This is a new military standard. Rugged smart watch with 10 atm ip rating that’s, a hundred meters of water resistance. You have over a hundred sports modes, built in all day, heart rate sensor, sbo2, global quad, gps and a big battery performance. Now, on the front, you have a 1.3 inch amoled display with a screen resolution of 360 by 360.. Now it does feature an always on display which you can switch on or off from these settings and you’ve got a 2.5 d tempered glass on the front. Now the watch case itself is made completely from plastic. So the back the sides and even the bezels are all made from plastic dimensions: it’s 47.7 millimeters in diameter with a thickness of 13.5 millimeters and it weighs 59 grams with these straps on now the straps are made from silicon and they are not removable. So the straps are fixed into place. You cannot swap it out with another band and in case you’re wondering it’s a 22 millimeter band. Now we have four buttons on this watch two on each side and the functions are clearly marked, select back up and down. Also, all four buttons are flat in design, they have a slight texture to them and they do feel quite nice to the touch, and this is how the watch looks on my wrist. As you can see, that watch actually looks pretty decent. It is a rugged style. It’S, almost a page taken from the casio design book and i’m actually not minding that the design does look quite nice and when you’re looking at that watch, you can’t tell that it’s made completely from plastic.

The top bezel straight away looks like it’s made from metal. How it actually feels, when you’re wearing it it’s comfortable, it’s, surprisingly light and comfortable it’s a big watch? I could wear this watch all day long and not feel any strain because of how light it is and the materials that have been used um. Also, if you’re wondering my wrist, circumference is seven inches and this watch does not feel too big for my wrist also bright and beautiful amoled display great for indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, this watch connects to your smartphone via bluetooth, and you also have a quad global gps built in there is no wi fi or nfc in this watch. Also, this watch does not support bluetooth phone calls. So if somebody rings your phone, you will get a notification that a call has come through and you’ll have the option to drop the call or silence the notification at the bottom of the watch. You’Ll find your optical heart rate sensor and charger. Pins and i’ll quickly. Show you the charger in action, so we have a usb magnetic charger. You’Re simply clipping it on at the back. It is a solid magnetic connection, so once it’s on it’s not going to accidentally fall off and it takes around 90 minutes to fully charge that ‘0 milliamp hour battery. And then the watch will give you a battery life which can last up to 18 days with typical use or nine days with heavy usage.

And if you leave the gps constantly on, then you can expect around 40 hours of battery life. And if you leave the always on display on, you can expect around four to five days battery max now. This watch is running. A basic custom. Os, which is very easy to navigate touch screen, is also very responsive, and the watch will track your daily fitness activities, which include step counter calories, distance 24 hour, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, and you have over 100 sports modes built in now. You’Ve got an interesting feature called extra sense, which is basically automatic, workout detection and can automatically detect eight common workouts so running, walking both indoor and outdoor treadmill, cycling, rowing machine and swim tracking all can be automatically detected. Furthermore, you also have automatic sleep tracking with sleep quality reports and another new feature. They are calling first beat which records your fitness data using special algorithm to test your full recovery time, vo2 max training, load and overall training effect for the last seven days. Now all your health activities can be viewed from the smartphone app now i’ve tested the zeb app on both android and ios, and every function appears to work exactly the same. So this smartwatch supports both android and ios devices, with no issues. So quick, look at the app you will see your step counter calories and sleep information. You’Ve got your high score, sleep score heart rate and your last streak.

If you tap on profile, you will see all your settings and customization options and all the watches that you might have connected to the set app. So the one we’re interested right now is the amaze fit t rex pro, which you can see. Has a 99 battery you’ve got your goals, friends, my records, add accounts and i’ll. Show you what they mean by ad accounts. So i’ve connected this to apple health. Already um, but you you’ve also got strava for those that are interested. If you tap on your watch, it will give you your battery information. There is a store where you can download, watch faces and you’ve got a manager to show you which watch faces. You have already installed on the watch, so there is a store. You can download a whole bunch more and it’s. Not a very large watch face store, but they are all free. I guess there’s something for everyone here to suit your individual tastes and i will be showing you more watch faces a little bit later in the video you’ve got health monitoring, watch settings, app settings, find watch and so on and so forth, and when i first turned On the watch there was a firmware update, so ota updates work, absolutely fine, and you also have all your notifications, which you can customize. So if there’s a certain app that you don’t want bugging you, you can switch it on or off, and also the incoming call alerts you can’t really take the phone calls on it.

So if you don’t want that on, you can easily switch that off too. Your health monitoring can also be customized. I’Ve got the all day, heart rate monitoring on, but you can customize the measuring frequency or you can totally switch it off if you didn’t, if you didn’t want all day heart rate monitoring, now let’s deep dive into the features and watch faces so beginning with the Watch faces this: is your default watch face um? If you keep the center press, you will gain access to around six different watch faces that you can immediately switch to, and then you have a chance to download more from the smartphone app, and i will now give you guys a few examples of the selection of Watch faces available on this watch Music. I think it’s also important to show you how long it takes to download a watch face all right this one here red ring action. I haven’t downloaded this one yet so let’s see how long it takes and tap the sync button. So downloading was instant, but this is how long it takes to transfer it from the smartphone to the smartwatch. I didn’t time that, but if i had to guess i would say around 30 seconds 30 seconds, the entire process – um that’s – not bad, so that should give you an idea of how long it takes to transfer a watch base. Now let’s check out the watch features if you swipe down from the top you’ve got a whole bunch of toggles, including brightness, torch vibration and settings.

