So this is my review of the same Music: hey guys, what’s going on. My name is asif and you’re, watching the tech, keeper channel and i’m talking about the amazfit gts2, which was launched a few months ago. The price is rupees 12 999, which is 13 000 rupees and available on flipkart. It is pretty amazing watch. It has got features like gps calling feature like you can answer your phone calls on this when it is connected to your smartphone via bluetooth, and it has got activity, tracker, workout, tracker, sleep monitoring, heart rate, monitor, etc, tons of features that you normally get on a Smart watch pretty much every smartwatch does that, but this one also has got inbuilt gps, which means whenever you are out working out. You don’t have to pick your smartphone. You can simply start your workout and lock in the gps, and it will track your activity and once you are with your smartphone, the information will be synced to the app now it has got a dedicated app from amazon. The app is called zeb app, which you can install from the play, store or the app store. And then, when you turn on your smart watch, it will give you a qr code. You will have to pair or bind the smart watch with the zip app. You will have the option instructions to follow, select the smart watch and then bind it once find it. You can make changes in the smartwatch by going to the settings area in your profile, so you can turn on notifications for apps notifications for messages.

All the notifications. You can get on the smart watch itself, but you cannot reply to the message notifications like if you have turned on the whatsapp notifications. You can get lots of notifications or email notifications, but you will not be able to reply to that and it has got other things like alarm and a notification to tell you that you have been sitting around at one place for a very long time. For one hour it will notify you nudge you to take a walk for a minute or something like that. So pretty nice feature. Alexa support is also there, as mentioned by the company, but it is not yet available, but offline commands are available. For example, you can still it to open a certain function like if you raise your wrist. I have set it up in a way that when i raise my wrist, it will tell me time, but it will also activate the mic for a few seconds like five seconds, then i can say it to open heart rate, monitor to monitor the heart rate or Start a workout which is pretty cool in my opinion, because you don’t have to shuffle through various settings to go through that you can simply use the voice command and i’ve been using the amaze fade to with my fitness band me, fitness band, which i have been Using from last few years so this is me band 3 – i bought it in 2018, so last three years i’m using this, and it is pretty amazing.

So i wanted to see how much or how big of a difference does a smart watch make. I found that the gts2 is more accurate in terms of counting steps, although you cannot take its word for it. I mean both. Give you rough idea. No smart band or smart watch can be precise, so it gives you a rough idea, but i have found that the gts2 fitness band is a little more accurate than the smart band that i have also for the sleep monitoring i’ll put the screenshots in the videos For you to see and compare the data between both of them as i have used, both of them for 2 3 days, and apart from the accuracy, the smartphone also gives you more information on. The watch like the smart band only tells you time and only tells you the steps and you will have to swipe through different pages, to find more information, but on the smartwatch you can see a lot of information on front page, especially when it comes to notification. App notifications, you will be able to read messages much clearly and more information at once without swiping okay. So i never really thought that i will say this: smartwatches really make a difference. I mean and not for everyone, but at least for me for the kind of activities i am doing. I think smartwatch is helping me get that information instantly like if i had to track my activity using the smart band.

I always had to have my phone with me. I usually always do, but sometimes i don’t have my smartphone with me and i want to go out that time. It was not possible for me to use a smart band, but it is possible to use a smart watch. You can start your activity inside the watch. It has got embed gps, so it can get record all the information. All the data that you are walking around on a map, then, when you are with your smartphone it will sync the data back to the app so that you can look at the chart beautiful chart about your activity and learn things that can help you in your Goal, i think the smart watches in that perspective are pretty useful in comparison to smart bands and this one, especially the amazing gts2. It has got offline voice assistant. So whenever i raise my hand, the mic gets activated for a few seconds and i tell it to open the workout or start the previous workout. I usually do treadmills, so it automatically starts the treadmill workout. I don’t have to go through different pages. To start the workout, so it is instant and then i can tell it to stop the workout, so these are little little things that that make you really happy that you are able to do it. You don’t have to put extra effort in doing that, and that does not mean that smart bands are not useful.

They are pretty useful, especially they are pretty inexpensive. You can get a smart band for around 3000 rupees and this amazing gts2 is for around 13 000 rupees. So there is a difference of rupees 10 000 and you get the sleep, monitor fitness tracker, workout tracker everything you get only difference is that you have to use your smartphone and most of us already have our smartphones with us. So the fitness bands are also pretty useful if you only want to track your physical activities, fitness and all those things, but smartwatch takes it to another level. Gives you more information like this one also lets you answer the calls, although i don’t use it and if you are not into using the calls, if you don’t want to listen to music directly to the smartwatch, there is a cheaper version of gts2 available, gts2 mini, Which is available for around rupees 76999 and it does not have calling facility, it does not have the music facility, but it does have got gps and it does have got the screen. It does get connected to the zip app, which is the same app. So you can do all the things that you do on this 13. 000 rupees smart watch, so you can get all the benefits minus the call facility and the music listing facility – and you save 5000 rupees. So for a lot of people, it could be a great deal. I mean i just bought it to review, but i don’t find myself using it for answering calls or listening to music, because i have my smartphone with me for that and i have got my earbuds that are usually with me all the time.

So i can listen to the music with them connected to my smartphone, so i don’t need all these features, but i have this – and i am happy now talking about the battery life as for the company, it gives you seven days of backup, but i found out That it drains out 20 every day, so roughly gives you five days of time. According to my usage, like i have sleep, monitor metering on, i have got heart rate monitoring on and i have got the always on display turned off and i get notifications four or five times in a day. I just have enabled notifications for emails and sms and nothing else for my activity. It gives me five days of battery backup, which is not great but i’m, not complaining, because it gives you a lot of features. Plus the screen is big in comparison to the smart band. It is colorful also, and it is a lot easier to charge like on the smart band, especially in the smart me smart band 3. I have to take it out from the band, which is not a great experience, and charging smart watch is pretty easy. The charges is magnetic. You only have to take the smart watch off and connect it to the charger and go go, and i think you can do it every once in a week. It is not a big deal considering how much time and how much energy it saves you.

So this was my experience with the amaze fade. Gts2 i’ll put the link in the description of this video, so you can buy it from there if you’re interested or you can go for the gts2 mini which will cost you 5000 rupees less gives you pretty much every function in this smartwatch, so this is it In this video i hope you liked it giving thumbs up. If you did and tell me anything, you want to know about this watch in the comments. There are a lot of things that i did not have time to talk about in this video, so you can ask me in the comment section i’ll, hopefully reply or make another video.