I bought it specifically for my type of activity, so in this video ill get you through the unboxing ill show you how to set it up and, at the end ill share. My honest thoughts, so if you want to see more videos like this make sure you subscribe to this channel, and i would really appreciate if you can tap the like button, so lets get into the video. This is how the box looks like, as you can see here, theres a brand of the company theres, also a picture of the product, and here at the back, we can see what the content of the box there is a smartwatch and a magnetic cable. It also indicates here the name of the app that we have to use, which is available on app store or google play, and also information about the company. But most important is to see what is inside the box, and this is the first thing that we see its a nice user manual and maybe with colors, which indicates also that a company put effort into making it and in most of the cases also the product Is really good, this is the charging cable. You can open it like this. Its magnetic here on this side has this: nice strap made from rubber, and the most important piece is the smart watch, and obviously we can remove the foil here at the back, and this is the first overview. There is also another foil here at the top that we can remove uh.

Just by doing like this and uh. Now i will attach the strap and uh ill show you how this one works. Now i have attached the strap, and this is how it looks like this is basically the size of it and its also a bit flexible. This is made from nice, rubber and im just going to put it now on my hand, i have a very slim hand and as well, these ones can go and obviously you can adjust the safeties based on your preference. The next thing that i will show is how to switch it on. Basically, you need to press this button over here on the side along till the smartwatch will switch on and in order to download the app for this uh for this one. You just have to swipe down, and here you see settings and in the settings you have the language download the app and you have information, restore factory and power off. But in our case uh we need to download the app and like this, you get a qr code which obviously you need to scan with the camera of your smartphone. Just like this, and basically we need to wait a bit and i will have to choose app store because im using iphone – and this is the app and i will install it now – that i have installed the app. The next thing that i have to do is to pair the watch with the app.

So, basically, i need to connect with bluetooth. I would like to send another scan and then scan for devices, and i have to go on my phone settings and switch on bluetooth and then here we have the unit metric or imperial and im going to hit next and then im a male im going to Hit next, my uh height is 182 year of birth is 1990 all right: 90., okay, next 89 kilo, 89 kilos, yes, and more or less. How many steps am i going to do per day in my case? Is around 20k? Something like this and then here we go its easy as that ill show you the main functionalities of this smartwatch. The first one is step count uh, which appears uh over there. You also have the how many calories you burned and also the distance. If you swipe one more time, you can see the heart rate and for this one you have to press one in the middle and it will start measuring. You just have to wait a bit and you can see 86 84 bits per minute. And now, if you press one more time, youll go to the main screen and if you swipe up basically here theres another menu and if you go to health, then you will see the blood pressure which looks different than the heart rate and as well yeah. It will start measuring or to do it faster. You can press one time on the screen, and here we have the result, and now the next function that id like to show you is uh the call function.

For example, here we have no news, but if i send a text message on my phone which im going to receive in a moment, it also appears here and also appears here. The person who literally texted me – and i can read the text message this one is a bit short and also i can clear and as well, if i receive a phone call, this is my phone, the phone will start ringing and the smartwatch will start buzzing just To let me know that someone is calling me and, for example, if i click here and if i go on this side, i can see that i have an incoming call and you can see all the missed calls and also you can read the your texts. So now i would like to show you some things in the app its automatically synchronizing uh with the smartwatch, because here, as you can see, i have 570 steps and here as well, this circle in the middle indicates the level of battery and ill show you how To uh charge it in a moment and uh. For example, here ive set uh a goal of 20 000 steps, and i achieved the only 570 and i have completed only three percent uh. For example, i burned 21 calories. I made a distance of 0.’ kilometers and the duration of this exercise was 17 minutes and obviously uh based on your preference. You can go and create a your desired settings, which are the smartwatch is very simple.

You just have to insert the usb into a laptop for example, and then using this part over here, which is magnetic you just have to attach it here and automatically youll get a message that uh the smart watch is uh charging ive just been for a run, And i would like to show you some things about this uh smart watch uh here there is a bar and when its full, it means that ive reached my 20 000 steps limit. At the moment. I have a 701 here. Obviously the time ive charged that – and this is the battery indicator and ive – ran 5.’ kilometers and i burned 287 calories, as you can see them over here. So this is very accurate, because i also measured using my phone, as you can probably see over here – is the same thing. Its uh instantly updated how many calories ive burned the distance, and also i can see here the direction, as you guys can probably see. This smartwatch is resistant. Water uh, its ip68 and also the screen, is quite responsive, even though it is a very wet which my opinion, its a really good thing and im very satisfied with the performance. Ive used this smartwatch for almost two weeks, i can say that im satisfied with the performance of it specifically for what i bought to track, how many steps i do every day to track my sleep and as well to see how many calories ive burned.

During my exercises, its also very comfortable uh, while its on the hand and when its wet it dries very fast under the belt, which is uh, something that i was looking for and still the connectivity with the the phone is pretty good. The app works just fine and do i recommend you to buy it or to drop it well. Definitely to buy it so guys. If you have any questions about the product uh, please leave it in the comment section below allow an answer. Theres also a link in the description where you can check out more information about the product.