It actually keeps the device light which we’ll talk about being important in a few moments, but plastic design. You got plastic on the band. They were going for that old school, casio, look and feel and they’ve done it. You know it’s not that hard to accomplish it’s not like those were uh built out of some space aged plastic or whatever they were regular plastic. So to duplicate that is it’s a nice feel, though, but if you’re wondering what this overall construction feels like on your wrist. Well, if you ever owned one of these, then you know exactly how the band feels you know exactly the weight of it and you can kind of get an idea of how it would feel on your wrist. The display is very nice. I really like the contrast. It’S not mushy whatsoever when light hits it it’s nice, you could read it it’s clean a lot of times with these cheaper lcd displays you get that you know what i’m talking about you get that lack of contrast, and it just looks terrible, but they did a Great job with that also a clean, crisp backlight, you can activate it two ways to activate it. We’Ll show you in the app in a moment you can have it set to lift to wake which is basically it’s always on, but the lift to wake me lift your wrist. The light comes on, or you can hold the back button for a second and there.

It is, and you can see the nice crisp color kind of got that in the glow old school feel to it, which is what they were going for and it works quite well. But in addition to being just a retro watch, you do have the smart functionality, along with all the perks of it. So you’ve got the app which we’ll show you in a moment, but we’ll show you the different features that you have on the device itself that you will scroll through scroll through the watch face number one. You get the little icon for the weather whatever’s going on that day, as well as the low and the high, and then your time there and as you scroll through this, is the do not disturb so when it’s on you’re actually not going to get the notification. Beep and that’s one thing: there’s, not no vibrate functionality in this device, i guess it would add weight or they felt like they didn’t have space or whatever, whatever it is, but it has probably as one of the cons of this device, the most annoying piezo beeper. You could possibly imagine and i’m going to insert a clip of that, so you all can enjoy it right here. But yes, that is, that is exact it’s enough, where you keep it off even during the day, but it does work. You get a single beep for text and you can add some other notifications in there or you get multiple of those like you heard there for a phone call, so you go through stopwatch functionality as you’d.

Imagine alarm, which i don’t have set this pi value that they assigned to. Basically, you working out it’s some sort of metric that they have for how much activity you do in a day. I don’t really pay attention to it. You got battery life which isn’t on by default, but in the app you can add it to a screen to show you how much battery you have left heart rate, monitor, which is good, useful. You have your world time, steps, distance calories and then back to the weather. Let me talk about the distance, because i actually wanted to make sure that this thing was doing what it was supposed to be doing. I paired it against my apple watch. I did a loop around and the apple watch had it at exactly a half mile. I did the same loop on this one, exactly a half mile and that’s without the aid of the gps or maybe it’s using the phone. I have no idea, but it was able to keep track. Just fine, which i liked after a month of use, it’s held up pretty well it’s, not as disgusting as you would think. Just a plastic watch would be. It comes in three colors black, this olive drab and what i think they’re calling this orange, but it’s got too much pink in it. So we’re gon na go distressed grapefruit as the color for this particular device. I’Ve left it. I left it the way it is.

I haven’t cleaned it at all. You can see some mild darkening there, but for wearing it 24 hours a day for at least a couple weeks straight and then having it off and on since then, uh it’s held up pretty well and it’s, not as disgusting, because it’s kind of a harder plastic It’S, not the soft touch, silicone type cases that get disgusting in 30 seconds it’s got a little bit more to it than that. So let’s talk. Oh take a moment. We’Ll talk about the app because that’s a lot of the functionality battery life they claim 28 days. Not quite i’ve been getting about 18, but it takes literally like an hour to charge. So i think what you could do with this is it’s great for sleep functionality which we’ll talk about in the app. But if you’re somebody who is able to like, if you have an apple watch or a samsung or one of those watches that needs to be charged daily or once every two days, you can wear that during the day and then wear this guy at night. To keep track of your sleep or when you’re working out or whatever and what’s great, is that the app and this device pairs in to your apple, regular health device. So it’s not like you’re losing any progress if you’re wearing your apple watch during the day and the health app is keeping track of that, then you wear this at night.

