Both of these watches only cost 149 euros in the store which makes them pretty affordable. If you compare them to the likes of a samsung galaxy watch for apple watches or the fossil watches now, these watches are also compatible with android, 7 above and ios, 12 and above, but before we get too deep into the smartwatches. Let me introduce myself, hey folks. My name is leonard youre, watching the product, reviewer and thats me so first off lets talk about the design of these smartwatches and thats, actually, the biggest difference by the way. If you didnt know gts s stands for square and gtr r stands for round case. Just in case you didnt know, but its pretty much self explaining so lets start with the gts3. This one has a big 1.75 inch, amoled ultra hd display with a resolution of ‘0 by 450 pixel. It is rocking an aluminum alloy body with a measurement of 42 by 36 by nine millimeters, and you can get this watch in three different colors. You can either get it in this all black version. You can get it in terra rose or in ivory white. The gts is water resistant up to five atm, so you can easily jump into the water and go for a swim. Also, any 20 millimeter strap fits to this watch, but since we have a quick release function, you can swap them out anytime. You want to also, since we have an oled screen and 1000 nits, the colors look super nice and we have dark, blacks and even outside in the sun.

You can read the screen fairly well also, we have a built in gps and a microphone, but we get to that later on in the video now. As for the gtr3, this one is also rocking an aluminum alloy body, but it has slightly different dimensions. It has a 1.’ inch ammo touch display with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixel, just like the gts3 we have built in gps. It is water resistant up to 5 atm and we get a 22 millimeter silicon strap. Now. Regarding the silicon straps of these watches, they are not the most comfortable and, in my opinion, not that great for sporty activities. But since we have a quick release feature we can swap them out anytime. We want to now. This watch weighs in at 32 grams with a dimension of 46 by 46 by 11 meter meter. One thing that i havent mentioned are the physical buttons that we get on the side of the watch. The gts has only one physical button with which you get to your app menu and back or by long pressing. It you get to your alexa voice assistant. Now, as you can see, the gtr3 has two physical buttons. The upper one does the same as on the gt s3, but the lower one takes you to your workouts and if you dont like the connected apps, you can change what apps should be open when you press either of these buttons. The last two things i have to mention that this watch also has 1000 nits, so you can read the screen very well in the sum, and you get this watch in two different colors.

Now you can get it in all black, which would be this one right here or you can get it in gray. So lets head over to the battery life and amazement, says that the gtr 3 lasts about 21 days on normal usage and the gts3 lasts about 12 days on normal usage. But as for my testing, i can say that these numbers arent quite right. So i had the brightness level turned up all the way to the maximum. I got quite a few notifications. I have the always on display mode turn on and of course, i have all the half trackers turned on and with all of that and a few workouts here and there you get about one full week of battery life out of the gta r3 and about 45 Days of the gt s3, not quite what the maze fit promised us, but a week is pretty good if you compare it into the fossil gen 6 or the samsung galaxy watch 4, which only lasts about a day or a maximum of two days. So you also only have to charge them like once a week which is enough battery life for a full hiking tour or a small vacation. As for the watch faces, both of these watches have over 100 different ones to choose from starting from simple analog ones, to digital ones, customizable ones on which you can change the metrics that are displayed. So you can decide if you want to see your battery life heart rate, or rather the weather for the day.

As for less you get animated watch faces as well, which really look awesome there arent too many of them, but the ones you got are very nice. Now, if you got that far into the video, please smash the like button and subscribe to my channel. If you are new, i upload two videos every week and now back to the video another small part of these two watches is the music player. So you have no internal storage, so you cannot download any music files to this watch. If you want to do that, you got ta, buy the pro version of the gtr3. These two are only able to control your music on your smartphone, so you can skip a track, go back a track play and pause and adjust the volume but thats just about it. One of the biggest features of these two watches is the alexa voice assistant. So once your amazon account is hooked up with your watch or your zap app, you can ask alexa anything you want to so, for example, whats the weather like today, whos the president and stuff like that and once youre not connected to the internet. You still have your offline assistant with this one. You can still open up, apps start a workout and do some simple tasks like that. I think its a great feature for smart watches in this price range. Now, as i was testing these two watches, one thing really stood out, which was the performance performance wise.

These two watches are very good, so theres no lagging when its wiping left and right up and down or if you open up apps, but one thing that really got on my nerves is closing out apps. So if i push the button on the side of the watch to go back to the home screen or back to the previous page, it always takes like two seconds until im there, and that is quite annoying also sometimes on a watch face. It doesnt skip to the next watch phase, even though im swiping, so you really need to get the full range of motion in and start all the way at the edge of the watch and swipe all the way through now. Those are actually the only things that i did not like about these smartwatches i mean you have over 150 different spoke mods to choose from you got all the sport mods covered out there like walking, running hiking, either in this list form or separated in categories. So you can find them a little bit faster. You even have some crazy sport mods like board games like chess, leisure sports like kite flying or esports. At least this has sports in it, but anyways before starting a workout. You can set some alerts. For example, if you hit a certain distance or pace, you can set some goals or run with the virtual peso or cadence assistant. Next to all of these sport mods, you have other tracking features on these watches as well.

You have a heartbeat tracker, sleep, tracker, stress and blood oxygen tracker, but you also have one tab measuring that puts all of that together, so you dont have to do them one by one. It only takes a few seconds, then youre able to read your results. Now. All of these stats can also be looked in in the zed app over. Here you get to see the stats for the day last week month or even the year. A few more things you can do over here in the zap app are that you can decide from which apps you want to get notifications from just target the apps off that you dont need and toggle on the ones you need. You can also set some alerts for your heart rate and usb 2 level. Download more watch faces in the store or you can even download some apps in the app store. Even though you dont have the biggest variety over here, you have apps like the toothbrushing guide, sos flashlight or pregnancy assistant, whatever thats supposed to do. But overall there are super many things that you can do and play around with and customize to your likings. Now, as well as the zap os, so as i already told you, you can swipe left and right to get through your different tiles. Swipe up to see your notifications, you may get notified from just about any app on your smartphone, but the only actual thing you can do is to read them and delete them.

So there are no quick reply, answers or anything like that by the way you dont have to swipe up and down with your fingers on the screen to go through your messages and apps. You can also just use your rotatable button to scroll through them. Now, if you swipe down you get to your quick panel – and you have the usual stuff over here, like a flashlight, theater mode d d mode and you can look at the battery life and turn on the battery, saving mode are pretty standard features and folks, thats Already it for the video now, if you want to click one of these videos right here, these are separate videos about the gt s3 and the gt r3. Just in case you want to have a more in depth, look into them and folks thats.