If you are new here, my name is dave and i do tech reviews and tech tips and things like that and over the last few months i have been using the mobvoid ticwatch pro 3 gps. That is a mouthful and i’ve been using it for pretty much everything to track my fitness, my health respond to texts, take phone calls check my emails, the weather and pretty much everything that you use a smart watch to do on a daily basis and now complete Disclosure ma void did send this unit over to me to review long term for you guys, but there was no contractual agreement. I made it very clear that i’m not going to be saying what they want me to say that they’re not going to tell me i can’t, say there’s, nothing, bad about the watch. That was very clear. There was no contractual agreement. This review is mine and mine alone. They did not get a review sample of this video to say to change anything it’s, my video. That being said, i do think this is an awesome watch, but, like most thing, it’s, not perfect and we’ll talk about that now, starting from the outside in, i think, it’s pretty apparent that this watch looks really really great on the wrist. The way that light bounces off of the body and the screen is really pleasant to look at, and this is a durable device here. This is something that, when you put it on, you can tell that it’s very sturdy, i’ve banged it around a few times for testing purposes and there’s no scuffs or scratches on the body at all.

Incredibly adorable held up really really well when it comes to display. You have a really nice amoled display that has really nice colors and all of the text is really sharp and crisp scrolling through the interface is incredibly smooth. Everything looks and feels great there’s, also a secondary display built in here that’s great for battery life and we’ll talk about that a little bit later, when we get to that section now, looking at functionality, the top right button is going to open your app drawer and Coupled with snapdragon’s brand new 4100 wear chipset everything here flows incredibly smoothly, you can flow all the way up, the app drawer, all the way down: it’s not going to stutter or lag nice and smooth nice and creamy sort of, and the bottom right button is going To open up a suite of mobvoi’s own curated, fitness applications and a lot of these work really really well and again, we’ll touch on those a little bit later settings. Of course you have your gestures for tilt awake for navigating through your notification cards, but that bottom right button you can go into the settings and you can change it to activate pretty much anything that you wanted to there. You guys are so if you guys have been here with me on the channel long enough. You guys know i’ve been recovering from achilles tendon surgery, which is just as much fun as you think it is, and so my mobility has been limited, but during rehab i’ve been able to get into some like jogging, walking a ton around my neighborhood and the ticwatch Pro 3 gps has been my absolute best friend through all of it again.

Can’T do a lot of explosive running, but having the gps function on this that’s completely free mind you, i can disconnect my watch from my phone and it’s still going to track my distance. The steps i’ve taken my heart rate, my calories, burned without having to have my phone connected to it and so i’m thinking. There is absolutely no way that the built in gps function on this is going to be as good as say. A dedicated fitness app on my phone, so i disconnected the watch from my phone use. Google fit on my phone turn the gps on on. There turn on the dedicated gps on the ticwatch 3 and the results were nearly identical. I mean they were off by a couple of steps by a couple of calories, but largely the statistics were identical, so if you’re worrying that this isn’t going to be able to track your steps into fitness in a dedicated fashion, this works incredibly well all right. I should probably uh get back to it. I’Ll leave you guys here in the woods over the last few months of using the watch to respond to text or take phone calls. It works great. The voice dictation is nice and accurate. I love you and the screen is nice and responsive so we’re, using the swipe gestures to text on the watch. Those are really accurate as well, and the calling sounds great i’ve been talking to someone on the other end, my family, my girlfriend maria, are you calling me on the watch now, yes, sweet, say hi to youtube, say hi to youtube.

Thank you and they’ve all said. The same thing that the call quality sounds really good on the receiving end, and the speakers on this are pretty darn good at maximum volume. I can easily be typing something: writing a paper moving something folding, clothing and speaking to them all from here. This is something that i’ve loved a lot about. The watch and i’m really glad that it’s here, mom boy, great job with that you can swipe left on the home screen to access your weather cards, your google fitness and also to access mobvoi’s fitness suite, and this here is going to be going over. All of your heart rate, your exercise is going to show charts for your resting heart rate. Your low and high heart rate for all of the exercise. You’Ve done over the past couple of days, charts for your hours, minutes steps, calories, burned, there’s, a lot of comprehensive information here for those of you looking for a smart watch, that’s. Also, a fitness tracker there’s, a lot of helpful information here and honestly, one of my favorite parts of the ticwatch 3. – oh actually, i’m. Sorry guys uh. So i forgot to mention that this actually has what is called auto pause, so say, you’re out for a run. You see your neighbor or something like that, and you have to stop talk to them. Make sure you’re being nice. Ask how their day is. The watch will actually stop tracking your progress when it detects that you’ve stopped working out when you’re done your conversation, you continue running and the watch is going to detect that you’ve begun running again, it’s going to pick up right where you left off.

So that way, your statistics are congruent with you actually doing, exercise which i need. More of so pretty sweet i’ve been loving that feature and i’m gon na go now see you guys bye, it’s, also, ip68 water resistance rated. I have not had access to a pool. Coved but i have subjected it to severe water torture and it works now. Monvoy advertises a 3d battery life. You can absolutely get three days worth of battery life. On this, i like to push things to the limit, so i’ve had the heart rate, monitor tracking always on the movement and fitness tracking, always on the screen dimming, i turn to the height lowest possible setting. So the screen is on as long as it possibly can be. Notifications on, of course, and i’ve been using it pretty much for everything and i can still get easily two whole days worth of battery without having to worry about charging it and that’s with phone calls and techs and emails, and everything else that i discussed the battery On this thing is amazing: now that’s my battery life experience with the amoled display, but there’s also that secondary screen the secondary screen is going to basically make your watch an analog watch and take away all of the luxury features of the smart watch. It’S going to strip it down to your time your day, your steps, you know, it’s going to put your phone into what they call the essential mode, and this happens when your battery percentage drops beneath.

