As you can see, the package is very thin and very good. Looking we have here at the side a couple of other things that we can do with the paper: let’s go ahead and unbox it real quick, as we mentioned before, we have 50 meters or for the waterproof assistant here in the package we have the user manual With plenty of languages and after that, we will find the watch itself wrapped up for protection, and we have the charger here in this little box Music. So this is all what we have in the box of misfit bipu let’s go ahead and unwrap it and see what we got also not forget to mention that we got more than 60 sports and we have oxygen, beats personal activities intelligent, and we have a lot Of other health caring, you can see, the bands are made from really good material of rubber and the screen as well, very good quality. You can see misfit logo and the watch sorted very good, colors and let’s go ahead and see what we got more at the top. We have the toss board with time date. Percentage of battery do not disturb brightness settings and alarm. These are just a few shortcuts that we have here in the taskbar. We will see settings later. We have the brightness let’s raise that all the way up and the left. We have music control right. We have activity goals. Next, we have heart rate, blood pressure, stress, pai, weather, music control again and that’s.

Basically it down. We have messages and if you press the button, you enter the app list with activity, gold, pai, hard rate, sleep workout. Here in workout, we have out the running treadmill out: recycling, indoor, cycling, walking, pool swimming rope, skipping yoga, free exercise, ring machine, electrical training, record dance, and we have plenty of more that we can add. As we mentioned, we have more than 60 sports in this watch. Blood oxygen stress, breathe, cycle tracking. This is a new option for our ladies and if you are interested to see that this is one option for the latest in our channel and whoever buys it. We have alarm and settings that we set before in the settings. We’Ll find watch faces that we can change right here, some of them that are downloaded and we can download more in the app let’s go back to the settings and see what we got more. We have auto screen off which we can raise up to 50 seconds and that will drain our battery faster. We have screen lock in case we want to make a screen lock. We have lit upon the wrist lift lit upon notifications. You can see all they are on and we have some preferences that you can customize for your own preference. We have here press and hold vibration, time, format, data format etc, and we have the system where we can restore shutdown or factory set or device. After the settings we have more.

As you can see, we have weather music calm down stopwatch, and this is pomodoro tracker. One more option: new and the bpu – and these are all the things you can see the cycle tracking for our ladies – that we mentioned before so after these breathtaking options, as you can see, heart rate is the first option that we have right here. The one finger method that we have to do and let’s tight the wash to our rest better. It notifies you to push the watch a little bit further than your hand, and you can see it says remain still, so you have to stay still. While this is measuring four whole lot, better things, you can see the first option, and this is our state of heart rate and the measure as well. We have blood oxygen. Three second countdown, it says remain still again, so you these accurate. These data are very accurate. Keep the uh hand up place your arm horizontally on the table. As you can see, it gives you a couple of instructions, how you should put your hand and your body as well, so you get more accurate data. While this is measuring, you can see the circle is filling up slowly, but we got some good information in this watch and we have a good watch in front of us. Uh misfit misfit never fails us, so let’s wait and see what result it gives in the end, and you can see measurement failed and that’s, mainly because my hand it it was moving a little bit or probably i’m, not holding my hand like.

I should and the instruction like they said so i’m trying to hold my hand a little bit up and not moving it so let’s see in the second time it if it will work. As you can see, we have. We got some information here, which is a good sign, so let’s wait for the final result and see what we got. As you can see, the state of our blood oxygen is really good and we have the stress as well again. Three second countdown: we have to wear it like this. Further from the hand, it says, remain still keep the screen facing up, wear the wash tightly and place your arm horizontally on the table. So these are the same instructions that we saw before and let’s see what result the stress option gives us we can see. The first result is here Music and we have the strats, as you can see, it’s in the second stage, not so good, but not bad. Either so let’s go to the settings we have here, the workouts all the running is the first option that we have let’s try out the running here. The gps, as you can see, is activated press go and we have here the time at the top seconds going underneath it distance space and heart rate. We have stride frequency, calories and average pace. We have heart rate diagram, as you can see. A very good information pace, diagram as well, and we have in the left and the result, and we have also in the right the music control, which is a very good option.

So this is the sport and the bepu let’s see we have the breathing as well. We can choose the menace that we want to breathe i’m, going to go for one minute, it’s much easier, just to see how it works, as you can see where it says, inhale and exhale. You have to do like this, like it says, and you have to inhale where it says exhale, where it says to exhale it’s, very simple and very easy to do, and this will help you reduce stress and lower your heart rate and blood pressure. All this kind of stuff, so if you are in stress or exhausted, this option will help you reduce your stress and your higher heart rate. So let’s wait for the end of this results and see what we got from the result of the Music breathing. As you can see, we have hard rate changes and, after that we don’t think we have anything else to test in this watch so guys this was all for today’s video. I hope you find this video interesting and helpful if so hit the like button subscribe to.