It’Ll actually, sync up that information all together, which i think is really great and when you’re talking about wearing these devices at night, it drives me absolutely nuts that when you, when you have these devices lo the battery life number one okay, when you got ta charge, Your apple device or your samsung device every other day, but the other thing is the weight i mean if you’re gon na wear something in your sleep. This is the first watch that i wore in my sleep that i didn’t mind it because it’s lightweight and when you have these big chunky, watches on your wrist number one you’re gon na give your significant other a concussion. If you just roll around – and you sleep these big huge devices but they’re clunky and to me, they get in the way of my quality of sleep, which this does not. You don’t even notice it’s there, which is great, so we’re, going to pause for a second look at the app and then go on from there and personally it does work on android without any issue. I will say one thing about the android version, though, if you’re somebody who’s a little ocd about your notifications, it always shows up, maybe there’s, a setting that you could fix that. Please let me know in the comments section, it always shows up in the notification on you’re, always on display a big white dot sitting there that it’s it’s running or something like that – that absolutely drove me nuts.

This works a little bit different. Every time you open the app it resyncs it now it it it. You show in the bluetooth that it is working. Fine, they’re connected there’s, no issue and it does save the information and then sync it over to the app which is good, but it doesn’t on. Obviously, when you’re dealing with ios, you don’t have those running app notifications driving you, nuts on the home screen. So here it is it’s great because it’s part of a larger ecosystem for these amaze fit watches. If you have a t rex or something like that, you could pair them all in there and have a situation where you can just switch back and forth and not lose your information. But you also have the added backup of having the apple overall health app keeping track of it as well, which was always early. Smart watch stuff, always bugged me because i’m like well. If you have multiple ones, then you’re losing some of that data. But here it’s not really an issue heart rate. They got that that metric, that they have sleep score goal tracker stuff that you could put in uh. You can have some information on your workouts and stuff. Like that, the steps, of course it keeps track of here. The sleep thing is interesting, because why am i going to say this is the most accurate thing in the universe? No am i going to say well, you should self diagnose yourself off of something like this.

No, but it does work off your heart rate. It does give you some ideas to the quality of sleep. I’Ve noticed it somewhat accurate that i do feel better on days when it says i’m doing better, with deep sleep and light sleep and all the rest of it and rem it’s, something that you can. At least get a guideline on what’s going on if you’re really having issues, if you’re really struggling with your sleep and you’re, someone who didn’t feel like wearing one of those clunky watches, you could wear this kind of figure out what’s going on. There are times of the night. If i try different things. Do i have enough, you know. Do i get better sleep? If i do something different before bed, pre bed, routine, whatever it is, it is really important and for ‘ to at least get like. I said not, you know, space aged high diagnosis here, we’re, not talking about that. If you’re just getting an idea of things, you can try, maybe before you see somebody or you’re just having light sleep issues. This is something that you should definitely look into and, like i said nice and lightweight, which is fantastic because it helps it. You don’t want to rip it off your wrist at the end of the day to get some rest you’re, okay, keeping it on there. Also heart rate is good to know during the day and at night you can see if you’re getting spikes for some reason.

If you’re anxious all that stuff, is it is it again with that? Is it accurate down to the beat per minute? No, but for ‘ dollars? Is it gon na be it gives you enough of an idea, hey it’s, elevated, why that’s kind of what you’re looking for with something like this, and i think for that money. The way it it it kind of integrates with the apple ecosystem, the health one. Even on the on the samsung on the android side, you have no problem pairing. This, the design is cool if you’re a kid in the 90s or the 80s. You know these. These watches you love to go back to it overall. For that money, ‘ bucks quality product, i think, worked well held up well. This is something that you’d be like wow kind of cheap, cheap band plastic how’s it gon na do listen, not a knicker scratch on it and i’ve gotten nicks and scratches on my apple watches, my samsung s3 frontier, all the rest of it. I’M, one that bangs. My wrists into walls all the time – and this is really no worse for wear, which is great – has zero connectivity problems, zero pairs right away, stays connected. If you leave the room and come back it’s, not a situation where you have to go back in and repair it, so that i was really impressed with especially like how strong of a signal could you possibly get in a device like this, but it works just Fine, if you’ve made it this far like comment subscribe all that fun stuff.