So today, i’ve got my hands on the entire new range of smart fitness watches by amaze fit. So we have the amaze fit gts2 and the amazefit gtr2. Now you can consider these as the top spec model. They have a few more advanced features than the rest and they are both priced around 135 pounds, and i have already done a full review of this smart watch and in case you missed it. I will link it in the description box and that video will show you the general functionality and what you can expect from all of these watches a brand new model here the amaze fit gts2 mini, and this one is priced at only 89 pounds. So new model, gts2 mini and another two new models. We have the gts2e and the gtr2e, and both of these watches are priced 129 pounds each lots of different options and choices that you can make and therefore i have made this simple video to show you the main differences between these models. So, first of all build quality. All the watches have aluminium casing, with slightly different curved glass, the gts2 and the gtr2 both have 3d curved glass, all the rest have 2.5 d, curved glass and what’s the difference. Well, if i just grab two examples: we’ve got 3d curved glass on the left, which is the gtr2 and 2.5 d curved glass on the right, which is the gtr2e now in appearance. They look very similar, but the difference is the 2.

5 d. Curved glass is supposed to be flat in the middle and slightly curved in the edges, and the 3d curved glass is curved in the middle and curved around the edges. So that’s the difference between 3d and 2.5 d, curved glass now let’s talk about the dimensions. The gts2 is rectangular in design, it’s 42.8 by 35.6, millimeters and 9.7 millimeters in thickness, and it weighs 24.7 grams without the straps. The gtr2 is classic round design 46.4 millimeters. In diameter and 10.7 millimeters in thickness and it weighs 32.5 grams without the straps, the new gts2 mini is rectangular design 40.5 by 35.8 millimeters and it’s 8.95 millimeters thick and weighs only 19.5 grams. So the mini is going to be the lightest and slimmest from the entire range. Now this one is the amaze fit gts 2e rectangular design 42.8 by 35.6, it’s 9.8 millimeters in thickness and weighs 25 grams without the straps and finally, the gtr 2e classic round design. 46.4 millimeters in diameter and 10.8 millimeters in thickness and it weighs 32 grams without the straps. Now all five watches have beautiful amoled displays with slightly different screen sizes. So if we pick up the gts2 and the gts 2e, you will see exactly the same screen. Size display and resolution, so they are 1.65 inch. Amoled displays with screen resolution 348 by 442 and if we pick up the gtr2 and the gtr 2e again same size same resolution, same spec display, so both 1.

‘ inch amoled with a resolution of 454 by 454. And finally, the new model mini. Has a 1.55 inch display with a resolution of 354 by 306., so beautiful amoled display slim and light nearly all the functions you get on the more expensive watches, but look at that for compactness and in case you’re wondering i have a wrist circumference of seven inches And all of these watches looked pretty good and comfortable on my wrist. None of them looked too big or too small, including the mini so very nice to have options. What do you guys prefer rectangular or classic round? Let me know in the comments now: all of these watches are running exactly the same os. You have amaze fits pi score. You have spo2 heart rate sensor, you’ve got over 90 different workouts built in, however, the gts2 mini has over 70 workouts. Now the other differences you will find is the two e models actually have an extra feature not found in the others, and that is a temperature sensor which you can use to measure ambient temperature and also skin surface temperature, and the temperature sensor is only found on The two e models so gts2e and the gtr2e, the other three models – do not have temperature sensors. Now there is another feature that needs to be mentioned, that you will find in the mini watch, and that is female cycle tracking. So that feature is only available in the mini watch and i’m also quite happy to add that all watches are 580 and water resistance and can track your swimming sessions.

Now you also have notifications in all watches, so you will get notifications for your calls. Your texts, your whatsapp messages, everything will get pushed through and they’ll be read only now. The two advanced models, the gts2 and the gtr 2. Both support bluetooth phone calls. So you can take your phone calls directly on the watch you have built in microphones and speakers, and the rest of the three watches will simply notify you of the phone call and it will give you the option to reject the phone call. But you won’t be able to answer the call directly on the watch, because none of these three watches have a loud speaker and these watches use an app called the zep app. And you will use this app to manage and sync all of your health data and it’s available for both ios and android devices. Now battery life is pretty good throughout the whole series, so the best battery life on the bunch 24 days is the gtr 2e. The three watches in the middle will give you 14 days battery life, and the gts2 will give you a seven day battery life. Now all of these watches come with exactly the same magnetic usb charger, so standard two pin usb charger grab the watch flip it over and it just attaches on the back and it’s the same for all of the models. You can use the same charger so one for all and all for one magnetic usb charger.

Now let’s talk about one major difference between all of these watches and that difference is wi fi. Only two of these watches have built in wi, fi and i’m. Sure you guys guessed it. The two high end watches the gts2 and the gtr2 both have built in wi fi and the rest of the three watches just rely on bluetooth. They do not have any built in wi fi, but other than that. All five watches support bluetooth version 5.0 and all watches have built in gps, and yes, that includes the mini you’ve got built in gps on all of these watches. Now here is a feature that i absolutely love offline voice assistant and you have the offline voice assistant in all of these watches, and i did demo this feature in full detail in my review of the gt r2, and i can tell you right now: it’s an Amazing feature: i absolutely love the offline voice assistant, but amazon alexa is also coming soon via ota update, so alexa online voice assistant is coming soon, so you’re getting best of both worlds. Now, let’s talk about music storage. Now the two high end devices gts2 gtr2. They have dedicated internal storage for music, so you’re getting three gigs of internal storage for your music in the global version, and if you’ve got the chinese version of the watch, you will get four gigs of internal storage. So that means you can store over 300 mp3s directly on the watch and it’s a great feature to have once you pair that up with your earbuds and you go out for a jog or a run, it’s nice to have your entire music collection on your wrist.

Now these three watches do not have dedicated storage for music; instead, they act as music remotes. Now all these watches use silicon straps. They are very soft and comfortable in design, but, more importantly, they are water resistant, so quick drying and water resistant that’s. Why? I do prefer silicon straps on my watch now. Of course, all straps can be easily removed and replaced with your own strap with these easy, quick release pins. So there you have it guys that was the entire lineup of the amazing smart fitness watches by amaze fit now. All of these are pretty bang for your buck products, but, to sum it up the brand new e models, the gts2e and the gtr2e – offer a longer battery life and it’s 20 cheaper in price, and you get that exclusive temperature sensors. These three watches do not have built in wi fi. They do not have um internal storage for your music either, but other than that, you are getting the same experience the same software, the same great fitness tracking capabilities, same performance, the same beautiful amoled displays. The decision lies on what you’re looking for in a watch. If you need the ability to take phone calls on your wrist, you would go for either high end watch the gts2 or the gt r2. If you don’t care about wi, fi or internal storage or bluetooth phone calls, then you have three cheaper options to consider now. Finally, there is no third party app store or downloadable apps.

These are all smart fitness watches designed predominantly for fitness and health. It already has all the apps you will need to track and manage your health and fitness and whilst no smart watch is medical grade standard, these watches come pretty close and offer quite accurate health tracking capabilities. And if you combine that with complete 580m water resistance, you have yourself a winning formula so very comfortable attractive. Looking smart watches, they all support ota updates and i do love how amazefit offers choice between rectangular and classic round, and i hope you found this video useful. This was definitely not a full review. This was simply a video to show you the main differences between the entire range of these smart watches. Hopefully it helps you see the difference and also helps you decide which one you should go for. So let me know in the comments which watch is your favorite from the bunch and with that being said, i will leave all relevant links in the description box for your convenience that’s all for this video. Thank you so much for watching, and i hope you all have a brilliant day.