Welcome back. When you hear me say yikes, it usually means I screwed up, and I did you guys, I hope, just finished, watching that massive review comparison of all of these dual processor, Android, watches and where's the battery. I keep getting as where's the battery it's like. I did a whole segment on that. What you guys didn't watch it. So I went back and checked in yikes. I forgot to put it in. I ended the whole thing together and I was so happy. I gave it a different file name and when I went to edit, I took anyway, I guess it's a good thing for now anytime. Anybody asks me about battery life. I'Ll refer them to this video because it's, just a short segment, really really really talking about the battery life of these watches. Under one specific condition, mind you thin in Android mode like this. They are set up with a 15 second screen. Well, you're gon na hear all that, but it's basically about this ambient always time mode, yeah, it's, really on it's, just really dim the always time mode across the eight of the different watches and you're gon na see probably the longest time you could ever expect to Get out of one of these watches, so anything you use it for is gon na end up with less time make sense, because this is like the least power draining mode in the the actual Android mode. With the always time feature on now.

One thing I didn't do and by way of apology to you guys for messing up and leaving it out, I'm gon na go ahead and do this for you, but you won't see it in this video. I want to get this up right away. What you will do is see it in the show notes: I'm gon na set all three watches up the dual processor ones in bracelet mode after they're, fully fully charged with the always time mode switch. You saw me turn it on, so that the time display will always be on on the Optimus Pro on the LEM 9 and on the sore 5 will run the same time test across these three watches in this mode and see how long they really do. Last, whether you need the bracelet mode or not, ok that's in the show notes, after that I'm gon na switch them all to the heart rate mode I'm. Gon na leave them on the ground. I'M. Not gon na be wearing them consistently, but I am gon na have them in that mode so that the little diode is pulsing and it's active and the display is animated and we'll compare the times of battery life with the always time heart rate display on, and This never turns off on any of the three watches, so I'll give you that data, but it's gon na be a while, but come back check the show notes for that. In the meantime, my apologies everyone.

This is what you've been looking for battery life man. Oh man, oh man, battery life is hard. I was only able to do one form of comparison on all of these watches and I even screwed that up a little bit I'm gon na run it through with you here's all the numbers, the raw numbers. Take a look at that you're gon na want to know for those of you who care later. This is the date, the time of day or night that's the cumulative hours from when I started adding up, and these are the different watches ABCDEF, and this is their battery level measurement. Okay and I ran out of room and I had to add for column a and B here's, some more data and that's the time and then well you'll see the summary here right now. I did this for the pairs of watches in the different groups, so we could compare the battery life of a dual processor watch with the battery life of a standard non dual processor watch, all of them being set to the ambient mode like this. Now, beyond that, okay, here we go the ambient mode beyond that they were set with this particular watch face they were set with the brightness being at medium, was sound off with Wi Fi on without the twist your wrist, the thing: no cellular, no location services, no Bluetooth all configured that way and set to turn off automatically in 15 seconds and the only time they were turned on was when the testing was done and they all started at a hundred percent.

At the same time, with the exception of one guard on it, that and I'm about to show you, because you get a lot of you guys – are gon na go ah on the results on the Thor for dual, which is what I was doing, is comparison with. The Thor five everything is set up the same. You see now I'm getting a countdown of the time. This is one of those downloadable watch faces that matches the look and feel of the ambient one, but also has battery life in it. It was designed by the Collins, clan Tim and Pearce Collins, remember and it's in that server. When you scroll over to the far right and hit the plus key, you can scroll down and download that face so that's how I was checking him. I would turn the watch on and I would see what the levels were and I'd write. The numbers down. Everything is the same configuration notice. This is a little bit different display here on the Thor 5 over here. It looks like this over here. It looks like this, and it was exactly like all the others except I accidentally had location services turned on GPS, which ate a lot of power. So the end result for the Thor for dual is low, based on the fact that the configuration wasn't the same as all the rest of them. So what are the results get on with it already? Mr. ticks, these are the watches, a through F hmm, and these are the actual times that it died.

The optimist Pro lasted for 40 hours in ambient mode, like this, only turning it on to test that after starting from 100 with me, the hope light longest of all of them went for 48 hours. Those two were great that's. Why I needed this extra cheap to be able to add some more number? I just look totally ran out of room. The others started dying off in the Thor realm. The Thor 5 got 32 hours compared now. This is a dual processor watched to the forty hours of the optimus pro at eight more hours, it's a full workday 19 hours for the Thor 4 duel. I don't think that's right, it's, probably up there in the neighborhood of 30 hours, but I'd have to completely retest it we're, not about that anyway. Right now, so sorry that's the results. The LEM 932 ours same exact as the Thor 5, but the optimist Pro beat them. Those are the three that we're looking at in terms of the dual processor watches and then the lef 3 and the and the X 7 came in lower. But this one was five hours longer for the lef 3 and I got confirmation from Pablo 11 who knows everything it's amazing he's, like Yoda, you know he ever don't know what to do go. Ask Yoda. He confirmed that there's a larger battery and a different screen technology in the lef 3 right. Then there is in the X 7 from fine now that leads to a little bit longer battery life.

The other thing I'd, like to point out, as these are really bright. You can actually take this outdoors in the end that's the ambient mode, guys here's the regular one in medium brightness. If I turn that down to lowest brightness like that and then bring it up, if it's awesome, I mean this thing is a very bright watch, whether you get the lef 3 or the X 7, but in terms of the ambient mode in Android format. Right, not the bracelet format, it's, nice and bright. There is no bracelet format on this one. What am I talking about right? This is what you get if you want to be in the always time mode and they're always bright, and because of that the life is 26 hours as opposed to 40 hours. That'S, your trade off decision point. Do you need a watch that's gon na last? You two days ish and be kind of dim, or do you want to watch that in the always time mode is gon na be bright and easy to read, but you only get one day out of it yeah some more. Have you decided that okay, those guys have left this about half of you still here anything else on time with watches? No, I have not put them all in bracelet mode and test it. How long you get on bracelet mode that maybe four days I'll try to do that and add that information to the show notes down below plus any more pieces related to some of the battery life on these check.

The show notes to try to get this specifics, but for now this is what we've got for a test. It'S in all of them are in the regular Android mode, and they are in the always time mode with everything pretty much shut off, except Wi. Fi was on and connected, which is typical, but no location, services, no Bluetooth, tethering, nothing else. Now, once again, this is just a battery test segment of a much much larger comparison of these three watches with about five other ones as well. That'S in a different video click here and you can go, what do you want put okay click here and you can go over to watch that particular video, alright that's, the complete massive comparison of all of these newest Android smartwatches. In the meantime, if you're curious about battery life, this is the video I've referred you to and just a reminder battery life is really hard to do so. I don't do it, except on rare occasions, like this one, when an ant crosses my screen.