Org they're networking, together for providing full technical support for the Genesis SmartWatch, which is right here out of the box first time, it's being turned on what I want to tell you is there's some especial things you want to do. According to these guys and best practices of when you get your brand new watch, whether it's a Genesis or any other brand Android SmartWatch, especially if it's a Genesis because of all the new things that are in here, that you don't find on most of the other Ones the brand new startup tone – I don't know if you can hear it or not, so as it settles down, I want to guide you in about five minutes through the things you need to do at first you're gon na be greeted with stuff like your language And pick your language I'm, not gon na show you all of them that's for a different version, but it's set for English, where it's delivered to me here, I'm gon na confirm it now it's going to ask you a bunch of stuff Imperial or metric system to Confirm for your weight, height and daily steps. Just ignore all this for right now, because we're gon na wipe this all out here's a QR code for tethering to your phone swipe that One X that one and you're done it's gon na come up with the first watch face and it's gon na be supposedly Ready to go but it's not this is the important thing you want to do you want to slide over.

This will get you into the apps. You want to touch the one that looks like a gear that's, your settings. You want to come all the way down here to reset equipment. Folks, you want to do this before you do anything else. Well, you want to charge it before you do anything. Then you want to do this. You want to do factory data reset reset the watch erase everything and wait now it's gon na go through a complete erasure and reboot process. The reason you want to do this is in the initial installation of the firmware on top of the software, with all the little goodies touchable watch faces things like chrome that you can get to now. The Google Calendar is available in this one lot of stuff, but it really needs to be kind of reset from the beginning and that's, where you as an end user, should start the very first thing. When you begin setting up your watch with a factory restore I'm telling you that now up front in this video, so you don't get it all loaded up with all your favorite apps and have stuff on there and then find out. It really would have been smart if you would have done that reset because by then you're kind of out in the woods and it's gon na erase everything right back to the beginning, the beginning boot up song again and then it'll come back up to that.

Beginning watch face now remember from the other videos and I'll take this off. This is one of the many bands that comes with the genesis that there's little covers. Little plastic covers that may be on your camera here on the screen different than a screen protector. There'S, a little plastic cover, sometimes with a little pull up: label: that's, okay, to take off it's different than the screen protector over the screen. There may be a little plastic thing over this camera and you saw that in an earlier video when you flip it over. You might find plastic actually over the heart rate sensor. All that is feasible, so you want to make sure you remove all of those there was that about five minutes. Those are the main things that want you guys to know. Unbox your your watch charge it up. Really come on just charge it up and go. Do something and then come back turn it on. Go all the way to the factory data, restore that we did right now and let it restore itself then go and you, while it's doing that. Actually, you can go ahead and make sure all your plastic is taken off and then and only then, when it finally comes up, can you go through this process watch I confirm my language. You can be on Imperial or metric now this isn't the same on all watches. This is new firmware here on the Genesis and just from here on out new watches that come out I'm going to confirm imperial you can set your weight, your height and your daily steps choose male or female.

When you do that and I'll just show you you tap in here and you'll, get a number keypad that you can change and do whatever you'd like for filling all this stuff in confirm that, then it comes to this QR code. Now this is the QR code to install the app the app is called WI. I watc h2y watch. You can install that straight from the Google Play Store on your phone or you can use the scanner on your phone to scan that app and get it there. Whichever way you do it, you can swipe out of here and you're going to get another QR code. When you run the app on your phone it's gon na get you after you login and set it all up. It'S gon na get you a scanning thing point the scanner at this one here and it will know which watch you've got and it'll pair it to your phone if it doesn't pair right away and you're having issues take your phone turn off. Bluetooth turn it back on undo the connections to any of your other Bluetooth devices. If you have other things like hit your buds and stuff connected, there could be conflict with that. Try and take your phone and your watch outdoors somewhere away from all the competing Bluetooth signals and do this whole process again of scanning just run the app and scan that little QR code if by chance, you're past all of this stuff and now you're wanting to Connect later, how do you get back there it's real easy slide over come into here, you're going to go into applications.

A sistent actually is what it's called google assistant. You know what I don't know what the icons look like so I'm gon na change it to app list style too, and now I can slide down here to where I see whoops. That was in the settings where I see the assistant and that's not the the same thing as the assistant for Google. This is the assistant for the watch and you hit connect phone, and that gets you back to that little QR code that you scan to connect your phone to your watch. When you've done all that you're good to go, you can watch our whole review of the WI watch 2 app. If you want to to learn how to use it, the watch is now connected and you don't have to do that. You can use this thing. Just fine without that connection, the next thing you want to do is to come over to your settings and go into connectivity when you're in connect. You want to go into Wi Fi turn that on look for all your router and connect yourself to the Wi Fi network. That will get you up and running to where you can do this next step, swipe out of the Wi Fi, once you're connected keep on going down here to the very bottom where it says about watch and right here you see Wireless update. Now you have to be on the internet for this tap.

It wait a moment it's going to check the server. If you have waiting firmware update, it will notify you and you can go through updating the firmware. If you don't, then I don't then you're good to go, and you can just leave this and start working with the watch. If you do have firmware update waiting and you do the firmware update, it's good practice, since you haven't put anything else on the Watts right to go in here and reset factory data reset a second time erase everything. But of course, we had to go through the process of setting up the internet and coming in to check for the update downloading and installing the app update then reset everything that gives you a really clean installation. Clean update and you won't have any kind of issues in the future that you might have to discover that you should have done this if you went over to full Android watch's tech support at discourse, dot full Android I hope this helps you out. These are complex little devices and they're a little bit fussy. Even phones are, as you know, and we go through trying to set them up so take these step by step in this order and you'll be assured. You'Ve got a good working device for everything you want to do with your new Android SmartWatch. Once again, if you're interested in the genesis, which is this one it's available check it out in the show notes, we'll have a link over there.

How you can order one you've been watching SmartWatch sticks or a youtube channel here on the internet at www.