Welcome back to another video. Welcome back to the channel hope you guys are doing absolutely fantastic in this video let’s have a look at this beautiful amaze, fit neo a retro look alike. Smart watch with smart, more than features like heart rate, monitor sleep monitoring, for example, activity, tracking, etc. Let’S start by doing a quick unboxing, and then we talk about the specs we’ll, show you the app and, of course, i’ll show you the watch in detail if you’re not subscribed to the channel, please consider subscribing. Thank you very much for your support, all right guys without any further ado. Let’S start with the unboxing okay. So this is the box that comes in. You can see the watch straight away there and on the side you can see here. Heart rate monitor sleep monitoring, always on display 28 days of battery life, 5 atm water resistance and that’s. Basically it on the front. We have the pai and so must care all right, guys, let’s crack this open Music, okay. So this is basically everything you get in the box. You get the amaze fit neo the charger, usb charger and the user manual that’s it nothing else. Okay, so let’s have a look at the watch itself. Let’S do a quick walk around. You can get the watch in three different colors. I pick the red. I do like the retro look alike with the red. He has some black accents here and there so the bezel there, the strap little thing there talking about the strap is um a bit plasticky uh.

I think the manufacturer calls tp material but it’s, not as soft, for example, as the gts2 mini over there. This is a bit more smooth in my opinion. Looking at the back of the watch here you can see the sensors and the charging port there. This watch supports 50 meter water resistance, which is quite good, and you can see here the physical buttons. I do like this a lot and when you press it, you get that beeping sound from the 80s 90s quite nice on the front of the watch. You can see the maze fit logo over there, the buttons up down, select back. If you press and hold the back button, it will turn on the backlight and while using the watch, the light will stay on. But if you stop touching it, the light will go off like so in terms of the strap it doesn’t have those quick release ones. I think you need to push it on the side to remove the strap or something like that. I’M, not sure. Looking at the screen guys always on screen, it never goes off. Of course, like i show you the backlight, and you can see the functions here, so you get three different areas of the screen. You got the symbol of the information you’re gon na get the information itself there on the top right, in this case the burn calories too. I just turned the watch on in here. We can see the date there and the time on the left side.

Here you get three little symbols like the alarm do not disturb, and if the watch is paired with the phone or not, if it’s not you get a little symbol of the phone with an x, you can see here the select button back up and down. If you go through the menus, you get the weather, i don’t know why you don’t get the max temp and the minimum temp there do not deserve off on or smart let’s leave it off for now got a stopwatch world clock. I believe you can set this on the up new york city minus five hours for the example there. You got the alarm that only can be set within the app the pi results, heart rate, monitoring, battery level and step count. This is the distance you did in the day, 29 meters, in my case and back to the burn calories, hey guys, it does look good. I do like this style. It just gives you that retro feeling 100 it’s, not too big and it’s very light. In my opinion, for example, in comparison to this beep light, as you can see, the size difference, the gtr 47 mill, it’s quite big and the letters are revealed on the channel. I do like this watch a lot. The gts2 mini yeah, guys four different uh styles. Four different watches from the same brand, not too bad let’s, have a look at the app itself. The app you need to download is that zap up and, as you can see, you’ve got the amaze fit neo there, where you can tweak the app for your test.

Incoming call on or off watch alarm like i said it only can be set within the app let’s start. Around 7 am, and you will see the small alarm there on the left side of the screen. You got the different up alerts, then you can turn on or off let’s leave everything on for now, idle alert. It will even alert if you start for too long find watch. The watch will beep and the light will turn on. So we can get the information of the weather now sunny minimum nine degrees max 20 degrees celsius. We get this now because it’s paired with the app you got banned, location, there’s, a lot of stuff i’m, not going to cover everything within this video display settings it’s where you can remove. For example, if you don’t want the pi on, you can hide it or you can put it back on and you can select the order of the menus as well. World clock. Is that small clock? I show you before some settings. You can turn the beeping off or on for different alerts. You can get a hourly chime like the old watches. This is quite nice where the settings pair restrictions you can check for updates into your firmware update as well looking back at home. It will give you a resume: a report of the date like the sleep, the pie, slip, score, etc, etc. To start an activity, you need to use the app you can’t.

Do it directly on the watch in terms of notifications, let’s have a look. If someone rings you what you get on the watch itself, you can see it start beeping and it will show the name of the color in terms of semes or whatsapp let’s test it. It doesn’t work guys for the sms, as like any other ms fit watch and the what’s up itself. Let’S have a look. Yeah you’ll get one for the whatsapp. I got it there on my phone as well, but smes doesn’t work what’s up, it does work. If you get an email as well any notification you get on the phone, you get it like that. You to show a plus one there to charge the watch. You just need a power source like a power bank, just place the watch there and plug the usb into some sort of power. Music and the watch will start charging like so you’ll get the amount of charge there. It will take two hours to fully charge the watch and in terms of battery i haven’t tested this for um 28 days, but according to the manufacturer, it should last that long 28 days with normal use. Another thing that was mentioned is, if you raise your wrist, the light on the watch will come on like so. Okay guys, so we are outside. Here is very, very bright and, as you can tell, you can see the display very, very clear, no issues here whatsoever.

Nice so 736 let’s go so we ended up with 872 steps, i’m gon na do my math and i’m gon na put on the screen the amount of steps and the amount of steps that the watch count. Okay, guys so in terms of bits per minute. Let’S do a test here: okay, account around 70 70 yeah it’s correct, more or less. Of course you shouldn’t use any of these watches as a medical device. This is just to give an idea if you have an art condition or something similar. Please don’t use any of this for medical purposes, bye, guys so let’s wrap this video overall. I do like this amazfit neo a lot if you’re looking for a retro look alike, smart watch with some nice features – this might be for you i’m, going to leave a link down below, so you guys can check it out the current price and yeah. Let me know if you want me to try anything else in particular, yeah guys if you enjoyed the video click, the like button and please don’t forget subscribe to the channel. Thank you very much for your support. Like always guys, thank you very much for watching and hope.