Where the amaze fit t rex pro fits in, this is definitely one of the more durable smart watches that i’ve tested out in quite some time. Amazfit’S slogan, for it is explore your instincts, although, if, like me, your instincts are basically to hide from reality by carrying under your duvet with a bottle of single malt, then maybe just ignore that, with this tough water resistant design, it’s strong battery life, it’s excellent fitness Tracking as well the amaze fit t rex pro is definitely designed for lots of active outdoor use. I’Ve been rocking it on my wrist for a few days now so here’s an in depth. Look at that amazift t rex pro and for the latest creators tech. Please do poke subscribe and doing that notifications bell cheers now. First of all, you’ve got a choice of three colors when it comes to the amaze fit t rex pro, you can grab it in a meteorite black desert gray, or this here, steel, blue version i’m. Not sure that any of those things are actually those colors, but whatever moving on and the mirrors fit is rather cheekily described this as a metal spread, bezel uh, in other words, it’s, basically just plastic with a metallic style sort of paint job to it. Despite being made of plastic, though the amir’s fit t rex pros definitely got a decent heft to it, just shy of 60 grams, but you know like most rugged smartwatches. Once you slap on your wrist, you get used to wearing it.

You kind of forget it’s. Even there you’ve got 22 mil silicone straps slapped on this thing, nice and comfortable, even if you’re wearing them basically non stop. They are not removable, though, unlike quite a lot of other smart watches, but yeah certainly well suited to exercise anywhere uh. Suddenly, when your skin’s getting all hot and sweaty, i never came out in any kind of rashes or horrible nasty, stuff and yeah sure you can never accuse the amir’s fit. T rex pro have been an attractive. Smart watch it’s quite a chunky, monkey uh, quite blocky, but of course it’s not designed for the aesthetics it’s designed to be tough as heck. This bad boy has survived 15 military grid tests. It is shock absorbent, helped along by the fact that you’ve got a tempered glass screen and the bezel helps to protect it as well, because it’s kind of sunken in there it can tolerate hot and cold temperatures to extreme degrees. It’S water resistant down to depths of around 10 atmospheres so basically on the double hard bastard scale, is definitely worthy of four and a half jason statham’s out of five. Now, if you’ve never had an amaze fit watch before the good news is setup, is nice and simple just using the zep app which you can download from the apple app store or the google play store? This allows you to track your progress with all of your fitness stats and everything. If you dive into profile as well, you’ll be able to see your amaze fit watch in there under my devices, and this is where you do a lot of the setup.

Get it exactly functioning how you want so, for instance, you can play around with notification support on here, so exactly which apps will cause you to get an alert and there’s basically support for pretty much everything you would expect. This is where you can also play around with some various app settings and actually see which order the apps will appear in the menu and back to the actual t rex pro itself, and what you got here is a 1.3 inch amoled display 360 by 360 pixel Resolution so images are nice and crisp and colors are reasonably poppy too. If you pull down the miz fit t rex, pro’s uh settings menu, you’ll, see you’ve got access to your screen brightness in there, and these bitly little icons. As you see, it’s set uh to automatic by default, which does a pretty decent job on a day to day basis. But at any point you can knock that off and manually tweak it. If you want to boost it all the way up, for instance, on that top brightness it’s, reasonably uh, clear outdoors and yes, you do have an always on display feature as well, because it’s an all lead screen. You can activate that in the zep app. But, of course, having that turned on will impact your battery life quite a bit. The one problem with you, misfit watchers, is they’re, not exactly massively customizable, so you can’t change up that watch face, but you’ve got a very limited.

Selection of other watch faces that you can play around with, and, yes, you can download fresh watch faces via that zip up we’re, not exactly talking a massive selection here you know, you’ve got a few analog ones, a few digital ones and some where you can set A custom background so as an example here’s one that i made earlier blue peter style and navigating around the amaze fit watch. Ui is very simple stuff. Indeed, so i’ve already showed you this settings menu where you can play around with some of the main sort of features and toggles. I do find this menu incredibly fiddly to play around with, because the icons are so tiny. I uh quite often accidentally mistap them or it takes me a couple of taps to actually get involved buzzing. So you’ve got battery saver modes. You can really highlight illuminate that screen as a torch style function. You’Ll do not disturb modes. All of that good stuff. The notifications handling is basic at best on amazefit watchers. You can access the notifications menu with a swipe like so and then tap your way into an app. As you can see, the the presentation is very limited and you’ve got absolutely bugger. All interaction that you can do you can’t delete an email. You can’t respond. If you click up you’ll, be able to quickly check out all of your health stats for the day, so, for instance, how many steps you’ve taken your pai, how your heart, rate’s been doing and you’ve also got fast access to that sp02 tracker too, and then swipe You swipe this away and you’ve got fast access to all of your various apps which come pre installed on the t.

