Now misfit already provides all of the wearable tech that the mighty xiaomi users and its own me band. Fitness trackers me watches. All of that good stuff – and, of course the mia’s fit – is grown as a brand name when it comes to its own brand. Small watches too, and it looks like in 2021, things are only going to get hotter because the amir’s fit gtr2 and gts2 have just been joined by two alternative options: the gtr2e and the g2s to it, to, oh god, the gtr 2e and the gts2e. These four weak beasties right here are amir’s fits flagship, smartwatch range. There is a fifth one technically in the amir’s fit gts2 mini, but that’s a very different kind of watch, let’s just ignore it. For the purposes of this video poof gone. No, i mean seriously. This is a good watch as well, but it’s a cheaper, less feature, packed alternative, so i’ll cover that in a different video and instead concentrate on the other four. So let’s take a look at how these four watches stack up, which one might be best for you and for the latest greatest tech. Please do poke, subscribe and dig that notifications bell cheers i’m boxing and setting up four devices. At the same time now the e, in the name of the two new small watches, the gt s2e and the gtr 2e unsurprisingly stands for essential. They’Ve got a design very, very similar to the original smartwatches, but now they’ve had some of those premium features stripped out.

Just for a more affordable price point, so, for instance, you can no longer stream music offline from the watches to a pair of bluetooth headphones. If you’re, you know hitting the pavement, the gym uh doing whatever fit people do, but you do still get a lot of that great amaze fit functionality such as, for instance, an offline voice assistant and when you first open up your shiny, spangly, new amaze, fit watch Box you’ve got obviously the watch itself. You also get a proprietary charger to actually power the little bugger back up and that’s, essentially like every other smartwatch charger it’s. A usb cable with the proprietary dock at the end, just slap it on there and it holds firm with a magnetic connection, and you also get yourself a big fat chunky user manual as well to explain everything you could possibly need to know in a huge variety Of languages but you’re not going to need that because i’m going to explain it all to you anyway. Now in a quick glance, the most obvious difference between the amir’s fit gts’s and the gtos is the shape of bloody things. The gts is as square as the gtrs are round and to be fair, that is one of the major differences between the gts’s and the gtos, though there are some other little factors such as the battery life, to take into account. Now, when you rock the gts2 and the gts2e on your arm at the same time, first of all, it looks and feels a little bit weird, but also you’ll notice that they are essentially the same watch.

Certainly from the exterior. The gts 2e rocks the exact same 42 millimeter aluminium alloy case as the original gts2 you’ve got that same 50 meter water resistance built in and the same 20 millimeter strap as well, and that is once again completely removable. So you can whip off the current strap. Just by pulling on this little switch on the back end and change it to a completely different color style, whatever oh sh, which one was actually which again. Thankfully, there is a way of telling the two apart, though, because the original gts2 has a built in speaker. They’Re on the side of the watch, whereas that is absent from the new essential model. Now the original amir’s fit gtr 2 and the fresh new amaze fit gtr 2e. Both sport, as you can see, they’re more traditional circular watch, finish it’s a bit easier to tell the two apart as well. Now both smartwatches are pure glass up top, but the original gtr2 offered a bit of stainless steel case and just around the edges here, whereas that’s been uh paired back somewhat for the gtr 2e, which now uses a cheaper aluminium alloy, just like the gts2 and the Gts2E you’ll also notice that both the gtr2 and the gtr2e have actual uh time markings around the circumference of the watch face, although these are a lot more distinctive and a lot more plentiful here on the gtr2 on the gtr2e they’ve been scaled back besides that, though, The gtrs are very similar to the gts’s.

You once again have 50 meter water resistance, so you can take them swimming if you like, the straps have been scaled up a bit, though you now get 22 millimeter straps once again fully detachable, so you can replace them. If you like, and then once again constructed of silicon now, it’s the fun part it’s time to get four bloody smart watches all set up at the same time and to actually get these amaze fit. Watches set up. You’Ll need to download the zip app, as you can see. There’S zip, formerly amir’s, fit that’s available to download for free from the google play store. Let’S hope it allows you to set up four bloody smartwatches at the same time and already i’m being judged on my choice of country, because apparently it’s recommended that you live in the united states. All right. Once you’ve got the app downloaded you’ve signed up for an account you’re all set up, it’s time to get them paired with the small watches you’re gon na focus yay alrighty, so that was quick and easy touchwood. Now the zip app is pretty good and it’s. Basically, the same functionality for all four amaze fit small watches, no matter what your choice is. You’Ll get the same features on this bad boy, including the usual sass, about how little exercise you’ve been doing and don’t trust me on that. Wait by the way, that’s. A very vague estimate i can’t remember the last time i weighed myself, gives you information on your heart rate, uh 24 hour, heart rate tracking, on all four of these devices.

