This is actually a smart watch that is specifically and specially designed for women, so i’m going to go ahead and open. This up, i’ve already opened it up and kind of gave the battery just a little bit of a charge. But i wanted you all to see what this product looks like. So here is the actual box itself, and then it gives you a lot of information here on the back of the box, which i’m going to share with you. So let’s take a moment to open this up together. All right. So here is your first presentation of what this watch looks like when you take it out of the box, and i believe there’s information underneath here bear with me oops. I just put it turned it on for a moment. Like i mentioned, i did pre charge it a little bit. Okay, so there is the box i’ll actually remove that out of the way. So, first of all, you get a wonderful pamphlet. That tells you all about the products that gives you a user’s manual of how to actually work the smart watch, and obviously you want to make sure that you read the user manual before you use the watch. Okay, you’re also going to receive a extra band, which i think is fantastic to get an extra band for anything anytime. You can get something extra, i think that’s awesome, so what we have here, first of all, i’m, just going to set this to the side.

This is the charger for the actual watch and what you’ll do is you’ll, just plug that into your usb port. You have a very decent cord, which i consider to be decent, and then this is your actual charging port. So what you’re going to end up doing is i’ve just taken the watch itself out of the box and again, like i said, it’s lit up, because i did do a little bit of a charge on there. But what you’re going to do is you have this part of the charger and this part of the charger and the minute that you attach this to the charger it kind of like grabs itself now how you know you’re putting it on the correct way is right Here you can see that there’s a little notch in the actual charging, port and that’s. How come it will sit flush against there. Okay, so it’s already been, like i mentioned, charged up a little, so i’m gon na go ahead and remove it and take away that charger, but you get that with the product. Okay, now this is all magnetic mesh, and this is in a gold tone. Color the size of the watch itself, let me give you a quick measurement right there, it’s about an inch and a half all right, so this isn’t magnetic. So let me uh try to put this on here, while i’m trying to hold the camera. At the same time, i guess it’s very convenient that it is a magnet right there, because it makes it much easier for me being here alone to get it on by myself.

So there i just kind of put it on there quickly and it’s magnetic so it just sticks wherever you want it like. If you want it loose, if you’re one of those that likes to have it more like a bracelet style, you can loosen it up or you just pull it to wherever you would like and voila all right. So what we have here, as you can tell first of all, it’s beautiful um. The screen itself is crystal crystal clear: um i’m, very impressed with the graphics. First of all, i think that’s pretty amazing, um i’ll, be very honest. I do not own a smartwatch. I don’t really know anything about smartwatches i would have to um. Actually we can take my blood pressure on screen here, let’s check out my new medicine and see if it’s working um. But what i’m going to do is read you a few of the things that this product does. Besides literally take my blood pressure right now as you’re watching it it’s taking my actual blood pressure. This product will give you these types of functions. Heart rate, blood pressure, sport mode turn, light on turn, light off, and i didn’t even look at my blood pressure. What was it? What was my blood pressure? I missed it. What was my blood pressure? Uh wow, actually that’s, fantastic uh. The bottom number could be a little bit lower but i’m not going to complain with that that’s actually pretty decent.

For me, okay, so back to the different individual functions, we also have a weight and sport chart. We have a distance chart, we have a pedometer. We have an anti lost chart. We also have a calorie chart. It’S got a camera in there, it’s got to find the band, it has a go reminder. It has a wechat reminder wow. This thing is like jam packed and the reason why they say it’s for women is because it does a lot of things that us women go through, that men don’t have to deal with um. I do love the fact of the bright screen. For me, this would be too big only because i am a person that likes my watch to be just a bit smaller i’m, not a big fan of round watches, but hey that’s, just me um, and how i roll it’s comfortable. You can see it very nicely now. My blood pressure is going to be all wacky now because i’m actually moving it um, so it’s going to cause it to go off my pulse, but i like the fact that it goes to an all black screen, it’s just itself, it’s very pretty. I do like the fact of the magnet for me personally. I think i would like to see something more in probably like a square type or something like that. I just have never been one to wear large watches and for me this is considered large, but for all of you this may not be considered large um it’s to each his own, but that’s just my opinion, it’s extremely comfortable.

You can take it off with you know, and there it is. If you want to change the band it’s, extremely quick, it just pops off right here and then you would pop on the new band, which this is like a full leather and then you’ve got a silver tone buckle. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to put some links below regarding this smart watch. I definitely think it’s a definite worth bang for your buck um. My personal opinion is just my personal opinion and that’s it, but as far as the product goes and what the product does, i think it’s awesome and i would definitely recommend this to anyone looking into purchasing a smart watch again. This is from this company, which is amatage, and i will place some links below on how you can locate them for this time.