace with your own 22 millimeter band, and this is how the watch looks on my wrist in case you’re wondering my wrist size is seven inches in circumference. So, yes, it does look kind of large for my wrist and just to give you an idea, i will bring in the samsung galaxy watch three. So this is how they fare side by side. I have both watches on my wrist now the samsung galaxy watch.

Three is 45 millimeters in diameter, with a 1.4 inch, amoled display it’s 11.1 millimeters thick and weighs 65.4 grams. So yes, the galaxy watch 3 is a lot smaller and if you have a similar wrist size to me, then this should give you an idea of maybe what size watch you should be. Considering now back to the a watch gt on the side, we have a power button, eight megapixel camera in the middle and a back button. On the other side, we have nothing and at the bottom of the watch, we’ve got a sim card. Tray and you’ve also got heart rate sensor and your charger pins i’ll quickly show you the charger, so you get a magnetic charging plate which sticks on top. There is a micro usb charging port on the side, so you do get a micro, usb charger included and while we’re here, i also show you what else you get in the box. So a user manual a screen protector, there’s already one applied, but you get a spare one. Some tiny screws in case you lose the original on the tray and a small screwdriver is included. So you can access that tray. Now it takes just over two hours to fully charge this watch, but it will give you around one day of battery life depending on your usage, all right, so let’s check out the watch faces. So this is your default watch face. You can see. It’S got the all core logo on there.

Battery you’ve got the weather and the animated second style going around. So very nice default watch face it does the job. If you want to change, just keep the center pressed, you will feel some haptic feedback and then you’ll be presented with a rather large choice of different watch faces that you can instantly change to and when you get to the end, there is a plus sign. If you tap it, you will then gain access to a whole library of free downloadable watch faces. There is 32 gigs of internal storage. So, even if you download the entire collection, you are still not going to run out of space. So now, i’ll give you a few examples of the selection of watch faces available on this watch so time to check out the watch features if we swipe down from the top you’ve got your connection. Information for bluetooth, sim card and you’ve got your date time and battery information as well. If we swipe to the left, you’ve got quick toggles for bluetooth, airplane mode, brightness, etc. I’Ll quickly show you the brightness, so that’s maximum brightness and if we go there, that’s the minimum, brightness and now i’ll put it back to medium. Now. If we swipe to the left, you’ve got quick clean. So when you tap that that will just clean up some system memory for you, if you swipe again, you’ve got your music control, so there’s 32 gigs of internal storage load it up with your mp3s and you’ll, be able to control your music on the go and You’Ll be able to listen to the music on loudspeaker or, alternatively, connect up some bluetooth, headphones or earbuds, and you can listen to music privately.

If we swipe again you’ve got your local weather tap it and it will immediately show you your weather. Now. If we swipe towards the right, you will see notifications now these notifications are read only so you can’t actually reply to them. However, if you insert a sim card, then if somebody sends you a text message you’ll be able to immediately reply and also, if you were to receive a message through whatsapp for example, so i just received a message. I’M. I can now open that and immediately send my reply, so i’ll try and give it a full hello just to show you that working and that’s sent so whatsapp skype or any other messenger you installed through the play store you’ll, be able to use it directly on This watch as if this watch is a smartphone, so you could also initiate whatsapp phone calls and i’ll quickly show you a video call, show you what that looks. Like turn off the microphone all right there, you go what’s that phone call people. That is how it works, so my smartphone has called my watch if i just put my face on one of them. This is what you can expect. So here is an example of a video called via whatsapp, and this is what you can expect if you were going to take a video call directly on your smartwatch now, if we swipe up towards the top, you will get your seven day at a glance fitness.

If we swipe left you’ve got a step counter distance and calories. Now, if you swipe towards the left, you’ve got all of your apps. Now let’s quickly go through them. All. You’Ve got contacts phone messaging settings face, unlock web browser downloads, calendar clock, camera gallery, music, sound recorder file manager, heart rate, monitor fitness, weather voice search. The google play store, that is the full version. You’Ve got google maps again, full version, you’ve got assistant and that basically enable you to connect to a new smartphone, initiate remote capture, music control, send files and find my device. If we keep going there is a secondary, app store and i’ll show you what that looks. Like it will allow you to download some of the most common apps that we all like using and over here, we have youtube music, which i downloaded myself. I also downloaded youtube system. Optimization is a system app and i also downloaded whatsapp now a few things to clarify if we go to phone now. This watch does not support bluetooth phone calls, and this has not been possible on android 7.1.1, which this watch is running. But if you do want to make phone calls just insert your sim card and then this becomes a full featured smartwatch phone um. Another thing to show you guys is the camera, so we do have a two megapixel on the front: eight megapixel on the side. You can take video and photos and you can change between the cameras by just tapping, so a few random shots of stuff on my desk and i’ll put it up on the screen for you guys to see.

