Let’S go in the quality, went good, so that’s why i actually sold the previous lives, so let’s go back and see if we, if the quality is any better, no idea, no idea what the quality is. Not that good, but uh let’s go i’ll spawn. How is everyone doing? We’Ve got a few people back on uh. Let me just go into yo with one second people. This works. Does it work um? Let me know if the quality is much better on this one than it is previous anyways uh, hopefully it’s a bit better quality and um yeah. So what i was saying earlier, people in the previous live. What was what just happened is i went to the apple store and took the fake, airpod maxes and actually got their reaction as well. So uh make sure you stay tuned with already head over to my youtube community and hit like on that post um. I have no idea why it’s buffering again, but the quality should be a bit better, no idea why quality should be a little bit better. So let me know your other questions in the comments. If it gets a bit better then do let me know but yeah. Regarding these uh fake epoch, maxes, they were. I took these to the apple store to get their reaction. It’S a funny video make sure you hit like on my youtube community and yeah, where i’ll upload the video, but the quality is still the same.

Damn no idea! Why that is no idea? Let’S uh go back into i’m gon na have to go live tomorrow, but uh it’s it’s a bit weird today over there i’ve got good connection on my internet, but it’s not actually giving me good quality here on uh on online. So obviously it’s clear on my phone but it’s a little bit more well it’s a little bit better. I have no idea why the quality is like that so, but yeah people uh, i was just in my previous live. I was just uploading video. We got to the h: these are the hw 32. The latest version i’ve not even actually opened these up, but i’ve got quite a few uh smart watches to get through, but the quality on the live is not really really good. I’Ve just got a few people sending me messages on here as well, so yeah check out my youtube community and also my instagram post, where i’ve actually uploaded a few pictures on what’s all coming on all souls so we’ll check now let’s go so uh yeah people. How is your weekend going? We are on sunday uh. As always, i would go live on sunday and sing it so let’s let’s see what we get inside of the hw 32 box. So here we have it i’m back on the thingy and trying to get the quality work to work on uh. This is the hw 32 check that out and they’ve got any bones.

Maybe i’ve got a Music, so we’ve got some battery left on here, guys, i’m. Just checking a few messages, so we have got a uh some battery left on this hw 32 i’m, trying to get my internet source well, the internet’s all right, but the quality for me has slightly improved. So as long as the quality is improved, this is not actually budgie. Maybe i got it on the previous one, not too sure no we’ve got nothing it’s actually crushed on here. No idea why, let me know what the quality is like on. Uh you’ve got any questions. Let me know this actually hw32 has crashed on me, but if i didn’t i mentioned it earlier, if you want to support the channel, i’ve got a merch store, it’s somewhere on your screen and also you can actually do a super chat. Now so, if you want to support more channels, i would like to keep you in mind if you want to super chat here on all sorts, but as the quality is not going good, uh i’m gon na actually end it from here. We can actually start uh. I’Ll try and go live tomorrow. The quality is not good, so i might be going live tomorrow, which is monday now so uh. The quality is not good on uh on the channel. So there’s no point actually thinking because you won’t be able to see anything when it comes to these smart watches so join me tomorrow, monday and i’ll be going live.

Then i’ll try and get my internet sorted out as well.