. This watch it’s been a while in the market now it’s in our hands. Finally, uh in today’s video. We will see what we have in the server. What option this watch will offers us and, and in the next video we will show you how to connect it with ios and android and see how we can upload music to this watch and use all of this option. So let’s go ahead and see what we got Music. So let’s begin here immediately with unboxing. As you can see in the package itself, it says: msv gtr 2. We have here at the top some information on what we will find here in the gtr 2.. So we know about the gtr that we have third 14 days battery life and we will find always on display different faces and plenty of health networking line 12 built in sports. You can see in the package itself, we have the user manual like usual and we have the charger in the other side, very good package from the misfit. We have to get that too. So you can see the gtr 2 very good, protected with wraps all around the watch, so we have 24 hour heart rate, blood pressure, pai, sleep, stress, etc. All of these in the menu of the gt r2 also the gtr2 is 580m waterproof. So we have quite a good information here. We have to connect first, the gtr2, as you can see at the top.

We have the time percentage of battery, we have weather here we have the torch and then next we have the brightness automatic or manually. We have do not disturb and we have the power saving mode screen lock. As you can see, when you power on the screen, lock it well shut down the watch. You have to hold your button to unlock it. After that we have here the searching. This is fine phone and the voice of the sound as well. We will see that how it works in the second page, we have theater mode, and here, as you can see, it will adjust your brightness and it will turn off your movement power, and next we have here the enable so here, as you can see, we have Some options, like heart rate data calendar and we have the music control and the music controllers you can see – we have add to favorite, add to run audio source. So you can change this from audio source that you have the sound that you have in the watch or the phone. Next we have the weather. Here we have the heart rate, as you can see immediately it tells you the one finger method. We will trial that later we have the pai and down. We have some and notifications. We have here pai hard rate, blood, oxygen and workout. We have here outdoor run, walking outdoor cycling, treadmill, indoor, cycling, pool swimming open water, swim, climbing skiing, free training and more as well as edit list.

So you can see you can add more sports here as well Music. Next, we have activity, stress, activity, goal, music, control, again weather alarm event. Widgets here you can add some widgets in the watch and we have the settings sorting from watch faces. As you can see, you have plenty of them here all the way as well as in the app with that. We will see how to connect video. We will download some more apps, so after the watch face, we have here, network and connection you have next the display and brightness. You can adjust the brightness auto screen off, always on display and lit upon notifications. Next, we have the sound and vibrations as well and after that we have some informations here and we have the user preferences, which we can customize a few things here and there and we have the system at the bottom. So let’s begin immediately here with some tests, as we saw the options before hoard rate is the first option: let’s see how fast it will measure our heart rate. So we have the result. As you can see, it tells you the stage of your heart rate with that circle at the top. As you can see right here, and we have some statistics down below so when it tells you the heart rate measurements, it will keep going measuring the real time. Hoard rate, so that is a good thing for someone, but personally i prefer, when it tells you the final result, as you can see down below, we have a couple of other information about the heart rate.

After that, we sure have the blood oxygen like usual and as always, one finger method. You have to keep one finger above the wrist and, as you can see, tells you again. Some informations here play place. Your arm horizontally on the table keep still done, move and all this kind of stuff you can see immediately. We have some information at the top, so we have to wait to wait until it’s done and see what result do we get? You can see. The final result is here: we have all the information here at the watch as well as in the app we saw the workouts before. As you can see, the gps is positioning. We can start without the gps. Always you can see at the top. We have time seconds going underneath distance space and hard rate, and after that we have average pace, settings, speed, average speed, altitude, total climbing and we have total deciding total decision and burn calories as well as uh right. We have the music control, as we saw before at the left. We have lock screen volume and and the session or pause it we’re going to end it. We will try something else here, as you can see, stress is the next option that we’re all trying, as you can see it says, remain still. The line is filling up slowly and we have the statistic at the top. As always, these uh data will be saved in the app for us later to check it out.

We will see how we did with this result in the video how to unbox it that we will post later Music. So that was the stress option. We saw the data and all these kind of stuff we don’t have anything else to test here. You can see how the gtr 2 is looking. We are going to talk about the music control as well. You can see this is one of the songs that is already downloaded in the gtr 2 and we can raise the volume lower it. We can download more and put it in this watch and also we can connect it with the phone with our phone or use it as music control, not music player, and here we are connecting it to our earphones. You can see immediately. It found our oneplus but z, and this way you can play some music from your watch and you can listen it in your ears earphones. So you don’t have to carry the phone all the times to listen to music, and that is a very good benefit to have in the gtr 2.. So basically, this is what we have in the misfit gtr 2.