Unless you expect Applause, hey welcome back my dear friends and hello to you random people watching this channel. If you want to subscribe to a place where we expect smart and cool tech, then make sure to press the button and enable the notifications. This is quite important for us youtubers, because it helps our videos to reach you and even a lot more people, and that eventually gives meaning to our channels now t rex pro, which is one of the latest watches released by the brandon, maysvid and it’s. Definitely a device to remember because of the unique design, the name and probably the price. I was really happy to finally test something with fresh color. This edition is called desert, grey kind of in the middle between gray and bash, and it is full of interesting, absent features being a sub 200 smart watch following some military great standards. It clearly is going to challenge huawei and honors gt or magic watch series. Maybe some of the mid range garment devices and this design here is probably going to also attract some casio g shock fans, probably the likes of some of other sports aggressive, looking watches as well. It’S not a very smart one, since it runs a very basic operating system and it’s unable to sell extra apps, and that puts it behind apple watch series and wear os based devices of course. But since here the focus is on design battery life and endurance.

It not only has a good niche, i actually believe it’s one of the great 2021 choices for a decent feature. Watch if you’re curious about unboxing so was i amazfit are known for the great way they present their wearables no surprises here, a really nice box. We can read about the most interesting specs already getting rid of the outside layer. Here we can find inside the watch. Now we disengage these two sections, and here we can get the charger and the user guide. The amazefits t rex pro has three color options and the one i got is the perfect match to the beautiful spring that we enjoy over here. The color is something you can combine with clothes of almost any color and at the same time, the kind of plastic used here is durable. Thanks to the kind of rugged design scratches will be hard to notice. The full button navigation also looks promising very smart choice for people that work with their own hands and use tools which are usually quite a threat for wearables. Now, while it may look otherwise in order to keep the watch as lightweight as possible, the main material is polycarbonate but it’s. The kind of one that has gone through a number of testing and certifications. Amazfit claim that the t rex pro successfully passes 15 military grade tests, 70 degrees celsius, heat resistance, 40, cold resistance, 96 hours, salt spray resistance and the so important shock durability.

You know me i’m, the kind of guy that likes testing everything so freezing the whole thing was part of the tests i wanted to do and after close to 12 hours in the freezer, it has absolutely no issues time to add the rest of the specs there’s. The beautiful 1.3 inches amoled touchscreen, with ‘0 million per hour battery lasting up to 18 days per charge, gps there’s, a three axis accelerometer and three axis gyroscope sensors. You can track heart rate, sleep stress, blood, oxygen saturation. You can monitor more than 100 different types of sports, including swimming because there’s, a 1080m water resistance and believe it or not, amazefit managed to fit all of that within the weight of just 59 grams that’s only about three times heavier than the mi band 6.. Obviously, due to the strict core stores, endurance, amazefits have decided to not include a microphone or speaker that could have compromised the water or the dust resistance, as the next thing let’s explore the navigation in the software and share with you in the meanwhile how it feels Sleeping and living with the t rex during the whole time the phone navigation buttons are quite awesome. I had one major challenge to get used to them, because if you switch from another smart wearable brand, you may have to adapt to the t rex’s logic. This here is the back in the home button. The top one is for the sports launcher i’m used to having the exact opposite setup.

I was a bit disappointed when amazed with support have confirmed that right now, there’s no way to remap the functions it took me. Three to four days to be able to help myself, even without looking at the watch, which gives the chance to launch any kind of activity within just seconds without trying to swipe or something. Of course, the swiping actions are the other way to navigate, and this makes the amazfit trx pro one of the very few rugged smart watches with so many functions and both touch based and button based navigation very suitable for athletes. Just imagine how a sweaty marathon runner is going to start scrolling in order to see his pace i’m going to tell you how that just won’t happen. Therefore, i consider the t rex pro as a very good solution to that problem using the buttons. I know that most of you are eager to hear about my findings about accuracy and performance, so i’m, going to take the opportunity showing you, the zep, app as well. First of all battery life according to the ads it can stretch to up to 18 days. In my case, with always on screen 24 7 tracking, two sports activities tracked with gps per week – sleep tracking, stress, tracking and so on. If there was something i could enable it was on, and the battery life i was getting was solid, four to six days per charge. This is one of the best amazfit devices for battery life.

That i’ve tried so far and it seemed to do a bit better than the amazon gtr ii. The other series concern about the t. Rex pro is the gps accuracy. There have been numerous reports with some tracking issues with some of the older amazefit devices. I know this gtr 2 to also have some struggles. I couldn’t get exact info from amazefits about the chips inside, but to me, the gps implementation here looks different because you can choose the combination for positioning services and i also noticed that the paths that i regularly go for are strikingly accurate could be a coincidence of The few activities i’ve tested, but honestly, i think the gps here is simply better than the gtr series, because gps issues tend to be easily noticed. Should you know what you’re looking for the hr tracking is also something that impressed me. A lot looks like the whammy. Homegrown ppg, biotracker generation 2 has very reliable sensor. Readouts and i noticed very close to chest mounted trackers results. Another great advantage of the t rex pro. If you explore any of the tracked items inside the app you’re going to see a lot of data, good analysis, some recommendations and in a way this could be the awesome free of charge, health or fitness instructor that you’ve always been looking for. Spo2 is another nice addition. The non pro t rex was also great. However, it was lacking the so important for 2021 feature now.

There are also a few things that i could criticize, and i mentioned some of them already lack of button customization, which could be a killer feature. No third party apps support it, which is hindering the smartness. There is no smart assistant because of the lack of microphone and speaker based on that fact. The inability to have proper map support, lte edition would be worthless, but i do feel obliged to mention it. The other two features that i truly missed a sleeping summary tile. I just can’t believe amazing forgot to include one and i so much hope that by the time you watch this video it’s already present in the firmware. Secondly, during sports activity, with the firmware in may 2021, there is no music control, oh and there have been occasional bluetooth issues with samsung galaxy phones based on the exynos chipsets, still didn’t figure out why xiaomi and oneplus phones work just fine, so i do think this Dinosaur of the smartwatch is well deserves to be called t rex and is quite a pro delivering consistent and reliable results. I can easily recommend it to anyone that looks for rugged design, great endurance and hard to beat battery life with all these three making it up. For the lack of some extra smart features, so tell me honestly: would you favor a t rex over a casio g shock, or would you consider buying an amazfit device instead of a garmin spotswatch, really curious to see what you guys have to say as usual links To all the tech that appeared during the episode is linked in the description below thanks a lot for watching all that, and i hope it was useful.