This is debris tech here back with another video and, as you can see, i did the unboxing on the amazfit t rex, as you can see there and it’s a great watch shout out to jay wills for putting me on so he doesn’t know that. But i saw one of his videos and i saw this watch and as he was going through, i said you know what i need something like that: um to go hand in hand with my apple watch. So what i was gon na do was get this watch and just use it for work purposes. You know, because the environment i work in is kind of rough, and this can take a beating according to its specs and for from other videos that i’ve seen. So i end up purchasing it very great watch, great quality. I got it for about 140 and i think it was close to 160 with uh rush delivery, because i wanted as quickly as possible. I got it from the official website because amazon for some strange reason it didn’t have it in this color. So when i went in ahead and got the watch, i can leave a link down below in the video in the description. So taking a look at it, you know it does pretty much everything. The apple watch does heart rate um, first and foremost, it’s a it’s, a workout watch. You know you can do running all that, all that healthy stuff that you want in a watch um.

Apparently, you don’t have my apple watch but it’s over there charging so yeah. The screen is amoled very beautiful um. It looks like a typical like when i first brought this to work. People thought it was a g shock which it did remind me of, and i love g shocks. I think i need to start collecting them again. Um you have your simple up, you can see yeah up down and then you have your select and back fairly simple. You don’t really have to touch the screen, which is pretty cool with this device um, but yeah you can go back. It has an all all day display um it’s in the options. If you want to do it, let me go ahead and show you that so you’re going to swipe then you’re going to scroll down to settings right there and go ahead and click that and then you’re going to go to screen, always on display, not sure if You can see that i’m looking at my screen here and i can’t see it, but hopefully you guys can and you’re gon na go ahead and hit that and then you have here um close uh digital watch um face. So you have two options of different faces. You have the pointer face, which is the one i just showed you and then you have a digital watch face so it’s gon na tell you give you a warning. If you select this, setting, it’s gon na have an effect on your battery life, and let me get into that with the battery life on this thing, so i’m going to hit okay and then you’re going to back out of there all the way back, and you Can hit back again and then you have your simple uh watch face on here.

So for a few seconds you’re gon na have this on and then after a few seconds, it will go off and then it’ll go on to the other display so um. So on this display, i’ll just show you your steps, the hour um the date and time uh the date and sunday and then i’ll show you what day of the month it is, and then you have it here in the corner. It will show you your battery life, which is pretty cool. So again you can just tap on there and then they have many different watch faces. Uh, i’ll post. Add it to the video here, but um you have over, like i think, 20 watch faces, which is pretty cool and all of them have server function. They’Ll have like little, you know. Let me show you, for example, this one like these little yellow. You know dots here or squares. It’Ll show your battery life so as it goes down as your battery life goes down, these will deplete little by little and then uh down here. You’Ll have your your distance, you’ve traveled and then under that your steps see. If i can focus on that so yeah, you can see your steps, the distance um, of course, the time and then up here you’ll have your date um the day it is which is sunday and then up top. You have your heart rate and also your calories on the other side, so it shows a lot of a lot of detail in this watch.

Face was pretty cool, um apple does the same, but i think this does it a little better. I just like how it just just stands out and usually utilizes. The whole watch face here. Um. Let me go ahead and show you the only downside, even though you have like 20 something different, uh watch faces, uh go ahead and tap. It will only save up to like three so so you’re gon na have to go in just hold this down. So yeah you’ll see that swipe. You have that option and that option. So let me go ahead and show you this one so like this one and show you i’ll, show you the weather, uh, of course, the time the date and uh month, the calories burn. It shows a little flame on there. The steps you know like i said i love the details that they add onto these watches and because the screen is so good um, it almost looks kind of fake. You know, as i was walking around uh and work, and someone said, oh, that the watch face looks fake, but it’s, very vibrant and detailed uh. You can see the back here uh. These are where the light emits to take your heart rate um in the middle. As well and then also these two on the side right and left that’s, where the actual this yeah these right and left will that’s, where you put your charger, it goes on magnetically, so you’ll never miss it and other details about to watch um the gps on Here is pretty accurate and that’s, not and that’s, pretty cool because of the price range to get a watch that has gps in.

It is very a big bonus on that um. So when you’re jogging, you can see your position and also the the app on here is really good. It tells you the details. Um. The other day, i tried the sleep uh sleep section of the app left this on that’s, one of the benefits about this box. Like i said, going back to the life um the battery life on this uh, the it advertises about 20 20 days – i believe yes, 20 days of battery life, not sure if you can see, let me go ahead and try to focus 20 days of battery life. So, with the on screen all day, it’s obviously going to affect that. So, but in my experience having the all day, it lasted about three days and um. I get a lot of notifications, so i’m gon na experiment with it, but so far, three days with no charging all day, um screen on and this time i’m going to limit the notification but i’m guessing without the all day face. It should last 20 days, and then you also have on top of that which is pretty cool. It has a battery saving mode. Let me go ahead and show you that Music, so you’re gon na swipe down, and then you have uh some quick menus here. You have, you know, no do not disturb. There was the battery uh settings, uh savings, you have your flashlight, it doesn’t have a flashlight, but it uses the screen to brighten up and then you know, and then up top it has the battery percentage and i’ll talk to you about that.

