We have the brand new amaze fit. Gtr 2e sounds like a car like the nissan gtr, but we’re going to unbox it set it up with my smartphone and i’ll. Show you guys what this is all about. This smart watch is actually reasonably priced as well. It costs 119 pounds at the point of this video uh, but other than that it offers so much features as well. It packs so much bunch for the price that you pay for it without further ado, let’s get in the box, see what you get and set it up, show you the interface and all that stuff let’s get on with it. So this is the box, as you can see nicely neatly, packaged and uh. It tells you a bit of some of the features like always on amoled display long battery life voice, assistant you’ve also got sleep. Quality, monitoring and you’ve got the personal achievement. Intelligent health assessment system there pi you’ve, got blood oxygen, uh saturation measurement as well, so let’s open this up and we have the smart watch itself. So this is the matcha green uh edition it’s, also available in gray and black as well. They’Ve got specific official names, but uh they’re, just basically gray and black uh strap edition. If you want to get those instead, so let’s just peel this off, so it comes in different languages as well, so you can set those languages as you see fit. Let’S just take this apart see what else is in the box on this side we have the user manual so keep that keeper give that a read, helps you set it up very quickly.

So you know what exactly what you’re doing and on this side, we have. The charger so that’s it in there, so we have this charging dock that comes with it. So just take that off, as you can see there it’s a nice little charging dock there, so you just have to use a standard usb plug uh plug that in and you’re good to go uh. So this would take about two and a half hours to fully charge the mesfit gt to sorry, gtr. 2E. So keep that in mind. So what i usually do with my current smart watch is i don’t let it run fully flat before i recharge it. So i tend to just uh top it up every now and then, when i need to do so, so i don’t have to wait for it to fully go flat before spending two and a half hours to charge it back up. The watch itself has a thin light, bezel less design, which is pretty cool and uh. It has always on amoled display as well and uh. You get a lot of features and then you get 2.5 d curved glass as well, really nice. I love this aluminium finish: aluminium alloy body, it’s 1.’ inches as well, and gives you 326 ppi, and you have a 22 mil watch strap, which has that usual way of removing it. Just get rid of that got this little clasp here that you just a little slider here that you just take and remove it and you can replace the watch strap with something else.

If you wish to do so, the user interface itself is a touchscreen display, so you’d have to swipe swipe up and down to actually use it. So if you do english, there download the application to set it up which i’ll do shortly and you have two buttons on the side as well. So quick application, launch button and menu and home button as well so we’ll go through that shortly. Let’S just download the app and see what that does as well. So to add the watch itself on the qr code side of things it’s very easy, so scan qr code with the zep app. So you just download zpap i’ve, already got a zip watch here, which is the zep z there’s, a video up on the channel on that as well, so do check it out um, but they use the same applications and uh you’ll be able to bind them together. It works with ios and android device and uh. You just need to have android, 5.0 and above or android uh, sorry, ios, 10 and above to be able to use this uh application with it. So this is just a quick user guide. It just tells you what it does, how to operate the user interface. So at the moment it’s fully it’s recovering watch settings as well, so that’s allowed me to get in the watch now. So i can start using the watch and i can show you guys everything that this does when you first set it up as well it’s going to run through some updates that you need to do so.

Bear that in mind, if you’re going to be buying this for someone as a present and something they want to use straight away, it might be worth taking out the box and setting it all up before you actually give it to someone. So with this i have to download the update uh, which is the version 1.3.605, and it just updates for me and then i can start using the smartwatch okay. So about 20 minutes later, the watch is now fully updated to the latest latest firmware and software update. So looking at the actual software itself, so the top button is your home button to also wake it up, and then you can swipe across for different uh quick menu options. So there you can see my fitness, i haven’t done anything with it, yet so otherwise that will show me my steps done for the day and the daily activity stuff uh with this as well. What you can also do is then swipe up to see more information about the day, and you can set your goals there swipe across even more uh. You can do your heart rate monitoring, but again you can go up like on all the options and you can see all the extra available menu for you there uh. If you go back out, we swipe across and look at media control, so you can control your music if it’s connected to your smartphone, for example, so you can’t actually store music on here.

