No, no don’t do that we’re, not playing we’re playing a scary game right now, don’t don’t, try to scare me what’s happening. Why are you down here? Why would you do that? To me? There was just something fun: it’s, it’s, it’s, fun enough to be playing a scary game. You know i don’t know sometimes playing a sk game is fun, even though it’s scary disagree strongly disagree, but we’ll come to that. Okay, let me sing hey. I have said yes to some horror games, but today is about amnesia and machine for fix because it is currently free from the epic game store, probably because it’s october, and probably because another amnesia we already reviewed, we did amnesia for free. We did the original and spoilers we weren’t a fan of it. Yes for different reasons, but well because this is quite an old game, all doesn’t always mean bad. No, i mean the visual is not bad, even after so many years. I agree, but this is a special, like sequel of the game, because it’s made from yeah because it’s made from different creators, but it seems to be so popular, so they made like the almost like the second version of it i mean so. The frictional games that published the original game – they saw this mod and they said well that’s, pretty good let’s. They actually published it as a full game, well, full game: how? How long does it take really it’s? I don’t know about like four or four to five: the yeah it’s okay, but what’s different about it that the first game, the amnesia was based like on the uh, limited sources of your light, because you had the lantern or you had the matches, and it was Very limited, but here it’s, unlimited and one of the hallmarks of the first game was the sanity meter, which i believe was the first game to use the sanity meter that’s one of the legacies of amnesia we’re, the first to get famous.

If you spend too much time in the dark, you start going insane and everything kind of free and if you get, if you fill up your sanity meter or your insanity, but it’s missing here and it’s missing here, we don’t have it also here it’s really concentrated On the, i would say, it’s like more forward yeah it’s, linear, it’s, a very yeah, focused linear, and when you start to play this game, you are like warning if there will be even any enemies, but i don’t think that that’s a spoiler, they are enemies, they’re Going to hunt you down they’re going to kill you jump out and say boo, it will happen. You just have to wait for it a little while. Well, i think that i mean the setting of the game. You can see you’re in like a mansion at the very end of the 19th century, it’s always in the night. All the everything is very dark. Even if you have the lanterns you yeah. This game are supposed to play in the dark, and all you need to know is that you are a character who wakes up in this mansion and you have an amnesia surprising, but i think that can bring us to our key question, which is this: should you Play it is free, it is october, it doesn’t mean it’s worth playing that it does not mean that at all yeah um, you won’t. Let me go first. Yes, i do okay.

Well, we i didn’t like the first one and uh here, the only good good things about it was at the first amnesia. I liked only the everything what’s missing here, which is the limited, uh sources of light and like how you can get scared and it’s missing. Here so this is going to be easy now, even though i know this game is really very review, but i don’t think it works now anymore, at least not for me. I didn’t get scared much so lapse gamer. Thank you. Thank you for joining. You can see that this is live and everyone watching this later. Thank you. Thank you. We’Ll speak with you more later um. I agree with everything you said that i was not a big fan of the original amnesia, but the best things about it were the resource management and the sanity meter. The graphics of this, not the graphics, but the environment is pretty cool um. I love the artwork as usual, those big too many this time, because you’re a dimension at the beginning, but later on, you’re, not right right so, but most other things. The story gets a bit convoluted and complex. It gets too actually too intellectual. I would say for a horror, game yeah, i would say boring. The puzzles are not actually puzzles. It’S just interact with everything until the secret door opens um, yeah it’s, not it’s, not bad. If you’re a big fan of horror games, if you’re a connoisseur, this will probably not be your favorite horror game ever, but it’s probably worth it because it’s free, if you’re, not a huge fan of horror games.

This will not change your mind i’m saying no twist. No means yes, so both of those both isn’t that surprising, maybe not yeah, maybe not so guys. Thank you for watching this review. We hope that you found it useful. Do let us know in the comments what you think we are always open to other opinions, but remember we played this game in 2020 and this is an old game, so it might been a bad day when it came out. Maybe you played it so tell us if you did, and why did you liked it please consider subscribing to our channel if you haven’t yet actually 50 of our people who watch our videos are not subscribed. So if you’re, one of those please like take the plunge. This is the time to subscribe and if you like, free games and want to know about more free games, check out our friend low budget gamer, you can subscribe right there um, because he makes lots of announcements about free games on all platforms, not just epic games. Yes and too many buttons, and we will see you in another video, because this week there are two games this and we have to hurry to the next one: wait: do we have to hurry, or can we thank our members? First, we can thank our members. We just go for all the all the 11 members 12 now because lapse gamer just dropped 12. 12 members. Okay, thank you to our loyal members.

You guys are awesome, stay epic and we will see you all in our next. Video, okay and caleb will share the link in the description right. Yes, but first we should say goodbye, so we can open it goodbye and i will give you all the link. Yes for wait a little bit the review of kingdom new land, new land spamming. No one spams, but us there you have been spammed, okay, so join us.