So here we go here is a quick video clip, not sure what the resolution is, but i will put the details up on the screen now. If you connect the watch charger directly to your pc or laptop and place it on top, it will give you option to charge the device or file transfers. If you choose the middle one, it will immediately connect to your computer. It will install any drivers automatically and then you will have access to the file system. You can then access the entire internal android system, so you can easily transfer all your photos, music, movies, games, etc. I did get the opportunity to copy over some mp3 files, so let’s go ahead and hear how how the speaker sounds on this smartwatch that’s, actually not bad that’s, actually not bad. Now. This is a full android smart watch, but you also have some fitness features. So we are going to check out the fitness section. You got outdoor run, outdoor, walk indoor run with treadmills outdoor bike and so on so forth a whole bunch of sports that you can select so i’m gon na just test this out with outdoor walk. So let’s go for an outdoor walk, shall we so i just went for a short outdoor walk here. Are the health results, so you can see the time distance average heart rate calories, burnt and speed, and then you have the option to save or delete, and i definitely want to save that so my workout has now been saved so now it’s time for a screen On hand raised test, i have the a watch gt by old call and the galaxy watch three so let’s see what happens whoa.

That was a huge delay by the old call let’s. Do it again, let’s get the motion right yeah like two or three seconds slower than the galaxy watch three so don’t expect a very fast screen on hand raise with the old call a watch. It works, but unfortunately it’s not as instant as the galaxy watch. Three. So a three second delay from flicking your wrist is actually too long, so the screen on hand raise is definitely not the fastest on the old call. A watch gt so now, it’s time to test out the heart rate sensor. Now, on my thumb, i am wearing the o2 ring it’s a medical grade sensor and it detects your heart rate and spo2 levels at the same time and you can see 86 heart rate and 97 percent spo2. So we are going to test out the heart rate on this. Now, none of these smart watches, including the expensive galaxy watch threes. None of them are medical grade. The reason i do these tests is to see how close the result would be. So we are currently testing our heart rate on the android watch, so we can see a 90 beats per minute on the o2 ring 70 75 78 it’s going up, 80, 82, okay, so 81, 82 and the o2 ring shows around 88.89. So there you have it guys. That was the all call a watch gt and here are my thoughts, so decent build quality and performance.

Nice looking display comfortable on the wrist, although designed to be on the larger side. You have a good internal speaker and mic, and making video calls with whatsapp is quite enjoyable with this watch, and i do like that. You’Ve got two cameras and they’re easy to change between them. Now. Overall performance was also quite good. It runs full android, apps, nice and smooth with no lag. You can think of this watch as a mini android smartwatch on your wrist health features, however, are mediocre. Now, battery life can last you a full day if you don’t go too crazy on the games and video streaming so now, it’s time to introduce my new top smartwatch chart for 2021, allowing you to compare the specs and prices of all the most popular smartwatches and As usual, i’ll be updating this and all my other charts regularly throughout the year and it’s quite interesting to see how the gadgets rank and the idea is to help you make those right choices in your purchase decisions and, as you can see, the all call a Watch gt has ranked at the bottom of the chart at position 18.. Now you can view the full versions of all my charts online and completely free at and read them at your leisure bottom line, certainly not the best for android smartwatch i’ve, recently reviewed. There are a few shortcomings, but that being said for the price, i do like the design, comfort, performance and cameras that this watch offers.

So if you’re looking for a full android smartwatch and are not too bothered about bluetooth, calls or health features or an older version of android, then this one is not bad for the money and with that being said, i will leave the links in the description. So you guys can check this product out for yourself. Meanwhile, thank you so much for watching and i hope you all have a brilliant day.