A lot of youtubers don’t talk about this um i’m, not sure if it’s a software glitch, but i also have a little clip i’m going to throw in here um about that. The battery uh, when taking it off the charger. It’Ll say a hundred percent, but as soon as you literally take it up the charger it’ll drop down to 98. I don’t know what that’s about, but i i researched and a lot of people seem to have this problem. I don’t know why other youtubers don’t bring this up, but if you want to get this watch uh just be on the lookout for that overall it’s not going to really matter because it lasts a lot longer than your conventional watch. I mean not conventional. Your typical smart watch like apple watch samsung, and things like that, so you don’t, have to worry about that, but yeah uh going back to the battery saving mode. You know it’ll tell you, when power saving is enabled, the watch will only record steps and sleep time and, of course, show you your your time of course, so you’re gon na hit, okay or yes on that and from what i heard from other youtubers, is that It can last up to as long as 60 days on that battery saving, which is phenomenal Music. I mean i can’t. I don’t really have words for that, because you that’s something you don’t see on a smart watch and, like i said in my as i’ve tweeted out before um, i will not purchase another apple watch i’m.

Good with my series 4.. I will not purchase no apple watch until they incorporate a better battery that can at least last one week at least one week um. You know you spend 400 plus and that’s with just the gps model. Then you have to sell your mod and these things don’t. Even last more than two days, some might squeeze out three days if they’re lucky, but i mean come on guys: 140 130 bucks, depending on where you find this and you’re getting a good battery life. Um. Also, you know you have to use uh settings um. You have a quick access to your steps and calories and stuff while swiping up um. You also have your heart monitoring, which i do not have it on here on my wrist so i’m, not gon na. Do that uh? What else does it have? You have status again, it’s, basically like what i just showed you in the front, but a little bit more detailed. You have your workout activities that record your activities. You have music one thing about this watch. It does not have speakers and a mic so you’re not able to you’re not able to answer phone call. You can decline phone calls on here. You can decline them um and that’s, basically it, but you can also control your music on it. If you want to um again you’re paying 130 some dollars you’re getting pretty much all you want minus those two factors which is not a big deal for me, because i normally don’t take phone calls from my apple watch anyway um.

I might text here and there but it’s something i don’t use on a daily basis. Basically, so those features are gone: it’s, not the end of the world uh. You can set your alarm. You have event uh reminder. Uh countdown find my phone. I heard it’s not as good as finding your iphone or whatever, but at least you have that option. Uh compass, i haven’t collaborated that yet you have to walk in an s line to get it calibrated. Overall, this watch is a as car as uh. This is, i forgot his name um as flossy carter would say. This watch is a gold i’m, not sure if he did this watch, but if, if he ever sees this video, i might tag him he has to do a video on this. This watch is is great, like let me go over some other stuff, like i said, military grade, um it’s, water resistance, 50 millimeters of 50 meters, uh built in gps and multi sports mode and to top it off, like i said, a nice amoled screen to go. So you have the screen, you have the battery life, you have your typical activity, features, heart rate, etc. Your workout and the band itself is very rugged and strong i’ve seen some videos i’m guessing you need a special tool, but i’ve seen some videos where they unscrew this, and you can put other bands on here. I wish they would have. You know had it easier to switch out bands on this watch and there’s also some uh places where you can actually change the face these four screws on here.

You can take them off and you can put a different uh plate on there. I think they’re on ebay, i think i saw a song for like it was a pack of eight for 199 i’ll, probably check them out, but um. You know this overall. This is great watch um. The cons there’s, not too many cons other than like. I said when you take it off charge: um it’ll drop the drip, the battery percentage from 100 to 98 um. What else the uh? The bands are: not interchangeable, not easily interchangeable. You can’t change them. What else can i say yeah i did. I do have some problems like i’m, so used to the apple watch, strap on how easy to you know put on your wrist. This takes some times getting. I don’t know if it’s because of the rubbery part or how rubbery it is, but sometimes it takes a while for you to get it through this loop when it, when it’s on your arm and trying to get it through, but other than that. Those are the only cons i have here. Oh one thing i forgot to mention about this uh watch and in terms of the cons is notifications um every once in a while. You know the notifications will stop coming in and you’ll notice it. So sometimes you have to check if it’s um um do not disturb and if it’s not you’re gon na have to reboot the watch and order for the notifications coming like right now so they’re coming in but um after a while they stopped coming in, has to Reboot it hopefully a company behind this um, continues to support software wise so that things like this can be fixed.

Uh we’ll see uh other than that yeah let’s watch the positive outweighs the negative on this watch. Like i said very few negative um, you can’t go any wrong with this 130 140 bucks um pretty solid device. Oh you have the battery. I forgot to tell you the reason why the battery last long is because it comes with a 500 milliamp max battery which well, when i check my series, 4 it’s about 294 million um, i don’t know what excuse apple has for not putting at least 500 in There it’s not like the technology’s not out there, but then again you know their practice. You know they want you to upgrade every year and so every year, they’ll slowly increment, better battery and yaya, and all that but yeah thanks for watching my video guys. I hope you enjoyed it. Uh don’t forget to hit that subscribe button to see more videos. I know i’ve been lacking lately, but in the upcoming months i have things planned: i’m, just getting some stuff situated, but um, hopefully more videos coming out real soon, more watches.