I believe i um gon na look more into that, but i got my hands on this watch and definitely wanted to do a review on this i’ve been getting um in the habit of getting smart watches so um. This is uh one that i definitely want to check it out, but before we get open it let’s get right into it and see what this is about. This is this um. As i see um, this is a pretty big box for the watch. I wonder what else is inside here, but uh. It has always on display always on color display water resistance, 250 meters, lightweight heart rate notification built in gps, multi sports tracking long lasting battery and turn to the side right there it’s giving you like a warning and nothing on the other side of it. Um inside the box, um it’s uh, letting you know in some like um. Well, it has english on it um and telling you what it all comes, what it comes with the maze fit a bib s: i’m. Sorry s charging dock and using a manual so um let’s try to open this and see what this is all about. Let me see if i can do it with this, though one hand wasn’t really good at opening that, but anyway, oh okay, it’s humming, guys, okay, so opening this box, you have a nice white box that it comes in pretty cool and uh let’s see. If we can get this thing to come on out with just one hand and uh let’s, remove that okay, so give you a nice little that’s a nice little display right there.

I got ta say this that’s, pretty cool. I like how it comes in the box like that. That is really really awesome. I’M liking. The feel of this really nice and it says, move beautifully so that’s pretty cool, so we we’re gon na lift this up and um got a little pamphlet right here. Um one side says book: the other one is this charger, so when you open it up so, okay, so first i i like the presentation of it. That’S that’s, really cool so got the charging poured out, got the charger out um, which i’m trying to go for, and i don’t know why i’m trying to go for it so hard but uh the manual okay. So definitely you got a manual on one side of it and then you have the charging dock right here, a pretty big georgian dock, i might say, and um that’s a little. I think that’s a little magnetic thing right. There i’m not sure, but you got your little charging dock right there and um. It went to the side and then we’re just going to peel this off of the amaze fit, because we don’t need that anymore and um we’re just going to try to power this on okay, i got a little buzz and it’s saying um scan the p uh Scan the code so i’m just gon na do this real, quick and i’ll be back okay guys! So here we are done.

Updating the watch and well i’m thought i was done, updating it, but uh uh. It is updating gps on here and uh. Just got done so, while we’re doing that i’m gon na show you how this stuff hooks together before i get in into the watch um. So all you’re going to do is you’re just going to hook it in and see it clamps down there and just nice and comfortable, and it just starts charging as soon as you plug that in and then you just pop it out just like this and there You go so um. Let me see, i think, okay, but anyway, i’m gon na talk a little bit about this. I do have the maze fit? U – and it is a little bit more advanced than this watch right here, but almost like the same too, but let’s see what watch faces that we do have on here. We have that the customized one right there there’s one there’s another one there’s another one there’s another one and i think we’re good, but what i’m gon na stick with that one right there um apply this here, watch what yes, okay, so we’re gon na swipe down And then we got um the moon, i think that’s the light lock screen and then the music thing right there and then we’re going to swipe up. And then there we are was tattoo view details. Okay, it says clear: okay, one swipe to the side.

We got our weather uh, where the watch to a distance. That is one finger away from okay little justice right. There got your little heart rate right there. Please enable horn, okay steps, music and there you go and then you swipe today and then you just get the same exact thing. Just got into that’s pretty cool and um pretty much um the amaze fit um has the app that is really really advanced, and i see it’s blinking right there so and letting you know i don’t know what kind of bands these are. I think these are like. Maybe a 22 or something i i would guess, but uh let’s get right into the app. So we can take a look at this okay, so here we are on the maze bib s at 56 percentage that it has um. Just like the rest that i have been talking about the maze fit you got, your watch set faces settings right there. We just log it into the and we have a whole lot of other ones. Um i’m really liking that color one, because i think i had that one before so i’m. Just gon na sync that because i really like that right, there and i’m gon na use that so i’m gon na go back out and we do and, like i said it’s like many and many many other different watch faces, that you see right there really cool Ones, i got ta say really nice, so um a lot, a lot ones to think to pick from which is really cool, um and then we go back out.

We got your unlock screen right there, uh incoming calls alarm app alerts, and so on get your find. Your watch uh discoverable, uh, real time data, um band, locate, location which is going to be on my right hand, and you just got a lot of other type of things to watch out for.