So this watch has caught the eye of so many people because of all the features it offers for its price. So this watch is available in two colors, pink and black right now i have the black version and this is available for six triple nine and you can get from amazon or the amazefit website. So now, i’m, just gon na show you the box quickly. So on the cover you can see the image of the watch and below it, they’ve written amaze, fit gts2 mini in a gradient color, which i quite like so now, let’s see what’s on the sides of the box. So on the sides they’ve shown the key features which is cycle tracking for women. Then a 24 heart rate monitor sleep, quality, monitoring and a 14 day battery life, so let’s go to the other side. So first the decision slim and light design, then always on display. This is one feature which i really like for its price: after that blood oxygen measurement and then the 70 plus sports modes, so let’s open the box now over here we have two sections, so let’s check it out Music. So this is the manual and it’s available in many languages and has all the instructions. Then i think there should be a charger in that let’s see yes, and this is the magnetic charger. So i’ll just put that on the side for now and let’s see the watch it’s packed in plastic right now, so i’ll quickly remove it, and over here we have the amaze fit gts2 mini.

So the first thing when you hold it you’ll feel that it’s extremely light, and it should be extremely comfortable on your hand. I’Ll give you a closer look, so it has quite a premium. Look and honestly, it gives me vibes of the apple watch. I see so on this side. You can see the aluminum body and behind the sensors for oxygen and heart rate measurement, i’ll just show you the charger and then i’ll power on the watch Music. So this is the magnetic charger and will make charging the watch extremely convenient. So the first thing after wearing the watch. What you’ll notice is a strap. It has a silicon, strap and it’s extremely comfortable, especially for fitness, and i feel that it’s size is perfect. It’S not as big as the other watches, which come at this price now i’ll quickly tell you about the features of this watch and after that i’ll power it on and check it out. So the watch has a 1.55 inch amoled display, which i feel is really good to get amoled for this price. So two big advantages of an amoled display are its battery life, so amoled consumes less battery as compared to lcd, and the second thing is its brightness. So if you take your watch out in the sun, its brightness will be much better as compared to watches, which do not have amoled but again i’ll. Try all of this and give you a detailed review in the next video.

Then it has an aluminium and plastic body and recently they’ve also added alexa. So this is one feature which i think almost everyone is waiting for and another feature which i really like is the gps. So if you say want to go for a run and you don’t have your phone, then this can accurately track your run. So after powering on the watch, you’ll see a qr code which you’ll have to scan and after that your watch will be ready. So now let’s check out the watch so over here we have the analog watch face and i’m gon na try the others so there’s, one which i think is more for fitness, but i’ll just go back to the analog one. So now i’m going to see the different apps which, on the watch so over there music weather, work out alexa, alarm Music, then in more they have spo2 stopwatch. I really like that. You can control a lot of the features directly from your watch and you don’t need to use your phone which can get annoying, but using this for the first time. I really like the feel of the watch, as you can see, it’s extremely fast, that that doesn’t seem to be much lag or anything like that and i’m gon na see the different shortcuts which they have. They have heart rate, then weather, then spo2 stress workouts, so they overall have many options which is really good. So, overall, i must say that i’m quite impressed with the watch, but i’ll make another video after two to three weeks, giving a more detailed review about the watch so that’s it for today.