Rex pro suddenly it’s, not like wear os, where you can download fresh apps. All of these apps are basically what you see is what you get. Thankfully, is a comprehensive selection of apps, as you would expect from a fitness tracker. You’Ve got lots of fitness bits like hot rear, tracking spor2. You can track your workouts and activities. You’Ve got a weather, app, alarms and timers, and all of that good stuff you’ve got a compass, a barometric, altimeter, ah jesus and while you do have a music app on here as well, sadly that basically just controls the music that’s playing on your smartphone. You can’t actually load up the amaze fit t rex pro with your own tunes to listen to as you’re pounding the pavement. Still, that might grumble aside at least the media controls actually do what they’re supposed to you can pause and play your music. You can skip tracks and you can even mess about with the volume without having to pull your phone out of your pocket, and you may have noticed as well that the amaze fit trx pro comes with four canton. Four physical buttons around those edges, which is great news if, for whatever reason, you can’t prod the screen because you’re wearing gloves, because you’re hanging up a mountain or maybe the screen’s a bit moist because you’re swimming and these work really really well. You can call up the apps menu quickly and easily. You can actually scroll through them and find exactly what app you’re looking for and then load it up when it comes time to track your work out.

Well, i definitely have no complaints there whatsoever. You’Ve got a massive selection of stuff to choose between. If we go on to the mall section, you’ll see just how much stuff you’ve got there. You’Ve got a specific dance, workouts indoor sports, outdoor sports swimming, of course, because the water resistance box and ball sports, where hey got water sports for nafta winter sports, like skiing and snowboarding, and uh what’s in the others, let’s check that out got jump and rob archery. Uh equestrianism, i can never pronounce that driving is apparently exercise banana armor during the workouts. Your t rex pro screen is locked by default, which is great, so you don’t accidentally brush it and, of course, won’t be borked by water as well. If you’re swimming and as you can see, there, you’ve got quick and easy access to your workout time. Your heart rate and how many calories you’ve burned so far and then at the end of the session you’ll, be able to see exactly how long it went on for how many calories that you burn, which seems so reasonably accurate. As far as these smartwatches go, you can see your median heart rate and your maximum heart rate gives you a breakdown of your heart rate zones, all of the good stuff that you would expect. The t rex pro basically uses the same amaze fit bio tracker. 2 sensor setup as the amis fit watch: gtr 2e, the g2s2e all the other ones – that they’ve released in 2021, a couple of which i’ve reviewed right here on the channel and certainly my testing so far seems to be perfectly accurate for your heart rate monitoring.

You do have the 24 hour heart rate monitoring on there, if you like the sp sp02 measurements, all that good stuff you’ve got onboard, gps tracking for the outdoor hiking and running and all that good stuff as well. So it’s got all the features you would expect from a fitness tracker, except for potentially the ability to store music on there to listen to so you can just leave your smartphone at home and, like the other, amaze fit watchers, the t rex pro could also do You a good bit of sleep tracking as well. If you don’t mind having this mighty morpho strapped to your wrist all night long, you can check out exactly how good your sleep sessions have been in the zep app which breaks down your light. Sleep, your deep sleep in any moments where you’re awake as well. The sleep recording isn’t, always 100 uh accurate and successful, unfortunately suffers last night at reckons. I passed out at around nine o’clock in the evening, that’s pretty pathetic. Even for me, i managed to make it until midnight, so this period of time was just drinking on the sofa, basically it’s, quite good. If you want to see pretty much roughly how much deep sleep you’re getting and it can give you some advice as well. Have a nice cup of hot milk before going to bed and keep a good mood so don’t do what i do then, and have half a bottle of scotch you’d cry yourself to sleep.

You could also rate your wake up mood. Uh i’m. Definitely not droopy! In the mornings that’s for sure, ladies let’s finish up this amaze fit t rex port review with a look at the battery life and crammed inside of that chunky, chassis you’ve got a ‘0 milliamp capacity cell now amir’s fit records. That will give you around 18 days of typical use or nine days of heavy use, but if i’ve learned anything from reviewing amaze fit smart watches it’s that their battery life estimates tend to be a little bit optimistic. So while i’ve been testing out, the t rex pro i’ve scheduled the always on display, so it’s only active while i’m active myself, it turns off at night, i’ve got the auto brightness on 24 hour, heart rate tracking. I tend to do one sort of bit of exercise about 20 25 minutes a day which i track as well, and then, apart from that i’m, just using it for notifications, occasionally a timer, something like that it’s a pretty heavy use, but i certainly get nowhere near Nine days of life per charge, it’s more like four to five days, five days at a stretch, so, while that’s still better than quite a lot of small, which watches out there like see apple, watches, your oppo watches your wear os efforts it’s not as good as The likes of the huawei watchers likes the huawei watch gt2i for instance, but certainly if you’re going for an extended, wet and wild weekend in the wilderness, something like that, then the amaze fit watch.

T rex pro will not need charging you’ll be absolutely fine and if you do find yourself running on dregs there’s, always the battery saver mods to fall back on. So you have it that’s. My full tour of the misfit watch t rex pro. It can be yours right now for 1’ quid here in the uk or 189 dollars. I believe it is stateside if you want to see more from amir’s fit i’ve reviewed the gts 2e and the gtr 2e right here, i’ve also compared both of those with the original gts2 and the gtr 2 as well. Love that amir’s fit action. Can’T get enough and for more on the latest and greatest tech.