This is the amaze fit gts 2e a light and compact smartwatch that costs just 120 quid in the uk and boasts the staying power of sting in the sack. We are talking days of action from just a quick charge. Now i’ve already reviewed the fresh amaze fit gtr 2e smartwatch and for the last couple of weeks, i’ve had its smaller sibling. The amazefit gts2e slapped on my peerless northern wrist to see how it stacks up so here’s. My full amaze fit gts2e smartwatch review and from all the latest greatest tech, please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. The spangly new amaze fit gts2e, looks and feels identical to last year’s, gts2 i’m talking the same 42mm, aluminium alloy case, plus the same 20mm. Silicone strap and that’s no bad thing, because the gts2e is feather light to the point where you forget that it’s, even on you now it’s a well known fact that my wrists are about as muscular as the average eight year old boys and yet the amir’s fitwatch Gts2E fits me, absolutely perfect, it’s, certainly nice and compact, and one of the most slender small watches that i’ve ever reviewed and in more good news. The amaze fit gts2e seems to be just as durable as the original as well. You’Ve once again got that 50 meter. Water resistance, so you can rock it in the shower the swimming pool. Wherever with that added reassurance, it also seems to be just as hardy as well i’ve had these trek this thing with respect over the last couple of weeks, i’ve definitely banged it about the place and so far touch wood.

The screen and the casing are still in perfect nick and if you want to you, can whip off those 20 mil straps and replace them at any time as well to freshen up the look. So the physicality of this amaze fit smartwatch hasn’t changed up at all. Compared with the previous generation – and the same goes for that 1.65 inch, amoled display it’s 2.5 d glass now, instead of full on 3d, so it’s, not quite as curved, although there’s bugger, all real difference, this screen is still perfectly responsive and there’s no issues with the Visuals either the 341 pixels per inch means that everything looks as sharp as a steak knife. Well on top brightness, the text is still just about legible. On a bright day now you can set up the amaze fit watch gts 2a using the zip app which is free to download from the google play store and the apple app store. I’Ve actually done you a full tour of that in my unboxing and comparison with all the new amaze fit watches. Go check that out. If you want an in depth, look at all the different features and whatnot that’s, basically pretty much. What you’d expect, though you can have fast access to all of your main data from the past few days, however long you’ve been wearing the watch, including your heart rate, what exercise sessions you’ve been doing your stress levels? You can see exactly how close you’ve come to uh beating your goals for the day, as you can see that i’ve been about as active as an alcoholic sloth and inside of the zip up that’s, where you do most of the setup as well, including what notifications You’Re going to get vibrations strength if you want a password on there, what wrist, you’re wearing it on all kinds of stuff, that’s, the actual watch ui itself, but it’s perfectly simple and straightforward.

You get used to it really really quick it’s, actually not too dissimilar from likes of wear os and quite a lot of other smartwatch rivals. Now, as you can see, you’ve got an always on display which you can activate and deactivate in the settings. Once you turn on the watch with a quick push of that button, or by actually just tapping the screen, you then got access to the full watch face which can be configured oops. I didn’t do a very good job of that. Did i just long press on it and then you can choose from a variety of other options. If you dive into that zip app, you can upload a whole bunch more to the watch as well, including some up to date. Ones like a christmas reindeer uh, huh yeah like the while we watchers it’s a perfectly respectable selection. You got on there variety of analog and digital ones. All of course, custom made to suit that square display. If you scroll down you’ll fast access the settings, you can also check out the battery level things like that from within here as well. You can change the likes of the screen. Brightness uh, if you don’t, want it on that auto mode. Now, if you just swipe up from that main watch face you access the notifications panel, but unfortunately it’s rather basic, you can basically read whatever notifications are coming in. You can check out your messages. Things like that, but you can’t actually do anything with them.

You can’t archive them. You can’t, respond to them absolutely bugger all now, if you scroll, left or right, you basically access all of your main watch widgets. So the likes of your heart rate, monitoring your music controller, your weather report, all the standard stuff you’d expect to see on a modern, smart watch. Meanwhile, you’ve got a single physical button on the side of the amis fit watch gts 2e as well. Quick tap of that loads up the apps menu and you’ve got a reasonable selection of stuff on there, including all the usual fitness, trackers and everything, but stress action, sbr2 measurement, weather alarms. You can access your a list of events that you’ve got coming up, but unfortunately there’s no stopwatch in there, which is kind of annoying or stopwatch or just time it in general uh, which i definitely missed, and it’s also worth noting that that dial does actually rotate. As well, but that doesn’t actually do bugger all so if you were to load up the apps menu and then rotate the dial, it doesn’t scroll you through your list of apps. Sadly, you have to use the touchscreen controls and when the watch is awake, you can also double tap that side button in order to load up your favorite app of choosing which by default is the exercise tracker boy. Does this watch really not know me at all and as far as your sports stuff goes uh, you get quite a lot packed into the amaze fitwatch gts2a.

