More than refined looks those are the kind of activities amazon had in mind for the trx2. The mazda trx2 is a rugged sports watch, thats a direct rival to devices like the garmin instinct 2 and the polar grid x and its one of the best gps watches. In its class, its a successor to the original t, rex from 2020 and the trx pro that was released in 2021 and makes big improvements on both of them, particularly when it comes to battery life, theres, no mistaking the trx2 for anything other than a rugged watch. Its properly chunky with a bit of the g shock 5, especially if you go for the astro black and gold color scheme, the wild green, looks a bit jingle warfare to us with our amber black review unit being a bit more of an all rounder. The watch is made from polymer alloy, which was tough enough to shook off a few accidental bumps and knocks during our testing. Without picking up any battle scars, its 1080 and water resistant, so youll be able to take it swimming in both the pool and the sea. Two physical buttons on either side of the watch face largely replicate the touchscreen controls, which is ideal when youre wearing gloves the crown guard on the right side is just for show, though the deck watch bezel should do its part to keep the screen free from scratches. Although given the trx2 is an affordable watch, theres no sapphire glass here a screen protector might be a wise move.

If you want to keep the face. Looking factory fresh, the silicone strap is suitably tough and has plenty of buckle adjustment holes for secure fit theres. No quick release and the fittings are proprietary, so youll need tools and a compatible band if youre planning to swap it out military standard testing is a bit nebulous given theres no single procedure and manufacturers can come up with their own measurements, but in acid is pretty Confident in the trx2s ability to survive against the odds, its rated for a temperature range of minus 40 degrees centigrade to plus 70 degrees centigrade when corrode under sole sprayer high humidity, resists ice and freezing rain and can survive shock impacts. Although to what decree isnt clear, we didnt fancy taking a hammer to our test unit to find out, but it certainly kept seeking after spray, with the garden hose and being locked down the stairs. The mazda tier x2 is extremely simple to use when youre on the move, with a combination of four physical buttons and a touchscreen for scrolling through menus and panning across maps. The touchscreen is locked by default during activity tracking and the star pause button is protected by its metal bumper. To avoid accidental presses, when youre rolling up your sleeve to check your stats, the screens coating was prone to attracting fingerprints, but that was only cosmetic. The mazda tx2 has dual band gps positioning and supports all the major satellite navigation systems, which should allow it to pinpoint your location quickly and accurately, even in tricky areas under heavy tree canopies by cliffs each time i selected an outdoor activity for tracking.

It only took a few seconds for the watch to beep in signal that it had established a lock gps accuracy proved impressive, and the watch tracked our pre measured five kilometers front two within a handful of meters. Importantly, the trx2 now also allows you to import gpx routes, which you can follow from your wrist, something that was missing from its two predecessors. Although it doesnt have the advanced, topographic maps of a top tier course or garmin watch, the clear oled display of the trx2 really comes into its own for wayfinding, unfortunately, automatic workout tracking didnt prove 100 effective. The watch failed to recognize a five kilometers evening club run. Despite the movement of my wrist, an increase in heart rate, which was surprising to be certain, your activities are all logged. I strongly recommend activating tracking manually nasa claims up to 24 day battery life for 10 days in heavy usage. My tests for this out after fully tracking a workout every other day, my review unit, still had over 50 of its initial charge. Remaining keeping the screen in always on mode will train the battery much faster, but i found it wasnt necessary. The watchs gyroscope does a very good job of detecting when youve raised your wrist and illuminating the screen. Accordingly, in all other specs, though, fitness is well catered for. The trx2 has an upgraded ppg heart rate sensor that can measure blood oxygen and stress levels, plus dual band: 5, satellite gps, the compass and barometric altimeter for according location and altitude.

It also has a direct return function in kc cables, while adventuring they can keep track of more than 150 different sports and activities with the more familiar ones like running cycling, swimming and strength, training near the top and less everyday events like skiing, snowboarding and triathlons near The bottom theres an even more in depth list hiding in the menus, which includes 12 kinds of combat workouts 31 different ball sports and even car driving for some reason. So yeah its comprehensive tracking accuracy and consistency seemed largely on par with other sports watches. We tried with no gps dropout, it did read heart rate slightly higher than we were expecting and the piometric it uses to judge your overall fitness seems to be fake is also not the greatest support for exporting your data to other apps. Google fit apple health and strava, make the cut but thats your lot. The massa trx2 is a rugged outdoor adventure watch that punches far above its weight, despite its mid range price tag, its packed with premium features like multi band, gps, impressive, biometric monitoring, a super bright oled display and remarkable battery life. The only real drawback was that the automatic activity tracking didnt always initiate, but the trx2 is otherwise hard to fall, particularly at this price. You can also watch my other videos about amazfit rx2 in the description below. Thank you for watching.