This is normal here and in this video we’ll do a review of the new ama suite bpro smartwatch announced in india. So this mod watch is announced for a price of four triple nine, and this is available on amazon as well as amaze suite website – and this has quite good interesting features, including uh, spo2 measurement. Then blood oxygen level is the spo2 measurement. Then you get alexa support and nine day battery life, so it is loaded with features along with that. It also comes with gps functionality, so let’s see how good the watch performs. So this is the box package, and here we have the misfit bpu pro and you can see here, 1.43 inches large color display. Then you get the built in a gps and blueness 60 plus sports modes are supported and the blood oxygen saturation uh measurement. Is there that’s spo2 a value, then a 9 day battery life, 5 atm water systems, sleep, quality, monitoring and personal activity intelligence? So these are the features of this smartwatch and this is priced for triple line in india, so uh. It also comes with support for alexa. So how that works so we’ll talk about all those things in this video. So we are not going to do the unboxing because uh it’s, nothing is there in the box, except for the charger and the manual as well as the watch. So we’ll go straight into the watch, our features and then we’ll see how the watch performance is so this the watch you can see it has a 1.

43 inches uh display and you can see that the bezels at the bottom, as usual, are slightly on the higher Side, you also get the amaze feed branding at the bottom. Now the display quality is definitely good. Uh. The brightness levels are also quite good, but there is no auto brightness available here. So if you are outside – and you feel that the display isn’t that bright, you can actually increase the brightness manually, there is no auto brightness. Then you get this button which helps you to navigate all the features so that’s the only button available and the build quality. Again looks good, it’s quite similar to other misfit watches. We have the sensors at the back along with the charging port, so these are the ports, the strap can be removed and you can interchange it. You can see that there is a mechanism which allows you to remove the watch, strap and you can use additional straps as well now strap quality is again a pretty good. The plastic material finishes also looks quite okay. Now the display quality, the touch response feels again smooth, not a not a major concern here. You can see it’s very responsive as well now uh overall, build quality also looks quite good now. Moving on to the uh the features now here, uh in the main interface, if you just swipe from the top, you get these quick toggles. So if you go to settings uh, you can see additional option.

Then uh, the timer. Is there brightness you can increase or decrease from here that’s the brightness option then do not step. If you swipe from the bottom, you can get the notifications once you connect it with the smartphone. You can get call notification sms. All those notifications you can get then on the left side. Alexa support is there so alexa support is kind of not that great, i would say, because you need to communicate with the smart. So we have the ios here iphone 12. Now we have paired it and uh. You can see that this is the main interface where you get all the steps and personal activity intelligence. You can just pair it from here and then you can see that heart rate available uh. There is the continuous heart rate available. Then all the details are available here then here you can see that uh additional options are there watch faces. Are there so you can see here. A lot of watch faces are supported. There is a lot of customization available, so uh the replicator of watch face is available, you can just download and it will be automatically synced to your watch, so that’s the option available so again, a pretty good, then incoming call alert, see there app alerts. Vibration, although all the basic functionalities are included and the profile you can set your goals as well, so it’s well equipped in terms of the features uh included now talking about how accurate this is now a couple of things.

First we’ll take talk about the steps taken, so steps taken is very accurate. Actually, it’s, amazing watches are known for great accuracy levels and we actually compared it to a couple of other smart watches. Also uh. We had and uh the accuracy levels of amaze fit up. Vpu pro is really good out of the hundred steps we took almost 98.99. It was measuring, so it is very accurate in terms of steps tracking, so that’s one of the highlights of this watch. Now the there is also gps functionality. Gps, we felt was. It was not very accurate. Almost like 90 92 percentage accuracy. We got so that’s, not very accurate, but still again, quite good for a budget. Smart watch now blood, oxygen level and that’s. The spo2 and heart rate are two other options available now. Uh heart rate sensor is very accurate. Again it measures the heart rate we actually cross checked with uh other devices. Again it is very accurate. Now spo2 is kind of accurate, but the time taken is slightly on the higher side. Also uh. Sometimes it doesn’t actually retrieve the sp2 and it fails so that’s one issue, probably it might be fixed with future updates, but spo2 measurement is quite okay. We’Ll talk about that we’ll show you how it is measured, so that’s the sp2 measurement now so now, let’s uh measure this. So we have one in our hand and let’s measure the heart rate – and you can see here.

We just measure this, so you can see a 77 beats per minute, so it’s relaxed. I will also measure uh the spo2 agency here last time. It was measured, was 99 percentage around 36 minutes ago now, we’ll just measure it once again so remain still. So this is one of the very important criterias in covid, so blood oxygen level, let’s measure it. So you can see here 98 percentage. So it does take a bit of time to measure but uh. Sometimes it does error out that’s the only issue, but we are not sure whether it’s our watch issue but uh it’s kind of okay. I would say performance, but still this very important aspect currently in the kovitz scenario, this very important aspect so that’s, the other two measurements. So, overall, we feel that the pros and cons the pros include a good performance in terms of heart rate, monitoring. Uh, then steps tracking is very accurate. Lots of workout modes, including yoga, is supported. Uh, the watch trap can be changed and the uh the watch faces there are plenty of them supported. So those are the advantages, or rather the pros of this watch, and the pricing is also quite good, and the cons include the spo2 measurement was slightly laggy. At times, uh, second, the gps was not very accurate, although it’s kind of uh definitely good feature to have – and third probably was that alexa support is kind of not really uh worthy it’s kind of gimmick which uh you need the smartphone to connect and then show It so that’s not very uh, very much a desirable feature to have now, so the watch is priced for to plan and for that pricing it is quite a decent option: uh, considering that it offers pretty good options all around, and if you want a cheaper version There is bps, which is price, three triple nine, and if you want to spend more on a bit more accuracy and looks, there is gts two mini uh, which is definitely a better watch overall and the battery life on this watch is around nine days.

Uh in uh, in our testing we got around uh six to seven days. That’S, almost a week of usage we got so again. The battery life is definitely good on this watch, so that’s uh, the uh amaze, with bpu pro and uh hope this video was useful. Do hit that like button and also hit that subscribe button for more videos and if you plan to buy this watch, we’ll have the links in the description of this video, so that’s it for this video. This is normal signing off, thanks for watching hope to see.