This is a really cool smart watch that was very kindly sent in to me free of charge by the manufacturer for this video, no money exchange hands. They haven’t asked me to say anything in particular just to share with you my opinion of using this over the past few weeks, and my first impressions are really good it’s, a very, very nicely made smart watch lighter than it looks as well, but very robust. So this this is a really tough smart watch and the design is very sporty as well. The box first of all, let’s take a quick look at the box. You can see here picture of the watch front and center on the side here. It lists off. Some of the really good features here: military standard certified, also precise positioning with gps water resistant up to 100 meters it’s got a built in autumn multimeter, barometer and compass. If we look around on this side here, you can see some more of the features. A 1.3 inch ammo led display blood oxygen, saturation measurement, 100 plus sport modes and an ultra long battery life let’s. Take a look at the watch itself, very, very cool, looking watch. This is absolutely stunning, very, very nice. Indeed, we’ve got a very soft silicon strap. In fact, let’s just undo this, so you can have a look at the strap a little bit closer it’s got a tang style, buckle plenty of holes in here for adjusting the size really soft as well soft and supple with this gray inset stripe just here and On the back here, we’ve got some texture to it as well, so it grips really nicely to the wrist and, whilst we’re on the back, you can see some of the sensors here on the back.

These sensors are obviously for measuring the blood, oxygen level, heart rate, etc, and then the two little contacts top and bottom are where you’re going to use the usb charging cable, which is supplied inside the box. And then, if we turn this round again, you’ll see that when i move the watch, it has got this sort of raised to wake feature. A really nice screen very, very nice indeed, and you can interact with this, obviously by swiping or touching. So if we tap and hold on the watch face, for example, we can change the watch face. So here we can scroll across and select. One of the other watch faces. Let’S perhaps go for something like this and then you’ve got a different looking watch. So this one’s now selected and it looks superb – gives you a lot of detail and switching them is very, very easy. Look at that it’s very sporty. Looking now. I prefer this one for this video because it’s a little bit brighter and then we can also swipe down. So if we swipe down, we go into the main settings of the watch, and here we can change things like the phone finder, the main settings. We can also put on a flashlight and we gain access to things like the battery life that’s left. Then we can swipe up to swipe that away and if we swipe up from the bottom, this is where you’re going to gain access to your various uh statistics.

Like your step count, heart rate, etc. Now, if any time you want to go back, you can just keep swiping or you can use the physical back button to go backwards. You’Ve also got a select button and an up and down button as well. So if we push the up button, for example, it’s the same as swiping down from the top and then we can go through and sort of scroll through using these buttons. If we swipe in from this side, then we’ve got the notification. So this connects to your smartphone i’ve, got it connected to an iphone at the moment. You can connect it to an android phone. If you want and your notifications will come through to the smart watch and if we swipe in from the right hand side, we can scroll through everything on here. So all of the apps, so we’ve got an activity goal: pai heart rate, workout activities, sp02 weather, music, alarm events, notifications, settings, workout status, compass, barometric, altimeter or altimeter timer countdown and find phone. Now you can use the button to do this as well. So we can scroll through using the buttons on the side if you prefer, but it’s very, very smooth. I like the way that, when you get to the bottom, it does temporarily stop, but then you can keep on scrolling around and you can see the speed at which this interacts very very nice indeed, let’s take a look at it on the wrist now for a Reference point: my wrists are 173 millimeters or 17.

3 centimeters and it fits very very nicely. Yes, it does uh stick up from the wrist quite a bit, it’s, quite a chunky, sort of watch, but it’s nice and light nice and comfortable. I can pop my sleeve over it and no problem at all – very very nice. Indeed. It just feels very comfortable and really easy to interact with these big buttons as well. The buttons are really easy to get hold of. I really do like it let’s just swipe across to those applications again and just scroll through using the button. So if you prefer to use the buttons, maybe you’re out for a run and you’ve got gloves on you, don’t want to interact with the touchscreen. You can simply use these really easy to press big buttons on the side and then, if any time you want to select something you can use the select button as well. It’S really easy to use. I absolutely love it very, very impressed, so i just want to show you the charger in a bit more detail, it’s about a meter, long, the cable usb on running this is going to plug into your wall, charger, there’s, no charger included inside the box, and then This end here is magnetic. These are the two little contact points which line up with the two contact points on the back of the watch now this will only go on in one orientation and it snaps into place. So the cable exits this side, if you try and put it on the other way, it just moves it won’t connect.

So the polarity on the magnets only allow you to connect it in the correct orientation. So that’s the charging cable let’s have a little look at the app now mention that this is installed on my iphone. This is what the app looks like. This is the main screen where you’re going to gain access to your activity. For example, your sleep score. Your heart rate, your goal, tracker and then you’ve got various measurements down the bottom as well, that you can gain access to so plenty of statistics on here and then we can tap across to enjoy, which is really a sort of a summary page where you can Do things like set, alarms, event, reminders, target setting and follow your friends and then you’ve got your profile page as well, which has easy access to adding accounts, smart analytics friends, goals and different devices that you might have connected. So a nice application it’s really nicely set out and interacts with the watch very nicely as well. Can i recommend the amaze fit t rex pro well? The first thing i want to say is that this goes to prove that you can get really good quality without spending ridiculous amounts of money. This is a superb smart watch. I really do like it. It’S packed full of features. It’S very, very affordable, really well made. Absolutely superb: to interact with. I really do like how responsive it feels and the fact that it works well with either ios devices like your iphone or google android smartphone is of real benefit as well.

I think this is a great smart watch and i can definitely recommend it now. If you want to pick up one of these for yourself, please do check out the links underneath the video there’s also a link down there to the manufacturer’s website, thanks very much for watching. Please do subscribe to the channel, so you don’t miss out on my future.