Thanks to mr spookypants on twitter, hey we’re, pushing hard to reach 1 million subscribers by christmas, we’re 400 short today, if you’re watching and you aren’t yet subscribed there’s a red subscribe button right below the video. It would be absolutely amazing if you feel like i’ve earned it if you click that button to subscribe today, it makes finding my videos easier. It helps youtube know that you know a few people like this channel and i would be very thankful if you subscribed now. This image, which i thought was just funny and would spawn a bigger conversation, uh, was posted by mr spookypants on twitter and it displays excuse me left wing, games versus right wing games. You might be saying little or literally what and you’d be with me let’s. Just take a look at some on the left and some on the right and then also how they are actually differentiated so for left wing games. We have super mario odyssey animal crossing, the last of us doom spider man, fortnite the sims, splatoon, halo, uh and on the right right wing. You have postal call of duty, grand theft auto all of them. What looks like some anime game? Uh, a lot of anime games, dark souls world of warcraft red dead redemption 2. These are the ones that i can just kind of. You know the unannounced harry potter rpg game, which is apparently a right wing game saints row. I i i i don’t know i don’t understand how a video game has a political ideology.

I think uh, certainly game studios have them, and some of them are. How do i say more apt to put them in the game uh or more apt to let that let them to guide them in the video game? But i mean what exactly about animal crossing is left wing the fact that it’s? What it’s about communist it’s a socialist nation, is that what it is um, maybe let’s, see, know the difference. Some are listed by series and other by individual games. In some circumstances, we could put multiple games in the same series together. Some games are listed separate, despite being in the same series. Some games are listed. Sorry, these are dictated by the views, the political views the game may have, or the creators of of said games, how the characters are specified, whether they’re miners and or how tasteful the fan service is. So if you have those big anime jumblies, those sweater puppies, that is a right wing game, apparently, okay, whether or not the fan base of each game brings more liberals or conservatives is a factor really. How would you even know that earthbound, you think you’re claiming earthbound for the left child, please i can’t? I continue how they handle sensitive subjects such as uh, gender, dysphoria et cetera, other spicy stuff that i can’t self deletion. We’Ll say again. Does that mean this is whether or not whoever made this? Whether or not you agree with it? I don’t know what about uh world of warcraft is right wing.

I mean some of the largest world of warcraft creatures. I would say all the large world of warcraft creators are definitely center left or far left uh. I don’t think there’s any openly right wing, uh content creators, the closest you could maybe say, is aspen gold but he’s. Definitely liberal he’s just more uh classical or open to discussion, and then it says not all games can be added for obvious reasons: okay, so the first normal thing you’ve said the voting affiliation for 2016 and 2020 of both the creators and the fans play a factor In their position, really exactly, how do you know how people who enjoy breath of the wild? How do you know how they voted? How do you know how people who played saints row an xbox 360 game from a decade ago? How do you know how they voted? How do you know how the studio itself uh voted? In fact, if you’re looking at this let’s let’s, just pretend for just a brief moment, just a very brief moment that the side there’s some sort of science or there’s some sort of actual analytics behind us, which there clearly isn’t uh this is somebody saying this is What we think i mean you could say the last of us part two, the company that made it is far left, but i don’t know if the game itself uh has an option to vote for a candidate uh. You could look at some of these comments.

If anything, it just affirms that i’m, a centerist of course like. Why is doom, like i like all these games, so then what there’s actually far more games on this list that i, like than i don’t, like left wing, had mario odyssey breath of the wild persona. 5 and ace attorney, skyrim, dark souls, witcher, 3 and agent 47 are right wing just go ahead and say: good games are right wing. Well, no, because are those great games on what they say is left wing five nights at five nights at freddy’s i mean that was never my jam, but i always thought it was like a kids game or something like that, so i never really played it. I remember winning the plush from claw machines when i used to make claw machine videos with my wife but outside of that uh. This is this. This particular image is hilariously, a great representation of how certain people view video games that video games have to have some sort of political slant. Um. You see this comment here by christa brown. How about we not bring politics into video games? The world is miserable enough. Ah, yes, a political game, a political games like final fantasy, 7, yakuza and bioshock. All games are political, bro, that’s, the um that’s, the mantra of the uh, obsessive uh. How do you say empty inside uh loser? I i mean i don’t – i mean maybe that’s harsh but hey i’m, trying to quit smoking so give me a break.

As i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again. These people exist in a bubble that view everything is yes, okay. There is always something political about a video game. You could also say all games have uh of matter in them because it took matter to create them. I mean what is the political standpoint of tetris what’s political about uh about uh candy crush the idea that all games have a specific political slant is a fabrication by people that don’t have any self identity uh. What they have is they identify as a political candidate? These are the same people that are like, who will often be you know, have certain things in their bios on twitter. Things like that these are people that identify exclusively as who they sleep with. They don’t have anything else interesting to say they don’t have anything else to add to the conversation, so they dye their hair blue. They fill up their twitter bios and then they identify as some political belief and they spend their life uh. Sad and looking for other people who are also sad and don’t, have anything interesting to add to the conversation like. If you want to build models, you want to go fishing, you want to crochet, you want to do homemade card making. These are things that help that are part of who you are, but they are not who you are, but the modern far left they don’t have any identity, because they’ve never really started to think for themselves yet, and so they don’t have any of their own opinions And so they identify as someone else’s opinion, they don’t have any ideas or philosophies, so they identify as others and they feel safe like that, they feel uh.

You know obviously part of a big group, but ultimately they don’t have anything interesting to add to the conversation, and this is what they spend their days on this. My friends is the worst image in video games.