You can see the back and the front with the graphic of the watch itself Music. I got this online for very good price and inside here we have another box. Let’S move Music let’s, finish box. This is the watch Music. This is everything inside Music, also Music. This is the user main one and then the other side. You should charge it Music gon na put it nice Music charger, usb Music instantly open. This is protected by the plastic. This is the watch. You got a protective plastic on top here watch and then very nice Music. So now i think this is. I need to turn it on first Music, so i need to set leg in english. You get a qr card. You need to download the s muffin to scan it, to zip it to parry. Yes, for now, i already got the stratus, so i needed Music watch Music, get a notification – Music, yes binding and then continue Music recovering setting underwater. I mean the phone getting started: Music i’m instantly upgrading the phone way on the first try Music, you feel better than the stretchers, which is the first generation Music itself. It might take a while, because i think this watch is using the bluetooth 5.0 Music. This is the stratus, and this is the gtr 2. This is comparison between between the status Music, as you can see, and this is a trendy reflective screen – and this is an emulator Music now that the transferring is finally done Music.

The watch is currently updating. Music, updating it is shown here also Music, successfully updated more level watch gon na reboot itself, Music system updated notification, Music image, the menu Music – this is the default watch – maybe face, could change it to something nicer. This is nice really good. Easy! Look at the difference.