So this is xomi amazing, gts it’s, not a smart band, basically it’s. A smart watch which uh uh misfit has launched: okay, so basically it’s it’s, the new version of the method bip and the message bp. You i’ve already made the the video of a message now, but in this video i’m going to review the message gts. So, first of all, the build quality of this watch is so good. Okay and the strap quality is also so good, as you can see it, the strap color is black and the watch comes with the original strap and this is the emulate screen, and the screen of this watch is amazing, guys. The resolution of this uh, the resolution of the screen of this watch is more uh than apple or c6, which apple has uh launched recently, okay. So when you are going to swipe from uh down to up, you are going to see your status page. First of all, your steps, intercalates and then second, your heart, beat okay and third, your pai index sensor. Okay, as you can see it and then the activities – and this watch also includes the music control. Okay, as you can see now, it’s not connected to the phone. Currently, okay right now, so it can play music. So then you got the workout options or, as you can see, these are the workout pool swimming elliptical and these other and then you have your weather and then alarm event reminder notification and then at the last you got the settings option in the settings you uh.

Can change your watch face screen, uh, auto off and press hold all, and this watch also comes with always on display. The screen resolution is so amazing and screen is amulet, oled screen and it it also comes with the always on display. So the amazing thing about this watch is that when you are going to just tap for a second, you can change. Your watch face okay, so this is the original watch face of method gts with which it comes, and at the back you can see your heart rate sensor. Overall, the heart rate sensor is so accurate and so good and from when you’re going to swipe up to down. You see your page like this, so this is, is your brightness? You can just do a brightness. You can just your watch brightness like this and then your lock. Okay, now you can also uh set up lock on your watch and then the flashlight. Basically, this works as a flashlight. Okay, as you can see it, and then the do not disturb mode over here and generally 26 and date also and overhead showing the battery of the watch. The build quality is so good and the resolution is so good uh so and we see a status when you say, look your steps of today, your heartbeat and then your watch list, ultimately, okay, so the watch is guys so good. So this is amazing, gts and guys. This was the full review of a method gts.