I think, like one or two percent it’ll activate this. So that way, you can at least have the time for when you’re able to get to a charger, but you can also toggle this mode on and they advertise is going to get you 45 days worth of battery. I’Ll be honest. I have not tested out the 45 days of using this essential mode because i like to use my smart watch as a smart watch for everyday things. Texting calling all the things we’ve discussed, but i did try it for a day. I left on the essential mode from the time that i woke up to the time i went to sleep and it only dropped. I think one or two percent, pretty impressive. Okay. So one of the big focuses from mobvoy with the ticwatch 3 was fitness integration. So basically, if you press the bottom right button on the ticwatch it’s going to open up this fitness suite, so basically, if i’m, going for like an indoor run, well, indoor walk outdoor walk if i’m going swimming using the elliptical doing yoga freeform exercise it’s going to Start tracking my exercise for me it’ll start monitoring my heart rate, how many calories i’ve burned, how long i’ve been doing the workout for so that way. I know how much i’m pumping when i’m pumping and over the last few months of using this, i found this to track really well across multiple different exercises. If i’m boxing, if i’m lifting weights, if i’m jogging on the treadmill, even even indoors, that all tracks really really well now, you guys are probably wondering why on earth.

I have this massive stick with me and expecting a really good explanation. Well, joke’s on you, i don’t have one and i’m taking it with me, so see ya there. You also have a sleep tracking mode it’s, going to show you things like how long you’ve had a light sleep for how long you were in deep sleep and rammed your blood oxygen levels. While you were sleeping your heart rate, while you were sleeping and also show you your maximum and minimum for each of those statistics and also give you a couple of helpful tips like exercising more, can help lead to better sleep eating better and things like that. There are also a couple of helpful tick: abs, tick, apps, that’s, what they call them, such as tick breathe, which is going to help you lower your heart rate and get into a more meditative state. I think this is actually pretty helpful, but then you also have ones like tick hearing, which is intended to listen to your surroundings and tell you if your environment is too loud or too quiet. I don’t think this works. Well, honestly, i think it’s a bit too sensitive for what it does. I literally just snapped my fingers next to the watch and it was telling me that my environment was dangerously loud, but it was dangering my organs and nervous system, and things like that. I think it’s cool that they’re trying out these different things to take hearing in particular don’t think works well, but all the other ones, i think, have their function.

Now. To this point, everything i’ve mentioned has been pretty much positive. You guys are probably thinking when do we get to the bad stuff. Well, there are a couple of things here that i’m, not incredibly fond of the tick hearing, is one of them. I honestly just don’t think that works too well. The second thing has to do with the automatic fitness tracking. Now, if you’re going for a run or you’re jogging or exercising, you forget to put on the designated fitness tracking application to track whatever it is that you’re doing, the watch will detect that you’re exercising and it’ll start to count the calories burned. Your heart rate. How long you’ve been exercising for? But in my experience this is a little bit late to the ball game by the time that actually do start exercising. I think it’s nice that it’s there for people who forget to put that on, but sometimes i’ll be like five. Six minutes into a jog and then it’ll turn on and say, hey good job, starting your run, we’ll start tracking for you and i’m like well, i’m. Already five minutes in again, i think it’s nice, but that doesn’t work incredibly well. The next thing has to do with the fitness tracker itself, not the fitness tracking, with statistics. I think that works really well, but sometimes not all the time every once in a while when i go to click into my stats, it’ll ask me again for my date of birth and my weight i’m like well.

I already gave you all of that information, but as for sometimes it’s it’s, a small thing, but sometimes you know i’m trying to get them into my information, and i have to put that stuff in all over again it’s a little annoying to be frank, there’s. Also the battery drain when i’m using this as my designated gps, it does kill the battery rather drastically, if i’m going for say, like an hour, long, walk or more. I can easily see the battery drain on this. About 30 35 you’ll still be able to get a full day’s worth of battery, but it is going to take a significant hint on your battery and you’ll probably have to charge it at the end of that particular day. But if you’re not using it every single day, you’ll still be able to get that two three hours worth now when talking with mob voya about their inspiration for the ticwatch 3. There were two things they wanted to be: a direct competitor to those fitness tracking applications with the blood oxygen levels, the heart rate monitors the step tracking and the fitness workouts, and things like that with garmin and all those other fitness watches. But they also wanted to be a direct competitor to samsung with their galaxy ware series. Now, when you look at both of the phones, the galaxy ware series and the tick watch 3 are very comparable in terms of feature sets. The galaxy ware has the rotating bezel, which i love, but they do not have access to.

The entire google play store, suite you’re locked into the tizen teasing tizen software experience with samsung’s own dedicated apps, but on the tick watch. If you get google’s entire suite and to me alongside everything else, that this watch does incredibly well that’s, why some of the shortcomings makes it the best android watch that you could possibly buy right now. Thank you guys so much for stopping by and hanging out. If you’re new to the channel, you want to see more content, i’ll have a playlist here right there right there subscribe if you’re new want to see more things and have a fantastic remainder of your day afternoon or night, depending on the time.