Today, we’re going to unbox the brand new msfed t rex pro we unboxed the ms50rx a while before now it’s time for the pro version you can see and these short videos how it will look like and we we will go in details about what we have In the box and what we have in the software as well – and we will try all the options that we have in the t rex pro and see if this watch is worth to buy and if it works perfectly so let’s go ahead without losing any time Anytime start the unboxing and see what we got. The t rex pro is graded from military because of his heat and cold resistance. Also, his durability, it’s 10 atm waterproof, it has 1.3 inch ammo led display very good colors. We will see that later. We have in the server a lot of options like health, caring sports compass barometer, and all of these options will work perfectly thanks to the sensors that are included in this watch. We will see all of this options that we mentioned before, how they work and if they work perfectly like we are used to from the themselves devices you can see the packages same as the other misfits. We have the watch itself very good, looking and very good material as well. It feels solid rubber bands and metal around the watch. We have the user manual in different languages and also the charger the same as the other msfed devices let’s power on the ms fit trx pro and see what we got as you can see.

We have four buttons. The watch now is turning on. We have to choose the language that we want. You can see, we have a lot of languages here, let’s go for the english and we have to connect it immediately. Then we will show you later how to do that here. We have the t rex, as you can see in the taskbar, we have time date, percentage of battery and a lot of shortcuts in the left. We have notifications in the right. You enter the menu down. We have the activity, gold, pai, real time of the weather blood oxygen. Also, we can add more or delete these. That already are. When you go to add new things, you can choose. What do you want? Let’S go for the steps, it’s very easy way to see your steps that you did throughout the day. After that, as you can see, the buttons works let’s go back and see what we got in the menu of the t. Rex pro, as you can see, starting from the pai, like usual, we have heart rate, block blood, oxygen, workout, workout, record, workout status, stress activity, goal, weather, alarm, compass barometer, stop watch, timer events, music, fine phone notifications and the settings in the settings we will find watch Faces do not disturb preferences, display and other things here at the watch faces we already have of these watch faces that are downloaded from default and we can choose whatever we want.

Also, we will see and how to connect video, how to change and download more watch faces. After that we have the preferences. As you can see, we can set up the quick option: quick startup. We have the displayed options as well light brightness, auto screen of always on display. This option will drain your battery uh faster, but i always allow and misfits because it looks pretty good. We have here the uh wake screen vibrations. You can turn on and off, for notifications calls etc. Also, we have gps options, we have workout detection and the system where we can reboot factory reset or power off or device. So these are all the options that we will find in the ms50rx pro. Now is time to start and use them. So now we have the t rex pro in our hand, let’s go all the way up in the menu. The first option is the heart rate, like we saw before press select that will start the hard ray to measure. As you can see it says, measuring at the top we have the heart rate zone width statistic down below it. Won’T, take a long time for the atmosphere, t rex pro to get some measurements and show the first result. So let’s wait and see what we got you can see. This is the first result, with heart rate zone as well and in the middle we have the result itself. After a few seconds, we will have the final result, which is this one you can see it says now, and that means that it’s not measuring anymore.

This is the result that we will will be saved in the app for us later to check out after the horde rate, we have the blood oxygen again, as you can see, it says, to hold still keep the the watch facing up and don’t move. While this is measuring, the blood oxygen will take a little bit longer than the heart rate, but this is how the result will look in the end. We have the result again. It will be saved in the app here. We have all the sports that the ms fed includes and the trx pro more than a hundred sports, which is mind blowing. You can see how many sports these are here just in the first page and i don’t think anyone will use all of these options. But again, thanks to misfed, for including all of these also, we have here cycling, outdoor sports, swimming sports, indoor, sports, dancing, boxing ball sports, water sports winter and others where we can find a lot of options that are very good. So let’s go at the top, which we have outdoor running and again we have more options here that we can customize, which i find it very satisfying. I like when i can change things. I can customize thing for my preference and for my needs. As you can see, this is the first page. We have workout time distance heart rate and pace the time at the top. As you can see, the screen locks when you are running so you don’t touch it.

We have uh advanced, advanced pace, heart rate with heart rate chart, and these are the options that we will find in the misfit ux pro. While you are running very good information. Also, all the data that you do will be saved in the app and you can check out in the app where you run with map because of the gps that the trx pro has. Next, we have the stress options: option you can see, it says remain still again do not move while you are doing these measurements just so you can be sure, and these will be more accurate. Now we have the result for the stress, as you can see automatic stress detection, i turned it on now: it’s automatic i don’t have to go ahead and measure my stress whenever i need here we have the compass we have to calibrate in the circle and it Vibrates, when it’s calibrated you can see now the compass is working perfectly, which looks pretty good next. We have the barometer i don’t know where or when i will use this option but again good to have it. We have the stopwatch and the timer and the t rex pro also. We have evans that we saw before and we have here the music which, in the t rex pro we can’t upload. We just use the music that is in the phone and we control the volume we can pause or play also change the song as well, so guys this was all for today’s video.

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