We are checking out the top five best cheap smartwatch on the market in 2020., depending on my research customer reviews and testing i’ve put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers, so whether it’s price performance or its particular use. We’Ve got you covered for more information on the products i’ve included, links in the description box below which are updated for the best prices. Give us a like comment and don’t forget to subscribe. If you want the video like this in the next episode that’s it now let’s get started with the videos at number five, we have the amasfitbip smartwatch. This could very well be the best cheap smartwatch in terms of value. It stacks a lot of power into a bluetooth smartwatch that comes in at well under 100. It supports an amazing battery life of over 30 days on a single two and a half hour charge. This watch looks just like a regular smartwatch, but you can change the watch face and it comes in four different color options. Its lightweight style evokes the look and feel of the apple watch and has respectable fitness tracking features. This is a cheap smartwatch with heart rate monitor, but it also includes a real time activity tracker. It comes with a pedometer which takes fitness measurements like distance traveled, strides and calories burned for outdoor activities. This smartwatch comes with a built in compass and a gps. The watch is built durable too and has features like ip68 water and sweat resistance and dust proof.

If you’re looking for a watch to take with you on freeform hikes or jogs, this can serve you incredibly well far more than a stylist fitness tracker. This smartwatch receives notifications for emails, texts, calls and social media alerts, plus it can also act as a remote controller for a smartphone there’s, an app that allows the user to remotely take pictures using a smartphone camera. The amazfit bip smartwatch acts as a great combination of a fitness tracker and smartwatch. This budget smartwatch is stylish lightweight and has a very long battery life at number. Four, we have the umidigi uw atc h2. The umidigi uw atc h2 has a stylish minimalist design. Having a simple, clean, bezel and a full metal, and i body without any physical buttons on the side, it has a full color oled display supporting full touchscreen operation. The display is protected by 2.5 d, curved tempered glass screen, making the screen durable from scratches and chipping, and it provides a smooth, touchscreen control with better viewing angle. It has 24 hour heart rate monitoring, providing accurate monitoring with its high precision optical sensors. It also keeps track of steps, distance, burned, calories and more. It is equipped with several sport modes such as walking running writing, skipping badminton, basketball and soccer additional health functions. Are sleep monitor, pedometer and sedentary reminder? It has bluetooth functionality compatible with android and ios. The battery life lasts 25 days of standby time and 10 days of normal usage and just a single charge and has an ip67 the waterproof rating.

It also has real time notifications for calls texts and social media plus it includes weather, alarm, clock anti last feature and more. The umidigi uw atc h2 is an affordable watch with a colorful and curved touchscreen and a full metal and ivity. It has activity and health features such as 24 hour, heart rate, tracking and seven sports modes. At number. Three, we have the pagine dz09 bluetooth smartwatch. This is one of the cheapest smartwatches. You can buy that won’t break during the first week. You wear it. It is durable and reliable, especially because it’s water resistant, it has an olay display and a stainless steel surface. You can even buy it in different colors, with different color bandwidth options, which are all very stylish and suitable for casual wear. You can connect the watch to your phone via bluetooth, then install the app or you can insert the sim card into the watch. Notifications are available for a range of different social media platforms, emails texts and calendar updates. Among others, you can even engage voice calls, and it is tethered to your phone. Notable is the fact that this is a cheap smartwatch with a camera. The camera includes both a self timer and the ability to remotely control your phone’s camera through the touchscreen interface, as well as it has a multitude of features for the price such as fitness tracker, sleep, monitor, alarm, clock and more. It also supports most android and ios phones and has a two day battery life.

The pad gene dz09 bluetooth smartwatch is a super cheap, stylish watch that offers plenty of functionality. It has a bluetooth option, receives message, notifications and calls has a camera and acts as an activity tracker at number two. We have the tikwachi smartwatch this packs in all the essentials and offers it at the perfect price point with all of performance and the simple design. This is one of the best value smart watches around. It is the quickest and most affordable way for you to get into the smartwatch world, and it doesn’t just give you features. It also gives you an intriguing design. At the same time, it comes with several modern smartwatch features, including wear os by google, a lightweight polycarbonate design, touchscreen interface, heart rate, monitor gps, google assistant and a 48 hour battery. You can download a wide range of apps on google play thanks to wear os. So you can enjoy music without your phone call in uber or get fitness apps. You can also accurately track your activity performance with stats like steps, speed, distance and calories burned as well as you can track your heart rate in real time. It features an ip67 rating which means it’s waterproof up to one meter and you can personalize it with interchangeable watch bands and watch faces. It has an oled display with wi fi and bluetooth for connectivity, plus it notifies you of incoming calls messages, emails, news and more, it is android and os compatible and android users can receive calls make calls and reply to messages with just the watch.

The ticwachi smartwatch is a lightweight budget friendly, wear os smartwatch. That offers a solid feature set. It includes a broad range of apps fitness tracker and smart features. The last product on our is the fitbit versa. Lite smart watch you’ve, probably already heard of the fitbit versa and your search for a new smartwatch, but now there is a less feature: rich and more affordable version of it. This is an attractive timepiece that tracks your workouts and offers a few basic smartwatch features. It’S, a slim and lightweight smartwatch, with a touchscreen and aluminum body, making it very easy to use and comfortable for casual everyday wear. It benefits from the excellent fitbit app and the community at brings and still packs and features such as push notifications, a heart rate monitor and 50 meter water resistance, among others. It receives alerts for calls texts, apps, and you can send quick replies if you’re, an android user you’ve got a heart rate, monitor for continuous and workout, based tracking to better track calorie burn and optimize efforts during workouts. It also has 24 7 activity tracking sleep monitoring and a four day battery life. The sleep tracker is one of the best in the business and over 15 different exercise models are included. It even has female health tracking. The watch can sync with your phone’s gps for real time pace and distance plus it has wi fi and bluetooth for connectivity. The fitbit versa light smartwatch is a stylish and comfortable budget timepiece that offers smartwatch features and fitness tracking abilities.