We had before unboxed the gts version and the gtr 2, the last month and it’s time for the new gts2 in today’s video we’ll see what we have in the software of this watch. What option do this watch gives us and in the next video we’ll show you how to connect it with android in ios, so stay tuned for all of these videos and hit the subscribe button? Music. So let’s begin here immediately. As you can see, the box itself is really good. You can see him as fit and the gts2 at the bottom of the logo. We have a couple information in the box itself as well as in the back of the box. The box is wrapped up with this plastic, as you can see very good protection and very good package from the misfit. We have to give that the box inside of it. It contains the watch itself. Let’S pull this out and, as you can see at the side, we have two separate boxes. The watch is with plastic wrapped up again, we have the user manual in different languages, and that is again a good benefit to have, and in the second box we have the charger itself. So this is the box of the gts in just a couple of seconds. Let’S peel this off and start the gts see what we got so you can see. The gts 2 has a 1.25 inch color amoled display with 3d curved design and server seven days typical use battery life five hours continuous bluetooth calls, and we have 24 25 hours.

Continuous gps, 20 days by basic use in the gts, we will find laxa built in storage for music, always on display different faces and plenty of health monitoring like 12 different built in sports 24 hour, heart rate, blood, oxygen, pai, sleep, stress, etc. The gta s2 is 580, am waterproof, so that means you can go swim with it. You can see the first page. We have this very beautiful face that we can change later at the top. We have time date percentage of battery. Well, there we have some shortcuts for torch brightness, you can see automatic or manual either way it will work perfectly. We have do not disturb or battery save. We have here the battery, save mode screen, lock press and hold the button to unlock it. After that, we have the find phone option, we have the volume. We will try later how it will sound. We have here the theater mode and we have the battery life warning as well. So this was the taskbar in the left. We have the shortcut starting from alarms or the music now that we have right here. The shortcuts contains a bunch of stuff useful as well. We have here the music. As you can see the music. You can use it as the music control from the phone or the music storage that you have and the watch as you can see it plays immediately and you can change the music in your phone or lower the volume raise the volume etc.

We have alarms weather pai, heart rate activity goal and the blood oxygen at the bottom. In the right we have the pai that we have some achievements activity goals, hard raid, that we will try later weather. You can see. We have quite a few information about weather. As i said, as you can see, this is the first song that is in the storage itself of the watch. You can see the volume is all the way it sounds really good. We can download more songs and upload them from our phone or play the songs from our phone, just control them with our watch either way it works perfectly. You can see you can change the songs here at the audio source. You can add to favorite. After running my playlist and we have the bluetooth at the bottom and the bluetooth, when you sign it, you can, when you connect it with your phone, you can use your phone’s data or songs down below. We have the notifications and when you press the button, you will enter the app list, as you can see: pai heart rate, blood, oxygen and workout at the workout we have outdoor running, walking other cycling treadmill and actually the button doesn’t work like the rotation button. In the other smart watches, we have treadmill indoor, cycling, pool swimming open water, swimming climbing trail, running skiing and free training. Also, we have more workouts that we can add here and we have the edit list where we can edit the order of the sports.

After the workout. We have activity, stress, activity, gold, music, weather, alarm event, widgets and the settings we have at the settings watch faces that i said we can change or we can download more in the app, and we will see that in the how to connect video later after that, We have notification, network and connection display and brightness. You can see. We have quite a few information or options here we have the vibration and notifications user preferences that we can change some things and we have the system at the bottom. So this is the gts2 software let’s go ahead and try some of the options that we saw before heart rate is the first option to try here, as you can see, it already measured our heart rate, and we have the stage of heart rate with that circle. As you can see from the blue all the way to the red, you can see some statistics down below here and you have more data in the app. As i said already, that was the heart rate. Let’S try the blood oxygen. Now, as you can see, we have maintained still have the screen facing up place, your arm horizontally on the table, so you have more accurate data. You can see the data at the top is filling up. We have the final result and some statistic as well as the statistic in the app so here at the workout. As you can see, gps is positioning.

We have already con started, as you can see the time at the top seconds going underneath it and we have the distance space heart rate at the bottom portrait stage. As we saw at the heart rate option and the second page. We have advanced pace, sadness and speed, advanced speed, altitude and total climbing totals asiding total disassigning and in the right we have here the music control at the left. We have lock screen voice, pause or and the workout session. So these are all the options that we have from the workout and also we have the all day – stress data as well as minimum and maximum etc. All these data will be saved in the app, so basically, this is what we have in the gts2. I hope you find this video interesting and helpful if you have any questions, suggestion feel free to comment down below.