You can see the weather option here as well. You can scroll up again to see what else is there available to? You can see other weather options for each day, so tomorrow you can see whether tomorrow, friday, saturday and so on, which is pretty useful to to quickly look at if you’re on the go. You know you don’t want to get your phone out. Then you got your personal uh activity, intelligence there so pi. So this will intelligently put all your scores together for heart rate, monitoring and all that stuff and it basically crunches all that data to something that’s. Much more palatable something that’s more uh that’s easy to understand, so you can look at it at a glance and see how well you’ve done for the day, and it gives you like different rewards as well and scores friday, which is pretty cool with that again, you Can scroll up and see all the information, so you can see your heart rate zone uh. You can see low mid high, all the stuff that you need to see to see how you can improve your well being scroll across. It goes all the way back against the loops across so here you can see all the quick options so like alarms, uh your weather, your price score, your heart rate, activity, goal, sbo2 and honey air is where you can tap that spo2 and actually measure your blood Oxygen measurement you can saturation! You can see that through that, so press that again, that will take it to the home screen and just like most smart watch is very similar in the way that you operate it as well so pressing and tapping and holding on to the home screen here.

Like so you’ll be able to change the watch face, so you can scroll across and see all the watch faces available to you. Unfortunately, as this is not an android operating system uh, you will be able to connect to the play, store and download more watch faces, for example, but they have plenty of watch faces on here that you can choose from to suit different uh preferences as well. So on each watch face you can edit it as well, so the complications can be edited. So here you’ve got a pie, you can scroll up and down to change it to different things and then you’ve got the bottom one as well scroll up and down, and you can change what you can actually see at a quick glance if you want to do So you can also swipe up as well so swiping up will give you notifications, which, if i have one here i’ll, be able to tap it and it’ll. Give me what the details are under that notifications. But what you can’t do is then reply to that notifications on your smart watch, but what you can do is have a quick launch at it and, if it’s important, you can then go on your smartphone to actually see what that notification is about and interact with It accordingly, what you can also do is swipe down. So swiping now will give you a quick settings option. So you can see things like your battery level.

Uh, quick weather information, uh you’ve got torch, so you can put your torch light on adjust the brightness levels. You can put it on auto or you can also swipe up and down to adjust the brightness level but i’d leave you on auto just to save uh battery life. If you know what i mean so scroll across there as well, you can see other options there, but it’s just a quick settings options there. So you can see what you can actually do on the smart watch pressing. This will take into your menu options. So you can see all the options available: there’s, no dial here – uh, something that i could do on the z, for example uh, but on here you can swipe up and down. So you got things like pi heart rate, blood, oxygen, saturation measurements. You then got temperature as well, so you’ll be able to see what the temperature is so right now, where we are, is 24.2 degrees inside of the house, which should change. If i do, if i decide to go outside, you got your workout options. There activities stress management, activity goal and then all the way to events widgets and in the settings you can change, watch faces again: uh display brightness, adjust the vibration level user preferences and so on the settings options doesn’t give you a lot, but i like it like That it’s, nice and simple, so you don’t, have to do a lot of things in the settings at all.

What you can also do is, if you want to quickly start running or do your exercise level is tap that button uh on the bottom there. So you can tap that and that will give you all the workout quick workout options like poor swimming elliptical, climbing, etc. You can select which workout you actually want to engage with and start working out with your smartwatch. What this gtr tv can also do is automatically detect workout mode. So if i get on my bike and start cycling, it will know that i’m outdoor cycling and automatically start tracking the cycling session. So, basically, for for 119 pounds, you have 24 hour heart rate monitoring, and you have sleep tracking as well, and the sleep tracking can also do nap daytime nap measurements as well tracking. So if you’re sleeping for more than 20 minutes, it also automatically pick it up. As day nap and measure that as well, you’ve got stress level management spot measurement again this these are features that you expect on something that’s a lot pricier than this, but for 119 pounds you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck there. For those who like to take it outside so for swimming or if you’re, if you’re going to be wearing a shower, for example, this is 5 atm uh certified, so you’ll be able to do so. Uh uh again read into what this actually means, because most people think it actually means i can dive deep dive into 50 meters of water, but it’s more about the pressure on the watch itself, but 5 atm is actually really still good.