Despite that cheap asking price you’ve got built in gps support in there, you’ve also got that bio tracker. Two sensor on the back end, and that, of course, does your heart rate measurement uh. You can do your sp02 measurement with the spr2. You have to be really really really still for quite a while before it eventually comes back with any kind of results and as usual, of course, the amir’s fit watch it’s, not designed to be a proper medical device or anything it’s. Just to give you a vague guideline of your blood oxygen levels, i am maintaining still come on just finish it. Oh there we go 94, oh that’s, not particularly good, so the likes of the spo2 levels. You have to uh actually manually measure yourself, but the heart rate does do 24 hour heart rate monitoring. As you can see there now. You’Ve also got support for 90 different types of exercise tracking here on the amaze fit watch gts 2e, which is certainly all of the exercise that i could think of. We dive into more, as you can see, it’s all categorized based on what kind of exercise it is if you’ve got hula hooping frisbee. If you happen to be a student, although i’m, guessing that students can’t even do frisbee anymore, unless it’s inside their dorm rooms by themselves, tug of war, uh gianzi kicking whatever on earth that is now you’ve even got a bit of fishing in here, which amazefit is Generously termed an outdoor sport, so presumably that’ll track how much exercise your arm gets lifted.

It kind of take these to your lips every couple of minutes, but regardless of what exercise type you choose, the misfit watch gts2e will basically track exactly how long you do the exercise for it’ll measure your heart rate throughout it’ll. Tell you exactly how much intensity was involved so exactly how much fat burning time you had all of that kind of good stuff and it’ll also have a vague stab at how many calories you burned off as well. Overall, pretty standard stuff for your modern day, uh smartwatch, but of course, if you’re really into your exercise, your fitness tracking and everything, there are better options out there generally for a little bit more money. Admittedly, you’ve also got full sleep tracking as well, which, admittedly, on other smart watches, usually feels more pointless than go faster, stripes on a ford fiesta. But here you do at least get pretty comprehensive breakdown of how much light and deep sleep you’re enjoying along with suitably stern scolding whenever you stay up too late watching dodgy anime, although at least this all explains my premature hair loss and my saggy face now, because The amir’s fitwatch gts2e is an essential version of last year’s watch gts2. That means that amazfit has had to strip out a couple of less necessary features in order to drive down the price a bit so for one there’s no built in speaker on the watch. Gts 2e, so that means you can’t actually take an income and call on this smart watch.

All you do is you get a call notification and then you’ll have to do it. The old fashioned way pulling your phone out of your pocket out of your bag. In order to speak to someone, i know right what a ball lake and you can’t actually store music on the watch gts2e to take with you when you’re pounding, the pavement hitting the gym or whatever all you can do – is control the music that’s playing on your Smartphones, you will have to have your phone with you at all times. If you want to enjoy a bit of that pumped up adrenaline, get in you know like this may be an essential version of the original watch gts2. But you do actually get one bonus feature on here that you won’t find on the original watch, and that is a temperature monitor and, as you can see there, this can actually track your temperature throughout the day. Just like your heart rate as well, and then it’ll give you a little warning. If it exceeds sort of standard levels you can have it set to be the center grade or fahrenheit as well, depending on your region and considering having a high temperature, is one of the key indicators that you might possibly have a rather popular disease. That’S doing the rounds right now, that’s. Definitely a good addition to have now let’s finish up with the battery life and amaze fit reckons. It uses the exact same size of battery for this essential version of the smartwatch compared with the original gts2 from last year, but all the same, it reckons that the battery life has increased from seven days to 14 days on the watch gts2e.

Now i got no idea what you’ve got to do exactly to get this supposed mythical 14 days of battery life, because i certainly got nowhere near that. I tended to get around sort of four to five days of use at this bad boy, but that, admittedly, was with all of the features turned on like the 24 heart rate tracking, the always on display the notification support all that good stuff, and that is still A better result than you get on most of the small watches out there, the likes of the apple watch and many wear os devices as well, which tends to only last a day, maybe two days at a stretch. Unfortunately, of course, the huawei watches are much better. Generally, given at least a week or two of use per charge, so if you’re really keen on extremely long battery life, then they are a good one to check out i’m still perfectly happy with four to five days of use per charge and then you’ve got the Bundled magnetic dock, of course, which comes with the misfit watch, gts2e just slap that into your laptop or whatever stick the watch on the other end and you don’t really get a full charge from empty in around sort of 90 minutes to two hours and all right. There’S, my full final review of the amaze fitwatch gts2i after having it slapped on my pale skinny little wrist for a good couple of weeks, using it as my full time smartwatch and i got ta say i do personally – prefer the gt r2e, which i reviewed.

A couple of weeks previously it’s a bit chunkier, but i prefer the circular finish to it. You do get better battery life as well, although that’s not to say that the battery life here is bad and the gts2e was a perfectly commendable smart watch for 120 quid. You get a lot of smarts packed in there, full fitness tracking. All of that good stuff. The notifications online could be a bit better, but hey ho anyway. If you want to see my roundup of the very best small watches that you can get right now, i did one of those just before christmas. Go check that out remember to post a link up here or in the end credits bit which is coming up in a second in the meantime. Please do poke subscribe during that notifications.