Smart watches are at rage nowadays to provide a smart assistance. A lot of fitness features: amir smith, smart watches are really stylish as well, and the latest amazing smartwatch is the gtr 2e, which we have with us today features it looks very elegant by the way, so it can’t get there without further ado. Let’S start the video. So it has a 1.’ inch, amoled high definition screen, and it has a classic round design which looks very elegant by the way it has 326 ppi pixel density. It also has always on display on option. Smart watch may also upgrade like a tempered glass and anti fingerprint vacuum coating, so no smudges or scratches also the case is made of sturdy aluminum alloy and comes with five atm rating, meaning you survive car sector water pressure up to 50 meters in depth. Silicon strap clicker bath, it is really smooth and soft. Our coffees are the premium field and the watch weighs just 32 grams without the strap display bathroom. There is really fast in terms of responding to swipe gestures, and it makes for pleasant user interface experience gti to me up with those physical buttons like no milling. One is the power button with the red ring and the other button is to simply access all the sports mode features both the buttons offer. A tactile touch, feel internal hardware and features for get a coffee chain. Lift your wrist to see the watch turn on quickly, which is also really good features.

Let’S start with the scroll down and scroll up feature scroll down for quick settings. My torch, brightness dnd battery saver, lock, fine phone and theater just just silent or disconnect options. Now talking about swipe, right and left to swipe right and left side up axis cutting features like pedometer, which will help in staying fit and active heart rate, music, weather, pai and much more. I buy buttons for the power button, so you can access the app drawer. The watch is equipped with pai heart rate measuring health tracking metrics, like spo2 your health career, major academy, current blood oxygen saturation instantly from your wrist thermometer be the again to measure temperature, workout activity, stress activity, goal, weather music, alarm widgets just may further compass, barometric altimeter. Additionally, the gtr 2 also has offline voice assistant, which can be used to give offline commands and improved haptic vibration. Feedback say if your hands are busy to abbas, say up new brightness down. The bottom button is to access the 12 inbuilt sports mode like the outdoor running, walking, cycling, treadmill, etc, and ota update will increase these to 90 sports mode, like in the gtr. Now talking about how to use it, like all amazefit, smartwatches download the zep, app and pair with your gtr 2 it’s, very simple, zip application users for detailed information, they found calories burned. It also has the personal activity intelligence, pai system. The app also offers simple, understandable data of the physical state of the body.

It supports android 5.0 devices and ios 10 and above talking about the watch faces it comes with 50 plus watch faces super easy to download and sync. You can see manic demo, video and pick any watch face as per your mood or your outfit. A battery battery the amazing battery, which takes about two hours to fully charge. Gtr 2 offers 24 days of battery life under typical usage in up to 45 days with basic usage plus the below 10 000 price tag makes it even more attractive. Amazing, gtr 2 is a really good value for money smartwatch according to me so guys. This was all about the amazing gtr 2 weeks like yeah specifications, but if you like this video then do like it share it and subscribe to our channel it’s a very simple video, and you know it till then.