You will find the links to the product in the description and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch to the end of the video to know our final verdict and whether this fitness tracker is worth the Purchase before we get started on the video i’d like to share a joke, a hole was found in the wall of the women’s changing room at the gym. The police are currently looking into it now let’s get started on the video amma’s fit bip s overview. The amis fit bip, s takes the crown in the market when it comes to the price and battery life, and these two features earned it. The cnet’s editor’s choice award for 2020.. The battery life makes it hard to beat in the game and it might not be the best fitness tracker when it comes to smart features, but it sure is the longest running one it’s. The third model of the amis fit bip created by the chinese company, called huami. It dethrones its predecessor when it comes to the feature and has a slightly better screen. What we liked it’s, affordable and cheap. It is light on the wrist and comfortable to wear even at night. It can go for 10 days straight without having to charge it even once what we didn’t like it. Doesn’T have automatic workout detection, the notifications, aren’t quick. It tends to have an unreliable connection with the phone app amazfit bips specifications.

As for this table, you can see that the amezfit bips has an exceptionally long lasting battery life it’s also compatible with both ios and android devices – things you should know before. Buying the amazfit bips, the backlight of the watch’s screen doesn’t, always turn on when you need it to, and you have to exaggerate raising your wrist in order to turn it on the screen also isn’t sensitive to touch, and you have to swipe it a few times In order to get it to respond, additionally, the watch doesn’t have automatic, workout detection, so you have to manually log in your workouts. Ironically, though, it automatically pauses when you stop moving the biggest deal. Breaker, however, is that it doesn’t work well as a smart watch, since its connections with smartphones tend to be unreliable at times it doesn’t have any standalone functions and only mirrors what’s in your phone amazfit bit best features battery life. The battery life is the best feature of this fitness tracker that many competitors have failed to imitate. If you’re doing the bare bone functions, the tracker can go up to 40 days while on a charge. However, realistically one should expect around 10 to 15 days worth of battery life if you’re, using its functions on a regular basis. Also, the amazing battery life enables you to track your sleep more conveniently since you don’t have to charge it at the end of the day, and you can have it on for 24 7 without having to plug it in design and screen.

When it comes to the design, it is light and takes the look of an apple watch with a much thicker bezel. It doesn’t have the most attractive design, but it’s comfortable and practical compared to watches that are bulkier. The transflective color display of the bip s enables the screen to stay on all the time and also contributes to the watch’s long battery life it isn’t as attractive and bright as the mold screen displays of other watches in the market. But technically the design of this watch matches its price fitness tracking, the amis fit bip. S includes more workouts and better metrics compared to its predecessor. It supports up to 10 workouts such as swimming yoga and weights. It also contains the continuous heart rate monitoring feature. Additionally, it enables you to track your stats accurately and has a dial button that can be programmed as a shortcut for starting your workouts. However, when it comes to outdoor workouts, you will still be required to press the screen to confirm the gps connection before registering for the workout. Therefore, the dial button shortcut becomes pointless: personal activity, intelligence pai. It comes with a new health metric called the personal activity, intelligence pai, which shows and grades the amount of activity you have done during the day. It uses heart rate, data and basic demographic information, instead of step count and calories burnt. To show you whether your heart rate was raised long enough during the day to get to your health goal final verdict, should you get the amazfit bipass? It is affordable, but isn’t smart enough to replace your smartphone since it’s basically mirrors what is on your phone? The only good and exceptional feature is the battery life it’s, a good entry level, smart watch for those who aren’t sure they want to get one who is the amazfit bips best suited for it’s best suited for those who love the simple basics, such as tracking their Sleep and activity levels are there any alternatives to the amazfit bipbs.

The fitbit charge is a good alternative to the amazfit bit best. Is this a fitness tracker you would like to buy? If you like this video, please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to our channel.