I don’t know now a few months ago i did a video with a really clean paisley telly, which was a lot of fun, and would you believe i’ve got an even cleaner, paisley telly right here in my hands and uh, as you can see, it’s absolutely incredible. This beauty is 100 all original down to the last screw and solder joint. All the cloth wiring is intact. The case is spotless, looks cleaner than some i’ve seen from a couple of years ago. Now, as many of you already know, under the clear coat it’s actually textured wallpaper, which is a quite crazy idea that they came up with but unsurprising given it was the late 60s. There was a lot going on then now over time. It tends to chip and wear away a bit, which is all the more remarkable really because you can barely tell on this guitar that just shows how clean it actually is. There’S only two minor spots, where there is a little bit of checking – and this actually leads us to believe that this is probably the cleanest we’ve ever seen the original owner of this guitar uh who lives in arizona he reached out to the vintage buyers here at Cme uh looking to sell it because he wouldn’t get much use out of it anymore and realistically, it would be a shame for not to be put to good use turns out that his mom bought this guitar from uh way back in 1969 from a place called Biasco music on belmont avenue, which is only a few blocks from here, so it’s kind of cool that it’s ended up close to where it originally came from Music, so Music um, a paisley telly, an original one from the 60s it’s.

Actually one of my dream guitars! So i’m very excited and honored to actually play this again. I can’t stress how clean this actually is. I’Ve, never seen one as clean as this to the point of where i thought, when the guys here at see me showed it to me, said yeah. This is an original 60s one. I said no it’s, not um. It really is that clean it’s incredible i mean just look at the back it’s, just not in there it’s brilliant sounds great plays great. I love the nick on it. Just a dream. Guitar for me.