You get more than 50 watch faces to choose from, and also always on displays there, which you can also choose from like 40 plus different, always on display watch faces to match. The actual actual watch face that you’ve picked as well. With a silicon cover, it’s 22 ml, you can change it. So if you want to be wearing this for sports uh activity, you can do so. But if you want to change it to like a leather strap, you can do so as well. So you can go with your suits or something smarter. If you want to do that with knighted plus beauty built in sport mode uh, you really have nothing luck in there as well. So you have plenty of options available in terms of sports option and it picks up seeks sports mode in terms of automatically picking up sports mode when you wear it like running outside or treadmill walk in, etc. You can do so in terms of battery life you’re. Looking at 471 million power battery in there and that will give you 24 days of typical use and 45 days of basic use. But as usual, most manufacturer will quote this battery life usage scenario. But i guarantee you, you won’t get 24 days out of this or longer than that on on basic queues as well. On typical use, i reckon you’ll. Get i don’t know depends what you do with it, but from my experience you won’t get 24 days of typical use on it.

The way that i use my smartwatch, i would never get that much usage out of it, but regardless don’t you still getting a really good battery life when it comes to this watch. One thing worth mentioning as well, which i find useful, is that offline voice assistant, so with this uh you’ll, be able to launch things like your heart rate, monitor by just using your voice. It just means if you’re occupied, all your hands may be greasy when you use them in the kitchen, you can use it to launch things like stopwatch or timer, for example, but it’s offline. So you don’t rely on connecting to the internet to actually use this. As far as i know, there’s no gps built into this uh, which just means that you have to rely on your on your smartphone to track uh your workout uh route. If you, what, if that’s something that’s important to you, but if you really want to get those deep uh functionality when it comes to hardcore training session, this is perhaps not the one to look at to get. But if you’re someone who’s, like a casual person like me, likes to exercise track my uh well being and stuff like that, something things that are essential to me, like the name, might suggest gt gtr 2e. Then this is more than enough for that. Just like the watch as well, the actual zpap that comes with it, which i already used with my z watch, is very easy and minimalist as well.

So if you look on the app itself here, it shows you quick information. Like your heart rate, your price score, your sleep score. If we drag this up, you can see all the tools available. So you can see you can set your alarm vibration, incoming call settings running, walk in etc, and you can also arrange this, so you can edit it and actually add other tools there, as you wish to do so. If we, if you want, you, can just drag that back down and you’ve got enjoy, which is things like alarm again schedule finding finding your devices target settings incoming call, etc and then at the bottom. You see, options that are not supported by this particular smart watch, but if you get another model those options might become available to you. If we go into my devices, you can see the devices i have already, so you can see again my goals and records and stuff at the bottom uh. What you can do is go into the actual watch settings itself, so it gives you the battery life. That’S left, you can go into store and see what watch face is available, so you can download some more and manage the ones you have already and then you can go into notification, a reminder and set all these notifications, things like emails, sms and app alerts, and If you go back out, you can go to vibration and set again for your notifications.

All your vibrations. You want it for your preference. Health monitoring allows you to do things like activity detection. You can also say your sleep breathing quality monitoring. This is in beta, but it still gives you a decent score, so you know how well you breathe in when you’re sleeping and if you go that good down you got watch set in so you don’t have to do everything on the watch. You can actually do some of the settings inside the app itself, so band location if it’s left or right. I wear my watch on the left side. Uh display brightness, for example, you can adjust screen duration screen on uh, always auto screen off as well. You can change all those things inside the app settings itself and uh yeah that’s the main thing there um app settings final watch discoverable if you’re gon na link it up with something else, uh system updates all in there for you other than that. If you go back to the home screen, you can then tap things like heart rate, so you can see how that’s measured over time uh. So it gives you like a nice little trend that you can monitor as time goes by uh the same thing for pi as well. If i had some pi scores that would chart and show me the trend over time, and also if i go to sleep score, it will show me what that is over time by week month year.

If you go back into day, so you can see what that is, he tells me the color like so things like deep sleep, rapid eye movements, light sleep. How much time i was awake and my sleep breathing quality, so 100 points there. So you can see the reference value as well also explains what actually it what they actually are. If you wish to understand those things as well, so that’s it for the amazefit gtr 2e smartwatch guys. As always. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and all relevant links will be in the description there if you want to check it out as well, but in the meantime please do subscribe, hit the bell notification as well.