They can also do sleep tracking as well, if you’re interested in how much kip you’ve been getting, and you can manage all of the different features on your amazefit smartwatch through the app itself as well, including alarms schedules set up the targets. All that good stuff can’t measure a baby’s weight, unfortunately not really sure what that’s about now as well. We know it’s the gts2 and the gts2e that have the square display in this family and it’s. The exact same display pretty much as well. It’S a 1.65 amoled panel on both of these bad boys, although apparently the amaze fit watch gts2e. The essential version has 2.5 d glass instead of 3d. Does it make a difference? Not really you’ve got a nice skinny bezel surrounding that display, so it seems to stretch pretty much edge to edge and it’s the exact same 341 pixel per inches as well. So in terms of the clarity, both nice and sharp on the amir’s fit gtr2 and the gtr 2e it’s a slightly bigger display, it’s a 1.’ inch once again, an amoled panel. So, as you can see, they’re nice punchy, colors, nice and bright on the top brightness. As well, you got full automatic brightness if you want it and it’s 326 pixels per inch on the pair of them, so not quite as sharp as the gts’s, but really you won’t notice. The difference and the good news with all four of these amaze fit small watches having an oled display is that you can always on display option with all four of them as well.

So you don’t need to raise your waist waist. Try that again, you don’t have to raise your wrist awkwardly in order to check out the timings have a little sideways glance at that watch face you can actually fully schedule uh, the always on display, as well just by diving into the settings, go into display and Brightness and it’s all in there, along with like the auto screen on options, whether you go for the square gts or the rounded gtr, will impact on your selection of watch faces. The gtr has a selection watch faces that are better suited to that round display, whereas the gts tends to make the most of that square panel instead, but you’ve got very similar options. You’Ve got goods a good variety of analog and digital options on both. Of course, one difference when it comes to the functionality of the gts2 versus the gtr2s is the fact that, on the gts2 watches, you’ve got a single physical side button, whereas you get a bit of dual side button action here on the gtr is sexy now on The gts 2 and the gts2i you have a single function button here on the side that will obviously wake up the watch when you push it, but you can fully customize what it does in the settings as well. So, for instance, you can double push that button to by default start a workout, but you can change that to whatever you want to do a bit of heart rate, monitoring, bring up the music controls open up your notifications, all kinds of stuff, both the gtr2 and The 2e top of that top button will load up the main watch face.

Then another tap will get you into your apps list. You can’t double tap that top button to do any workout. Actually, because you’ve got that bottom button. That, basically does the same as a double tap of the single button on the gts’s, and once again this can be fully customized, so it’s set to work out by default, but you can get it to load up any of your other apps instead. So the whole dual button arrangement, doesn’t, really add anything that you don’t get on the single button arrangement on the amir’s fit gts’s. Now, if you’re not familiar with the amir’s fit watchers and the general ui well it’s very easy to get to grips with it’s, actually not too dissimilar to a lot of other smartwatch uis, you might have encountered now. Let’S start with the settings menu, which you can. First, access simply by swiping down the amaze fits screen at any time and it’s exactly the same on the gts2 and the freshdue gts2e, except on the original gts2. You also have the speaker controls, because i have that built in speakers. You can change the volume you obviously don’t get that on the gts2e, because there is no built in speaker, but apart from that it’s, basically the same features and functionality crammed onto that tiny. Little display lots of useful information, including how much battery life you’ve got remaining. How likely it is to rain uh you’ve got the likes of the torch feature which, as you can see, just turns the screen bright white really handy.

