So, starting with the unboxing experience in the front of the box, we have the amazon branding along with the picture of the smartwatch, and here we have the model name amazfit bpu pro on this side of the box. We have some key features, such as 1.43 inch, color display built in gps and clona support 60 plus sports modes. You get the spo2 monitoring in this watch. The bpu pro comes with the 9 days battery life, it’s 5 atm water resistant, and you get the sleep monitoring as well as the pai support amaze with bpu. Pro is available today on amazon for rupees 4999, which is 1 000 rupees more than the standard version. Now let’s open the box and show you the content, so on the top we get this box in which we have the user guide, and then here we have the smart watch itself in terms of the looks and design it is very similar to the bpu. We will look at the smartwatch in a moment, let’s see what else we have in the box. So in the box we get the charging cable which is magnetic, and it is the same, as other amazement, watches we have seen this year so that’s all we have in the box now let’s, look at the smart watch closely amazed with bpu pro, as the name Suggests is the upgraded version of the bpu looking at the design and build quality, even though it’s the same as the previous version.

But i find the quality and design really good and the watch does feel premium and well built in the front of the smartwatch. We have the same 1.43 inches color lcd ips display, and it comes with the nt fingerprint coating and 2.5 d curved glass. The resolution of this display is 302 by 320 pixels in terms of the overview we have the single push button here on the right side by which you can access the menu. The body of this watch is made up of polycarbonate and we get the silicon strap and i find the quality of the strap pretty decent. So the overall look and feel of this smartwatch is good and it’s also lightweight and weighs just 31 grams. Now, looking at the back of the smartwatch, we have the sensors, which includes heart rate and the spo2 sensor. Apart from that, we get the gyro sensor and the geomagnetic sensor in this smartwatch, and then we have the two charging poco pins. And if you look closely, there is also a mic at the back, so guys in terms of the design it’s identical to the previous version. Bpu now let’s turn it on and pair it with our phone. The companion app zip is available for both android and ios and pairing. The smartwatch is really easy: just go to the add device section and choose the option, add by qr code and that’s it here we have the watch paired with our phone.

Meanwhile, the app is setting up the watch. Let me show you, the watch features first thing: i noticed that the display is crisp and the quality of the screen is really good. The touch is also smooth and you can operate this smartwatch wire touch and the button on the side. So first we have the watch face and if you long press on the screen, you can see the available watch faces. This smartwatch can store four watch faces and you can also download more from the companion app now in terms of the gestures. So if you swipe down from the top, you have the quick settings such as dnd settings and the brightness and guys we don’t get the auto brightness support in this smart watch. Swiping up from the bottom shows you, the notification, history and swiping left or right shows. You, the quick app cards, and here we have the activity status, heart rate, spo2, weather, music and also alexa, and guys for alexa. You would need to set it up from the app in the account section, and here you need to log in with your amazon id. So we have set up the alexa and about the alexa features you can use alexa for various things, such as weather, translation, setting up alarm countdown, or you can also ask questions. When is the next ipl match, set a timer for 5 minutes and guys, as there is no speaker in this watch, you get the response on the screen.

The response time is fast and the my performance is also very good. Set an alarm for tomorrow. 7. Am how to say hello in french now coming back to the menu, you can access the main menu by pressing the crown button once and also, if you long press the crown button, you can access a shortcut app right now, it’s set to work out, but you Can change this from the settings now about the menu? It is exactly as a paper and i also find the touch response and the menu lag free. So looking at the menu, we have the activity goal status and then we have the pai, which shows your score. Based on your fitness activities, and then we have the heart rate and guys i find the heart rate: detection fast and it’s, also very accurate. Then we have the sleep menu where it will show you your last night’s sleep details which i’m yet to test. After that, we have the exercise menu and, as you can see, we get the multiple sports modes in this smartwatch, and also you can customize this list from here, which is also really good and guys. This smart watch comes with the inbuilt gps, which is again an advantage, and one more thing. This smartwatch is also 5 atm waterproof, so you can use it while swimming now coming back to the menu. Then we have the activities which shows you your exercise, history. After that, we have the spo2 monitoring, which is a must have feature these days.

Getting the spo2 reading takes some time, but it’s good to have this feature after the sp02. We have the stress monitoring, which shows you a stress core, and it also supports all day monitoring. Then we have the breathing exercise which will help you to calm yourself down, and then we have the cycle tracking for females, which is good to see in this smart watch. And then we have the alarm, and here you can turn on the preset, alarms or set one yourself. After that, we have the settings, and here we have the watch faces, and then we have the auto screen of time, which you can change here and then we have the screen lock, which will lock the watch screen. This smartwatch also supports race to wake feature, and i find it really responsive and it works very well and also when you cover up the display with your palm, it will turn off the display. Then in the settings we have the preferences, and here you can change shortcut, apps and also the long press button app, which i will be changing to alexa Music. Then in the preference menu we have the time and date settings and then finally we have the system menu which allows you to reset or turn off the smart watch. Now coming back to the main screen. We also have the more menu which has a few more things, such as weather, and here you can see the weather forecast and then we have the alexa music control, and here you can switch between soundtracks and also increase or decrease the volume.

And after that we have the countdown with some preset timers, and then we have this: stop watch pomodoro, timer, a world clock compass, camera shutter to take hands, free photos from your phone and then finally, we have the fine phone option, which plays a loud tone on Your phone so guys that’s all the features we have on this smartwatch, so in the pro version, you’re getting two main features, such as the inbuilt gps, with the glonass support and the mic for alexa and for that you’re, basically paying 1000 rupees extra. Now, looking at the companion app, we have covered the zap app many times in our previous amazon videos and we will be giving you a brief introduction. So on the homepage we have the fitness data, which includes step count, sleep data, heart rate, spo2 and so on, and then we have the profile page, and here you can go to the settings. So in the watch settings you can see the remaining battery on the top and then we have the store option and from here you can download different watch faces for your watch. After that, we have the notification settings, and here you can turn on the call and the app notifications and talking about it more here is how you get the call alert and in this smart watch you can only silent the alert on the watch or reject the Call now talking about the app notification. This is how you get the message notification.

Unfortunately, you can’t reply to the messages from this watch, but there is one good thing that you get the emoji support in this watch now coming back to the settings, then we have the heart rate monitoring and from here you can turn on the all day. Monitoring and then we have the app management from here, you can manage the app list on the smart watch, so that’s pretty much all the features we have in the companion app. So overall, the ms with bpu pro offers a good design and the build quality you’re. Getting the inbuilt gps and the alexa support in this smart watch i’m here to test the accuracy of the sleep and the fitness data which i will be covering in our long term review. So stay tuned for that. But as of now, i can say that if the gps and the elixir support is something which interests you, then you can go for the amazon bpu pro. Otherwise. The regular bpu is also a very good smart watch in rupees, 3, 9.. So that’s it guys. This was the unboxing and overview of the amazon bpu pro. Let us know if you like it and also, if you have any queries or questions about this smartwatch then do let us know in the comment section below so that’s all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadgetgig for more videos like this.

Once again, this is arnold.