If you want to find the best deals on this smart watch, you can head to the first link in the description below to get started. Heres the shipping package lets unbox this Music, so heres the watch itself. Charging dock and user manual lets unwrap the watch now, as we are in the process. Lets also set it up for that. You have to download the zep app and you can go to the play, store or scan the qr code on the watch. After opening that you will have to sign in or create an account put in your basic details like wait and all after that, allow bluetooth and location access once you get out of these smartwatch app rituals tap on the plus icon, scan the qr code and accept Binding request on the watch and you are done now – we can start using the watch. Music lets start this review with the design and build quality. But before that i would like to clear out your curiosity. That is what is the difference between the bip 3 and the pro version. So the main difference between the two is gps on the pro you will get the inbuilt gps. So if you go for the outdoor work, running, cycling, etc, it will record accurate data and path you took. This is a feature who are serious about their activities and want detailed measurements, and it will help them in their growth for an average man its not that important.

So you can just pick up the bip 3 and can potentially save couple of bucks. Now i could give you this information at the end of this video and then you have to be like watch the whole video but im nice. So please stay tuned for the rest of this video. That would be helpful. Anyways talking about the design of the watch, its quite lightweight, i havent seen any watch this lightweight and comfortable to wear. At the same time, the moment i held it, it felt like a great smart watch. The strap is very soft and doesnt irritate at all. Now everything is made out of plastic, but the watch feels solid. I dont think it will leave his breath anytime soon. What im going to do is ill be using this watch for the next 30 days straight and well post an updated review, but this would only happen if this video gets like 250 likes lets, see how many of you are interested. So, moving on to the features here, we get a beautiful 1.69 inch display with 240 by 280 pixel resolution, and it comes with a 2.5 d tempered glass, which makes it very smooth and joy to use. Also. It comes with anti fingerprint coating and i have also noticed that it catches less fingerprints as compared to other smart watches other than that. It is bright, and i have used this in direct sunlight without any kind of issues. Then we have the ip68 port rating and it has water resistance of 5 atm, so we can do swimming with this watch.

Next is the 60 sports mode, which is a lot even though this watch can be used while swimming, but there is no sports mode for that. They should have included one for swimming as well. I dont know why they didnt, so next is the 50 plus watch faces that you can choose from, and you can also just customize them as well, or you can also add your own picture. If you are so narcissist so yeah for monitoring health, we get heart rate sp to sleep, monitor, stress, monitor and girls cycle. Monitor. Lets compare this with the apple watch. Music, um, Music now lets take a moment and see how the watch works and what is located. Where so, just like any other watch, you can just swipe in all directions. Up top we get quick actions like brightness control, do not disturb mode alarms and settings. If we swipe down it will give us notification on the right. We have widgets like activity, heart rate, spo, to stress music control, weather, etc, to access the menu click this button on the side, it will show you this list menu. Now. This is the only way to access the menu generally, you have menus in either. One of the four directions, but sadly on the bip 3, you only have the option to just like press this button, which is a bit inconvenient to use. I would say anyways here: you have a lot of things like activity goal, heart rate, sleep, workout and much more.

Now, if you dont want all these things or you want to add some other things or you want to sort it, then you can go to the zep app and do that from there speaking of zep thats the app itself. It is good. You get all the data at glance on the home page and we can see the details by tapping any item. Next is the health tab where we can start an exercise like walking or cycling, and it will record the gps data along with that, and last is the profile tab where you can add in your details and set your goals etc. On battery side, we get 280 milliamp hour battery, which takes about two hours charge full and after that you can expect about seven to 14 days of battery. Backup depends how intensely used the watch, which is actually very good battery life, again ill test. This watch and let you know how it performs for me and update with the review so make sure you are subscribed for that. According to me, its the best smart watch under this price point, i have tried many different smart watches and this one feels most polished. The ui display features and everything feels best. So if you are in the market looking for a budget smart watch under 3000 or 60 dollars, then you can definitely pick this up now. If you have some room in your budget, then you can also check out the bip3 pro which has gps, which is for 5000 or 70 dollars.8tWNfNH7kQE

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