Today we are checking out the t rex pro smart watch by amazefit. My name is sebastian from techcentury and i’m here to help you make the right purchasing decision. The t rex pro is available in three different colors white, black and blue for 179 dollars, make sure to check out my links below so that you don’t miss when this watch goes on sale. I can’t lie i’m. A huge fan of the design of the t. Rex, pro ever since i unboxed the watch here on the channel a few weeks ago – and it brings back some g shock vibes from years ago, which i’m a big fan of my favorite version in terms of looks – is definitely the blue version that i have right Here that really stands out from all the other smart watches out there that are mostly black. In addition to that, i also really like that. The color of the watch band is also part of the watch case as well, which gives a unique and cohesive look. But this also means that you are limited when it comes to watchband replacements, while other macs, with smartwatches like the gtr2 and zebz, are really light. With a weight of around 40 grams, the t rex pro weighs significantly more coming in at around 60 grams, which i really like. This gives the watch a more solid and premium feel without having a negative impact on the wearing comfort in general. I’Ve described the build as solid, but not necessarily as premium since the watch is mainly made out of plastic as opposed to other amaze, with smart watches.

The t rex pro offers four physical buttons with two on each side, which makes navigating the os easy and enables full os control without using the touchscreen, which can be useful if you’re wearing gloss. For example, the 1.3 inch oled display on the t rex pro is excellent, with good brightness, a high resolution and great color reproduction. I also really like the fact that the display is slightly recessed in the case, which means that it’s protected against scratches and scuffs. The performance of the t. Rex pro is fast and fluid. Just like on the zeb z and gtr2, i never experienced any app crashes or long waiting times, which is great as opposed to the gtr2 and zebz. The layout of the os has slightly changed with apps, like pai heart rate and blood oxygen levels now showing up in a condensed view when swiping up from the bottom of the screen. The tvx pro offers a lot of activity presets to record your activities, no matter. If they’re in or outdoors one activity that i was really missing was tennis, for which i then just used the batman in preset gps tracking during hikes with our dock, samu worked fast and reliable, creating a nice map of our route. I also really enjoy the continuous heart rate monitoring during the day and also during workouts. Unfortunately rather limited. Is the watch face selection with only 32 to choose from in the zap app there? I would definitely wish to have more to choose from before purchasing amazing smartwatches.

You should be aware of what they can and can’t do when it comes to notifications, while they’re able to show you reliably notifications from your favorite apps, like gmail, whatsapp, facebook and more you’re, not able to reply to them, which is something that is possible on wear Os or thai zen based samsung, smart watches for me personally that isn’t an issue, because if i reply to mails or messages, i do that on my phone anyways, the battery life on the t rex pro in my testing, was good but not excellent. Wearing the watch. 24 hours a day, i managed to get 8 days and 5 hours, without always on display enabled, and around 5 days with always on display turned on. While this is still much better than the battery life. On my gear s3, it fought short of the gtr2 and zebz. This also brings us to my verdict, and i can only say i really love the t rex pro and that i have worn it every day since it has arrived. The rugged design with its drop and water resistance really gave me a peace of mind and allowed me to wear the watch even when working outdoors with the included barometer being a highlight for climbing or hiking. If you don’t need the ability to reply to notifications, i think this watch is an excellent choice that you won’t regret. The only thing that i would have liked to see is an even longer battery life and more watch faces to choose from as usual.