Let’S inspect welcome back we’re nice to meet you if we see each other for the first time. My name is michael and we usually inspect cool smart tech over here, some in depth reviews some comparisons, top charts and much more so look around how you can be following our journey fighting and testing the coolest tech devices. These days, amazefit is already one of the most recognizable brands about wearables these days and having the backing of both huami and xiaomi. They do pretty awesome. Smart watches and fitness trackers today i’m going to be talking about my 2 week experience with the amazefit gts2 mini, which, although labeled as mini, is not that small and is in fact very capable device with awesome performance. Undeniably, there are going to be some references to apple watch series because of the shape and the design, but i want to be very clear that the echo system, the feature set and the target audience here is pretty different. So is the design. If you look in the details, despite the fact, i believe its shape and style suits better to ladies, i have quite enjoyed using the watch and there are a few very interesting findings. I’M, going to share with you till the end of this episode right before we dive into the more technical parts. I usually talk about the price and some alternative modes. You can compare it to obviously in terms of functions. The difference between gtr, 2 and gts2 series is not too significant, you’re going to find similar functions in other brands as well like mi watch or huawei watch gt2 series.

Obviously, the gts2 mini is a lot smarter than most fitness trackers, but it’s, far behind smart watches, based on wear os, tizen, os and so on. Therefore, i believe amazement are targeting this golden niche that combines sports features, smartness cool design, long lasting battery at a reasonable price, which, in this case is just 99 and seem to put a lot of competitors under pressure. The unboxing experience is up to par with the expectations, however, feels very decent, as it is usual for the company’s portfolio. What i notice here is that the pack is more like the one offered with their fitness tracker line, which probably is a sign that amazefit are going to push these devices towards customers that find it hard to choose between a true smartwatch and a fitness tracker. The fact that for twice the money you pay for a smart band, you get this amazing gts2 mini with all its strengths. It’S, just amazing so good build quality at the first sight and it feels solid design, looks cool, there’s a function button on the side, nice soft bound with buckle good for both large and tiny wrists. A charger is also included in the box. One thing i very much like about this ear’s amazing portfolio is that all of the gt based motors use the same charger, so it’s easy to find a spare one. In case you lose or break yours now under the hoods here’s. What we can find the beautiful 1.

5 inch amoled display, surrounded by aluminium alloy body. The back shell is plastic, though the watch is powered by the proprietary amazfit chipset, backed by a 220 milliamp hour battery, the famous biotracker 2 ppg hr sensor, geomagnetic sensor ambient light sensor. Bluetooth, 5 and gps, built in these are all strong highlights which make me eager to share with you my real life performance stats before that let’s get to know the navigation and the features that all these hardware sensors would let us use. This is, first of all the main screen, it’s highly customizable, and you have plenty of default watch faces. You can pick one of your choice and some of them have customizations, whereas you can select which data where exactly is going to be placed. Others are quite simple and won’t show you anything more than just the time. The function button is a home button or opens the app drawer via single press or brings you into exercise mode with a long press standard behavior for most similar devices. Swiping actions are also used, swipe, left and you’re going to see a list with the cards. The defaults are meant to show you your date about activity goals, heart rate, spo2, tracking and so on. You can customize this via the smartphone app swipe down for quick toggles. These are the shortcuts to certain configuration items like screen. Brightness adjustment do not zip mode, and so on. Swipe up is showing you the available notifications, there’s a queue which can store quite many of them.

If it’s a single notification, you can read through most of it an example with a non english alphabet, and there are a lot of characters visible. You can scroll up and down through the entire message. In that sense, there are plenty of different languages supported. If we talk about more than one message for a particular app, however, there is no way to read through the content. You can dismiss the notifications or read them on the phone. Instead, if you wonder what’s the major difference between a maze with os running on this watch and a more advanced and smarter os like wear os by google, you cannot respond to notifications here as a starter, then, while guiding you through the list of apps, let me Mention that there’s no way to add any third party apps, simply because this os has no app market and the hardware is anyways, pretty weak but sufficient enough to maintain all the apps that you can see over here. The watch can measure most of your health statistics offers 24 7 continuous hr tracking sleep tracking stress measuring spo2 measuring the list is pretty long. I’Ve announced at the start more than 70 different workout types, so here’s the list with some of them impressive, especially knowing that you can use the gps inside the watch for tracking the outdoor activities. A nice advantage is the fact that you can control the music on your phone during the workout activity. Bluetooth, earbuds and internal storage for music are, however, not present.

The settings menu is pretty basic. Some controls for the displayed items and options to change the watch face something that you can anyways do from within the smartphone app. Well, if you wonder about the performance i’m gon na start with the feedback about battery life, i may speed promise 7 days with heavy usage 14 days typical usage and 21 days. If you use only the essentials now, since the gts2 mini supports, always on display i’ve loaded it with the most frequent hr measurements and all the tracking options on including messaging whatever i could enable it was present with the screen being off while i’m sleeping. Of course, three to four days is what you can count on in this mode. Do not use always on and then you’re going to double the battery endurance, shutting off some of the other tracking functions, and you can really go beyond 10 days and that’s. A quite significant achievement: all the track data is visualized in the smartphone app called zap, fantastic summary about your sleeping cycles and habits. There’S plenty. You can learn from these graphs and a lot of recommendations about how you can have a healthier life. This might be the kick that some people really need in order to make the first steps towards being fit. The workout date is also pretty good, the gps well being very battery friendly. It seems to be somewhat inaccurate. Sometimes i’ve had a few occasions where it didn’t work too well in cloudy weather.

The accuracy on sunny days is good. However, not perfect results might be up to 3 4 meters off the reality, not too bad, but it’s, not among the most precise gps. Trackers of all times, i think the amazing t rex pro that we have tested a few weeks ago, has a lot better gps implementation to the other drawbacks. I actually had some issues running alexa on a xiaomi smartphone. It worked fine with the samsung device, though there’s no integrated speaker and therefore no phone calls support. Unsurprising for the budget, of course, and a few other software glitches, which are likely going to be corrected with the firmware update. So as a summary, amazfit gts2 mini, delivers. Exceptional quality and amount of features at its price, if you donate bluetooth, support for phone calls and any other advanced options and having basic alexa functions and fluid health and somewhat sports oriented os. The gts2 mini will well suit your needs and probably deliver a lot more than what you could expect would be cool to hear from you. Is this a great smartwatch to buy, or you prefer something more capable or smarter? Let me know about your preferences and biases in the comments section. As usual, a link to the product is available in the description below the video, been such a pleasure to host this episode for you. Thank you so much for being my guests to the end. Please subscribe to the channel if you want to stay up to date with smart technologies hit the like.