Some of my thoughts and feelings – what’s up everybody, george here from gp lights – hope you guys, dress better, look better and ultimately be better through style, tutorial tips. Videos like this in today’s video guys i’ll be going over an in depth. Review of a paulo neural i’ve been going over an unboxing background info ease of use, my overall opinion after using it for 40 days and price compared towards the competition. If you guys are new here to gp lifestyle community be sure to hit that subscribe. Button turn on notification bell, so you never miss when i upload a new video let’s jump into it, i’m, starting it off with the unboxing. The first thing you’re going to use the two cards. The first is an faq card tips and tricks, and as well as answering a couple of general questions, how apollo neuro works? How often you should use it, and will your body get adjusted to using the modes after a couple of weeks? Second thing is: is a sample program card this just lays out when and how you’re going to use the different modes and what they’re designed to do now, starting it off with the actual unboxing itself, you’re going to get the apollo neuro tracker on a strap and Then you’re also going to get a spare, strap a usb charging cable and as well as a quick start guide on how to set up the app and pair it now, starting it off.

With the background information apollo neuro is a wearable design to help improve the body’s resilience towards stress. So polyneuro was developed by a team of physicians and neuroscientists and has gone through multiple clinical trials to show its effectiveness and managing heart rate variability, basically bringing the heart rate back down to homeostasis through different stressful environments. And it has shown that it is the key aspect of dealing with biometric stress. Polyneuro works by engaging the body’s sense of touch to help you feel safe and get control over stress. Basically, we all know stress is associated with the sympathetic response of fight or flight. Whether you feel like something is super dangerous or you’re. Gon na have to run away from something, even if you’re, not actually the body senses it all physiologically. As the same, it ramps up your heart rate, it gets adrenaline pumping, and that is that physiological stressors for bonds apollo working by gauging that sense of touch and to get your body through a parasympathetic nervous response. That brings the body down from that high level of stress to back to a more neutral playing field, so it doesn’t just stop at stress. A lot of these other features are one of the reasons why i decided to review apollo neuro. It is designed to help you get more focused, clear your mind, help the body recover and as well help improve sleep, and all this is done through a mobile, app and selection of different modes.

The great thing here is this is a wearable tracker that is designed to improve your health and not just collect a bunch of data that you’re not going to use later on now, moving into the ease of use and the overall quality of the product, i got To start off what i saying i like the slim design of apollo neuro, you can wear it nicely onto your wrist it’s, not the most fashionable thing, you’re going to be dressed up with it, it’s, not a smart watch, but definitely if you like dressing a little Bit more athletically, this can pair nicely. You can also and it’s also quite functional, and you can also wear it on your ankle, as recommended for some of the sleep and meditation program just so it doesn’t get in the way, and i like that, it’s slim design, you can fit nicely under your sleeves Or under your pants as well, i also like that it is a simple one: button, pairing and you’re basically connected to the app now once the app is installed from the app store you just basically, you put in your email to sign up. Don’T worry there’s, no spam or marketing. The only thing they ever send. You is when it’s time to update either the app or the firmware and basically after you turn on the app it basically automatically connects you don’t have to pay each individual time. I like that. It’S quite seamless and the ui is simpler to use just click on a mode.

You can change the duration and intensity of the mode and it actually works. When the app is closed. If you force quit the app, you can actually still use the mode it’ll keep going it’s not like when you play a video on youtube and you back out and the video stops. I just like that feature. It is nice, and i think that they do they make it so simple to use that once you set it up, you’re pretty much good to go. One thing that i was worried about it was going to be the battery life, because this is something that is meant to be used overnight, as well throughout the day, and so far through my rigorous testing, i figured out that the battery life can last you anywhere Between two and a half to three days of consistent use, but definitely on the second day, you should be charging it when you’re not using it. So the battery life it’s overall, quite well, but it’s not going to last you, for example, the entire week without charging. It now moving on to my 40 day journey of using a polyneuro let’s start off with what my goals actually were. So we can get a good baseline number. One was to help me fall asleep faster, because i noticed i always go to bed watching youtube videos that don’t take me anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half to fall asleep. My second goal is to have more energy and focus throughout the day, because around two or three o’clock in the afternoon i feel super pooped and i need a whole bunch of caffeine because i usually drink three to four cups of coffee a day, depending on how Much work or how much school i have during the day now.