Now, if we swipe towards the right, you’ve got your notifications and these notifications are read only so. If you tap one of them, you can read the notification, but you won’t be able to reply. If we go back and swipe up. You’Ve got a few shortcuts here. So you’ve got your pi score, your real time, weather heart rate sp02 and then you’ve got a cog at the bottom. If you tap it, it will allow you to edit that list now, if you swipe towards the left, you’ve got your apps and we’ll quickly. Go through them together, so you’ve got your high score: heart rate, spo2 workout, workout records, workout status, stress, test activity, goal, weather alarms, compass barometer, timer, stop watch events, music, find phone notifications and settings and we’re going to quickly explore the settings and you’ve got watch faces. Do not disturb preferences display vibration, gps, workout detection and system. You’Ve got your brightness and it can be set on automatic and when you set it on automatic you’ll see that the brightness can readjust itself. You can actually select the gps positioning service that works best in your country or area, so that is pretty much all these apps and features that you have in this watch all right so time to test out the heart rate sensor. So i have a medical grade device here. This is the o2 ring. You wear it on your thumb and it gives you an accurate spo2 and heart rate reading within a minute so i’m going to compare it to this smart watch.

Now no smart watch out. There is medical grade um, but we’re going to see how close we get by comparing it to a medical grade device. I’Ve got the watch on nice and tight now, let’s start with a heart rate test on the o2 ring. You can see 103 beats per minute and a 95 spo2 heart rate’s now at 90, 94 95 and over here we’ve got 91 93 93 very equal. There 92 and 92 heart rate just went up to 96 on the amaze fit 95, and over here we are walking between 93 92. So to me, it looks like the heart rate is pretty accurate. The o2 ring is slightly faster and updates things a bit quicker. So quite surprising results there now let’s test out the sp02. It says please wear the watch tight, which i have facing upwards and start measuring. I have to hold absolutely still screen facing upwards. My o2 ring has already given us a reading, it’s 94, 95, sp02 and the amaze fit is giving us 95, but it’s not completely there. You can even see a heart rate reading at the same time, whilst is testing your spo2, so you’re kind of able to check both at the same time, just like my o2 room, so keep track of that. So we’ve got 95 spo2, and over here you will see a 93 spo2 on the medical grade yeah. I know my blood oxygen is lower than expected.

That’S. Why i like to show the medical grade, so you guys can see that it’s not an incorrect reading. You saw that both were giving a pretty similar results, so it looks like the amazefit t. Rex pro will give you an accurate heart rate sensor and pretty accurate spo2 readings. So now, we’re going to test out screen on hand, raise apple watch on one side. The amaze fit on the other side and i’m just going to flick my wrist and see which one is faster to turn with the screen on always on display has been switched off. I personally don’t bother with always on display on any of my smart watches. I actually prefer to have a longer battery life, so here we go both watches are both screens are off i’m about to flip my wrist wow. I was the same time and the only way to see who won there would be a slow motion. Uh recap: let’s. Do that again, let’s do that again, one two three here we go. I was the same time and the only way to see who won there would be a slow motion. Uh recap: the apple watch and the samsung galaxy watch three have the fastest screen on hand? Raise i’ve ever experienced and i guess amaze fit t rex pro – can join the team. They are equally as fast as the big dogs, so there you have it guys. That was the amaze fit t rex pro for 1’ pounds.

You are getting a very well made. Smart watch now the design is clever. It’S made completely from plastic, but at any point i did not feel like i’m wearing a cheap, smart watch, it’s military grade standard durability. So, even though it’s made from plastic, this is shock proof and can handle extreme temperatures both hot and cold. In fact, this has been through 15 different military tests to gain that 810 g durability and also another cool feature of this watch. When it detects a major altitude change, it will prompt you to immediately check your sp02 now. The watch doesn’t feel big and bulky on my wrist, and this smart watch does feel very comfortable to wear now. Amoled display looks beautiful both indoors and outdoors. You have pretty accurate health tracking here, far more accurate than i expected it to be, and also the sleep tracking after a firmware update also became accurate. So when i first got the watch, i tested out the sleep tracking um and a few details were not exactly accurate. A firmware update later the sleep tracking works super accurate and it also enhanced some of the other features and sensors and made everything work pretty well. In this watch, so it’s always good when a company supports ota updates and actually implements them. So a smart watch jam packed with so many features such as quad global gps, 24 hour heart rate sbo2 over 100 different sports modes. Up to 18 day battery life, automatic workout detection and the list goes on now.

The only thing to mention is the watch case is made from plastic. So whilst it does not affect the performance of the watch, it does take away the element of premiumness. Now it still feels comfortable on the wrist. If anyone’s looking at your wrist, it looks like an expensive smart watch. These bezels do look like metal now, a few other things i will mention. There is no bluetooth phone calls. No third party app support no nfc, but considering this is predominantly a smart fitness watch designed just for fitness and health. It already has all the apps you need for it.