The amaze fit gts2 is a smart watch that is compatible with both android and ios systems. It gives you many features that more expensive watches offer at an affordable price there’s. A lot of value in the watch, but is it the best you can buy for your money and after you get it? What can you expect from daily use the amaze fit gts2? Has a 1.65 inch amo led touch screen display, which gives you a resolution of 348×442. I found the display to be high quality, showing colors well being visible in both daylight and indoors. One feature i found very convenient was its always on mode. You can view it at a glance and it can be scheduled to turn on and off at a specific time, so you don’t get a glowing watch while you sleep, the touchscreen is responsive and lets you swipe through applications seamlessly both the 3d curved glass and the Aluminum 44 millimeter watch case feels nice to wear and it comes with a removable, 20 millimeter. Silicone strap. I believe the gts2 is an improvement from the original and functions better as a smartwatch. You get notification alerts, weather forecasts, event, reminders and the built in speaker and microphone can handle calls impressively. I did find notifications from the same. App can get bunched up and they aren’t really actionable. So dismissing a notification on the watch, doesn’t translate to your phone, which is a bit annoying. It also comes with a built in music player and three gigs of storage, so you can leave your phone at home.

While you exercise music can be transferred over via the app, but unfortunately you must own the music to enable this feature. It does not offer streaming service compatibility which could be a deal breaker for some. The gts2 also features voice assistance. The offline assistant is very responsive to your commands and allows for hands free control over key applications. This enables you to control your other smart home devices through the watch, though alexa compatibility has been iffy. I think that this watch works best as a casual fitness tracker. As opposed to a sports watch, it tracks the typical metrics, such as your steps, distance, caloric burn. Additionally, the smart watch features a gps setting to track your outdoor activities, although it’s susceptible to dropping coverage and can be frustrating at times and it’s. Nowhere near as smooth as some of the similarly priced competitors, it is waterproof up to 50 meters, so you can take it during swims and showering. I found the my developed biotracker sensor to be innovative, which offers 24 7 heart rate tracking and real time heart rate tracking during exercise. It also measures your blood oxygen levels, which should be taken with a grain of salt, as the sensors are not medical grade, while the heart rate monitoring is solid. Competitors like fitbit do offer higher accuracy similar to google fit heart points. The gts2 gives you the personal activity, intelligence scoring system. Awarding you points every time your heart rate is increased and sending you alerts for an activity.

It also has improved sleep tracking, which tracks your stages of sleep, ranging from light deep to rem and gives you in depth insights, including tips on how to improve your sleep quality, a sleep score out of 100, and it can track naps from 11am to 6pm. In addition, the fit can track your breathing while you sleep, and it can track your stress levels. Every five minutes throughout the day, giving you a score out of a hundred the companion, app zap, is where you’ll get most of your advanced insights. For your sleep patterns, stress levels and physical activity, while the app can be a little clunky to use it offers you important information, and it lets you transfer your music over. It has customizable watch faces and a solid selection that offers both digital and analog aesthetics. In my opinion, the impressive battery life is a standout feature packing a 246 milliamp hour battery amazefit claims up to seven days with typical usage 20 days in basic usage and better than expected gps battery life of 25 hours. I found the actual battery life is a little bit less averaging around four days with typical use, which is still better than most competitors like the fossil gen, 5, samsung or apple watches. You can also save the battery by turning off features like gps, 24. 7. Heart rate monitoring and the always on display the charger is magnetic, and it only takes around two hours to charge to full.

So is it worth buying? Well, that depends what you’re looking for on a smart watch. If you’re looking for a smart watch for fitness, then at a similar price point i would suggest the fitbit versa. 2 might be better. But if you’re looking for a smart watch at top performance – and you can afford to spend a little bit more, i would recommend a samsung or an apple. Now, if you’re looking to maximize the value on your dollar and get an array of features, including the voice assistant built in music player, 24 7, heart rate tracking gps solidly, waterproof and lightweight, affordable, smart watch at sub 200, then the amazefit gts2 might be the one For you, but that’s just my opinion, let me know what you guys think in the comments for links to updated pricing on all the items mentioned check out the description.