I have something really nice that i’ve been playing with um, make sure you guys do check the description below. I always have links to this stuff in the description. So that way, you guys can get the latest and greatest stuff um we’re going to be doing some comparisons, we’re going to be doing some unboxings today, we’re just going to be do a simple what it is, how it works and what are the benefits for, for You guys so this is the amaze fit stratos and it has a multi sport tracking heart rate, gps notifications, vo2 max 5 atm water resistant onboard music up to 5 days of battery life, some pretty cool stuff. Now, if you are using it like consistently, it does do the 35 hours with continuous gps and heart rate tracking, so let’s go ahead and and look at this device here and see everything that we get so the packaging on this thing is just amazing. Look at this everything just looks great now, as i as i’m opening this up the bluetooth. Just for you guys who want to know, this is running bluetooth, 4 and it’s compatible with android, 4 and above or ios 9 or above so here you go check that out. That looks pretty nice right there now, of course, let’s just go ahead and take this out and you of course, you’re gon na get the watch in the box, and i always tell everybody just open up the bottom just to see what you get.

So you do get a quick user manual and you do get a very nice looking charging dock now. The one thing i will say about this charging dock. I thought it would have some kind of magnetic thing on it and it does seem like there’s some sort of magnet because it it tends to to pick it up a little bit but nothing crazy sturdy. So it does look also that the sides here doesn’t fully fit on the watch itself, so um, it looks like you might have to just snap it in just like this, and then it should grab the charging dock, just fine, which is okay, that’s, not too bad. Now, to, of course, to take it off, you’re gon na have to just pull it off like that. So those are the the four dots right there that you’re gon na need – and here are the four dots that you’re gon na need right there. So just looking at this thing, it is very, very nice, so we’re gon na take off that little seal and just look how sleek this looks very, very nice and straight to the point here, it looks like it’s going to be able to read your heart rate And you just got a couple buttons here on the side, so very, very nice let’s go ahead and put this on and see how it feels and i’ve been able to try a couple of of these smart fitness watches and they’re very, very cool.

This one seems very uh, i guess you’d say quality so check this out. It looks very, very nice, very modern, very, very cool, so to turn it on. We got to push this top button right up here at the top and you’ll see it does have like a red like a red rim around it. So i got to do, is just just hold on to it for like three seconds and you’ll see the screen. Now light up and there it goes very, very nice and easy buttons feel very comfortable and very very cool. So there you go, you get a little swirling thing. It looks like it’s doing its thing right here, so there you go the the time just pulled up right there. If i do hit it right there, it says english and i could choose all the different languages, uh so i’m, just gon na leave it right there on english and now it says, scan the qr code with the amazing fit watch app, so so there’s a the Qr code i’m going to go ahead and scan it real, quick and i’m going to go to the website and it’s going to redirect me over to the google play store. So there is an app called zep there. It is that way you guys can see it. Zap you just download it and go ahead and open it up now, of course, it’s going to ask you to sign up and create an account so now that we got this situated, the next thing is going to ask is to pair.

So here we go i’m on the app i’m going to click on the plus sign and it’s going to say what are you trying to pair so we’re going to do the watch and it says access location got it and while using the app go ahead and Allow it so watch with the qr code, so i’m going to click on this and now it’s. Looking for a code for me to scan. So all i got ta do is just put the code in here once it’s connected it’s gon na, say: okay pair this i’m gon na hit ok pairing code. Now it’s telling me right here. There is an actual pairing code that i need so i’m gon na hit. Ok on this and now it’s connecting and it’s doing its thing and now it’s been successful, so i’m going to go ahead and allow – and it says which hand are you on i’m, using my left hand here and that’s, pretty much it now it’s saying i’m connected It says battery 12 percent and that’s pretty much it like it right now. It says i have my. I have the the watch connected so i’m going to go ahead and back out there’s an update, so i can go ahead and update this now and there you go so it gives me my weights. It tells me the steps that i need. If i set up a goal, my sleep score, my heart rate, my exercise record and then my goal and track um and then, of course it has here like just different stuff here, no data generated for today, yet bmis muscle mass.

How much water am i drinking like protein like everything that i want if i want to lose some weight or if i want to check on my health, this gives you everything, even your stress level, which is awesome. So some really good information here, like just going here through it, just shows your heart rate right there. If you keep going, you got tons of stuff here to play with so just going here to the top right hand corner. If you come here, you got your exercise data with all the stuff. Here you got your status data, your health sign, your body, measurements, your body, composition, just a lot of stuff here to play with so let’s go back to the watch, as you can see here. It gives you your date and time so there’s your watch right there a lot of good information now, if you’re, trying to swipe it won’t work. What you need to do is you need to click the button on the right, and then you could set up your sports. Your run walk activities if you have anything set up daily overview. If you come back here, just more stuff to choose from your weather and forecast for whatever state you’re in tell me batteries low right now, so i need to do something my heart rate. I could check this now, so i want to check this out real real quick. So if i do come here, i’m gon na, if i do come here, i could get.

I got my heart rate i’m gon na check. Now i can click on this thing and i just let it do its thing. It’S saying: it’s checking my heart rate and it’s that’s, pretty cool how it does it goes around. The whole watch just checking my heart rate, how it’s going and there you go analyzing. So i got 60 bits per minute, um resting or working out right now. I only have two options, so let me go ahead and check it again. So there you go it’s. I am in rest mode, so maybe it it for me it does seem like it’s kind of low right there, but there you go. So you got your forecast again heart rate um. You got your music. If you want to play your music on alarm, you can set up alarm a compass, your stopwatch, your sleep training center, so a lot of good stuff there. So some very cool stuff here, if you do click on the center button or any of these buttons it’ll open up some stuff here. If you click on the bottom, it’s just going to go up or down, if you click the top one it’s going to go back up again and then, if you click the center button, it’s more of like the enter button, so not too bad it’s, it’s kind Of cool, how it does all that stuff and then, of course, you could exit out so very, very cool how how this whole thing works.

So now, of course, this thing is like running out of out of juice, but i will say this though the the the watch does feel comfortable. I am not a watch person like i’m, not one that that would be like hey. I need to get this watch and and and and use it all the time, but as you can see, this thing works really really nice very, very good and it’s it’s it’s it’s bright enough. So that way, you could see it just right now, of course, when you do sync, it up and i’ll go ahead and show you guys this real quick here when you do sync it up again, you do have to snap it on. So it does show you here like it’s. It was at seven percent right now, charging so it’s, very, very good and then you’ll see it right on the far right there you go. I just switched over eight percent – very, very nice at how it tells you how you know where the percentage is, but you do have to snap it on so that way that thing can can start to charge. So when i did look at the app the app says: hey, there is an update going on right now so i’m, letting it do its update thing and, as as i was doing, the the heart rate it it synced it up to the phone right here. Heart rate 65, very, very good, and it looks like the update’s complete, so very, very cool stuff.

There i’m telling you guys, like some of this tech stuff, is getting better and better and better. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below um. I hope you guys have appreciated this. One it’s been these smart watches are getting better and better and better. So, as always, you guys take care, take care of each other and i’ll see you guys in the next one.