If you need a waz in the middle of the night, you can play around with the screen. Brightness you’ve got a battery saver mode, a theater mode, all of that good stuff and it’s the same story here on the amazfit gtr 2 and the g2e. The only difference is that the original two has that built in speaker, so you can change the volume via settings don’t get that in the 2e. Of course, all four small watches as standard offer for notification support. So you get all those useful little bits popping in there and then, if you swipe this way, it’s, basically all of your essential information at a quick glance, including any upcoming alarms, uh schedules stuff that you’ve got coming up as well as a quick glance at your Vital stats, if you swipe this way, this is a fully customizable section where you can basically set up again fast access to all of your main apps, including the likes of the heart rate sensor, weather media controls and as far as the apps go, you’ve basically got The same bunch of stuff on all four of these small watches just arranged in a slightly different order to make it that little bit more awkward when demonstrating that on camera. If you dive into that good old zep app again, you can actually change the exact layout of the app. So you can get your favorite ones up at the top, so you’re not constantly scrolling through in order to get to them just long press and off you go now if you’re particularly fond of doing a bit of exercise, keeping yourself all fit and such forth.

The good news is that all for these small, which is often very similar functionality, although not quite the same they all have built in gps. So you can track your motions when you are exercising and you do have support for 90 different types of exercise, tracking your misfit watches can all automatically detect when you’re doing a bit of exercise as well. So you don’t even have to worry about manually setting it up. As you can see, you’ve got full 24 hour heart rate detection as well. You can change the detection frequency all the way up to one minute. The watchers can also monitor your stress levels. If you want to know exactly how much you’re, freaking out and there’s, also a sleep, breathing quality monitoring feature now, which is in beta. So not only can it tell you how well you’re sleeping it can also tell you how well you’re breathing, while you’re sleeping awesome as far as accuracy of all that stuff goes it’s exactly the same on all four of these watches, because all four of them support The same bio tracker, 2 sensor there on the back, which monitors your heart rate as well as your spo2 levels, that’s your blood oxygen levels. However, one new health related feature that you will find on the fresh new gts2e and the gtr2e is a new temperature sensor. As you can see there, this can detect precisely how hot you are at any given time, either in centigrade or fahrenheit, whatever you prefer, which is actually probably quite useful in these corvetti days.

Well, that’s a key indicator of how plaguey you are. It may also be useful for exercise shenanigans. I don’t really know because i don’t really like exercise, of course, while they gain a temperature sensor, the new 2e small watches also lose that built in speaker. So you can’t make calls over bluetooth. You can just receive call and notifications, but to be fair, that just means you’ll have to pull your phone out of your pocket or bag or whatever, instead of speaking at your own. But the good news is those essential watches still have the built in mic. So you can still use the offline assistant, so, for instance, when you first wake the watch, you’ll notice, this little blue icon pops up down below that means that the assistant is listening. So, for instance, you can see oops, open weather, app and boom. The essential watchers have also called the wi fi support that you got on the original, gtr2 and gts2 as well, and now you’ve also got no independent music player on the watches either. So the original watchers you had three gigs of storage to actually slap some tracks on there and enjoy on the go, whereas on these bad boys, all you can do is stream music from your smartphone and control it via the watch. On the flip side, though, you do get better battery life on the essential small watches. I guess because they’ve called some of those features like the wi fi support.

So while the original gts2 give you seven days of battery life on a full charge, the gts 2e will offer double at 14 full days, which is a match for the likes of the huawei watchers, very, very good stuff, indeed that’s with full daily use and everything. As well and that’s, despite the fact that the battery size has not increased at all and it’s the same story for the gtr 2 versus the gtr 2e, the original gtr2 again offered a very strong 14 days of battery life same as the fresh new gts 2e. But that’s been increased to 24 days in daily use mod here with the gtr 2e. Now that is, among the very best battery life i’ve ever seen from a dedicated smartwatch at all. So if you’re planning lots of very very very long trips, once all this coverty nonsense is over then definitely the gtr 2e is the way forward, so that right, there’s how the gts2 and 2s stack up against the gtr, 2 and 2e and, as you can see, The amir’s fit essential watches now offer pretty much the same overall user experience, except at a more affordable price point, which has to be commended, in fact, in some ways, they’re even better than the originals, because you’ve got the likes of that temperature sensor. You’Ve got the extended battery life, which is a major improvement as well. At least if amaze fits on predictions are to be trusted.

So i’m going to be given a full test of the gts2e and the gtr2e to see if they really hold up against proper scrutiny and stay tuned for more from amaze fit as well, because i don’t think they’re quite done with all the launches. Just yet wink. Wink so that’s all for me, it’d, be great to hear your own thoughts down in the comments below and for more on the latest greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love.