If you are looking for a smart watch or a smart band or a fitness tracker, which you can wait all day long and you can track all your activities like sleep tracking and day to day activities, then this is the watch for you and if you are Into outdoor activities like walking, running cycling swimming and you don’t want to carry your phone with you, then this is your best. Fitness companion, amaze fit beep. S comes with transfective color display with corning gorilla, glass, 3 protection and the best part is. It comes with always on display and with basic usage. You will get 40 days of battery life, it’s made up of polycarbonate body and a stainless steel crown, and it weighs just 31 grams. It feels very light in the hand, and it is 5 atm water resistant as well. Here you can see the heart rate sensor and interchangeable silicon straps, coming to the small details, there’s a small notch in there so which holds your silicon strap tightly so that it will not slip away. Once you press the crown, it will take you to the main menu in the main menu. You have workout status by heart rate. Pi is personal activity. Intelligence. You can earn pi points by elevating your heart rate. By doing some exercises, as per the pi algorithm, you have to target for 100 pi score, so you have to be always active to maintain that 100 pi scores.

You can track your seven days, pi score in your watch itself by swiping right. You can go back to the previous page, there’s a compass as well, and you can control music through this there’s, a weather, alarm, timer, world clock and the setting as well by pressing the crown it goes to the watch face long press on the watch face gives You multiple options to select and there are two custom watch faces and you can customize. As per your requirement from custom watch face, you can directly access to the activity because you have running treadmill, cycling, indoor, cycling, freestyle, walking, open water pool, elliptical trainer, yoga jump, rope, badminton ping, pong cricket, basketball, soccer, rowing Music Applause in web machine. You don’t get any storage capacity for music, but you can control your phone’s music to your watch Music in bips. You do not have option of receiving the call, but you can mute the call or disconnect the call same case with the notifications as well. You can read the notification, but you cannot reply to them. You can swipe right to close them or swipe up and you can clear the notifications i’m using this watch more than one and half month. So i have already downloaded the zep app from play. Store to add the watch, you have to click on the plus icon there and you can select the watch and scan the qr code from your watch and it will take some time to pair once you are completely set.

You will find the step counter here where you can find daily, weekly monthly and yearly data. Similarly there’s a calorie counter here, where you can find out how many calories you have spent per day, weekly and monthly as well. Here you will get the complete data on your heart activity and here you get the sleep tracking details, as i mentioned before, it’s a very light watch, so you can wear it and sleep, but sleep tracking is not that great in this device – and here you get The pi score details by swiping up this app drawer you’ll get some of the activities, so you can choose it from here itself. Here you will find some options like you can set the alarm. You can find your device you can set watch faces. So there are a lot of watch faces here. You can select, whichever you want. Just click on the watch face and sync, it click the profile button, and here you will see the charge left in the amaze fit vps, and here you can customize some of the options as well, going back to watch in main menu. You have setting option in setting option you get watch face, setting long button press setting, brightness and find my device. Coming back to my experience with this watch, i used this watch with 24 7 heart rate monitoring and i got 14 days of battery life and i tested with standalone gps every day minimum an hour, and it gave me 8 days of battery life, which is really A great deal at this price point, if you like this video, please hit the thumbs up button and if you have any questions regarding this watch, please feel free to comment below.