The first thing i’ve noticed throughout the journey of using apollo neuro, is that the changes are quite subtle: it’s, not like a jolt of energy or a jolt of relaxation. It takes a couple of minutes to take an effect, but after it does, you do end up noticing a difference. One of the first areas is when i use it when it’s time to go to bed. I continued my routine of watching videos in, but i know it’s, not the healthiest thing it’s a bad habit of mine, but i notice now that i can’t be up watching videos for an hour in bed around 20 to 30 minutes is where i basically it’s time For me to fall asleep, and i noticed that change come in after the second week of using it. It was quite subtle and gradual, but i think this actually helped me get a little bit fall asleep a little bit faster and i’ve noticed as well as i’m. Not as restless throughout the night, because i would usually like wake up and i’d be like all over the bed or i would be just waking up two to three times a night. I haven’t had a night where i didn’t sleep throughout the night, so i’m pretty sure it was the reason why my second goal was energy and focus throughout the day. Now i understand what kova now a lot of people are stuck at home and finding focus and motivation and keeping yourself disciplined while chilling at home and trying to get work done, could be difficult.

I always used to rely on caffeine and stimulants to help me through it, but i would always experience that crash and stuff that i want to do later. In the day i couldn’t get it when i use the clear and focused mode. I’Ve noticed that after 10 minutes of going through it, i feel like i can stay on topic more for a longer period of time because, usually, like i work 20 minutes on researching a video and then procrastinating for a few hours to come back to it now. I’Ve noticed i can get a little bit more work done it over time. I’Ve actually managed to catch up on some assignments for school and actually prep out some of these videos that i can record at a later time – and this has actually helped me – not rely. So much on the caffeine i’m still drinking like three cups of coffee a day, but i’ve noticed i’m skipping that fourth one and replacing it with hitting that clear and focus mode. When i need it, instead of hitting that caffeine and i’m, not experiencing crashes and i’m, not feeling as moody as i do, when that crashes do happen, and the last category is price and competition now for the price, it is going to be around 350 now. I know what you’re thinking that’s a lot, and i do have to agree, but in partnership for this video you guys can get 10 off using the code, gp lifestyle 2021 linked in the description and when it came to researching similar products like apollo, it really was Difficult because there really isn’t any the closest thing i could find was the fitbit smart watch and it’s not it’s, just a smart watch and fitness tracker together at the same price.

It doesn’t help you with your sleep. It doesn’t help you get more energy and focus so apollo really stands out in a niche of its own, where it’s over saturated, with fitbits fitness, trackers, heart rate, monitors and that’s. Why? I think it’s actually worth that extra money that you’re going to be paying for it over something like a fitbit or a grommet tracker, because what’s the point of collecting all this bunch of data. If it doesn’t actually help you, you don’t need charts and graphs and numbers, and then you still have to make an effort to make the change. This is something that you put on you leave it on. For the day, you hit a couple of modes throughout the day and it gives you the boost. You go about your day to day routine, making those subtle changes – and this is a natural support that is actually designed to help you manage stress, be more productive and recover, and i honestly think it is definitely worth it because there’s nothing else like it out there. So i was super stoked that they decided to give you guys a discount by partnering with me for this video there. You guys have there’s my full in depth, review of apollo nerd, if you guys enjoyed the video, be sure to drop a like and subscribe to. This channel, because if you watch this far interview, i can tell you one more series about dressing better, looking better and ultimately being better big.

Thank you to apollo for sponsoring and partnering with me for this video. If you guys want to check it out and get more information about it be sure to head on in to the link into the description, you can get 10 off your purchase using the code gp lifestyle. 2021.