I see iphone 10s max macbook pro and so on. The point is, as a tech enthusiast, i want to see the best technology can offer at the moment, but if i have to personally buy a new iphone in the upcoming sale, i will go with iphone 11. Over the iphone 12 mini here’s, why? Okay? So the number one reason is, of course, the price the cheapest iphone that is iphone. 12 mini starts at 70 000 in india. Not to forget it. Doesn’T come with charging brick as well, so most people will have to spend 2 000 rupees extra for the 20 watt fast charger and if you’re like me, you might be tempted to buy the max save charger as well, which we will cost separately for 4.5. 000. This brings the total cost from anywhere between 72 to 75 000, while on the other hand, the cheapest iphone 11 – that is a 64 gb variant, will cost 48 000 during the amazon sale, and on top of that there is 10 hdfc bank instant discount. So the effective price of iphone 11 will be around 45 000 to 46 000 inr, and even if you miss it, you can buy the brand new iphone 11 for 55 000 on apple store with free airpods, which itself cost 14 000. And on top of that, there is six percent discount on hdfc card, also looking at the product description of iphone 11 on amazon it’s, safe to assume that the charging rig will be included, so you don’t have to spend another 2 000 rupees on fast charger.

However, we will have to confirm that, in the description once the sale go, live overall, it’s safe to assume that the price of iphone 11 is going to be at least 46 000 or even as low as 41 000, if you’re lucky enough to get the discount. While on iphone 12 mini it’s gon na be around 70 to 75 000., this difference is around 30 000, which itself justify getting the iphone 11 over the iphone 12 mini. The second reason to prefer iphone 11 is updates. Now iphone 11 was released last year and looking at apple’s solid, update history, even the older iphone 6s that was released in 2015 got the latest ios 14 update. So, if you’re planning to buy an iphone for a long term investment and have no plans of buying another smartphone for at least five to six years, rest assured you will be getting all the latest updates and there won’t be any software difference between the iphone 12 Mini and iphone 11 for at least next five years. The third reason why you should get iphone 11 over iphone 12 or iphone 12 mini is 5g. Now all iphone 12 series phones are the first phone from apple to feature 5g and lot of buyers are asking this question. Should i get a phone that supports 5g and the short answer is no, there is no 5g in india as of now and won’t be available till the mid of next year, and even if it comes out next year, the infrastructure needs at least three to five Years before it becomes readily available in cities and towns in india and it’s, not like you’re getting the real 5g in india, if you buy iphone 12 outside united states anyway turns out the iphone 12 doesn’t support millimeter wave 5g outside the united states, which is kind Of responsible for the crazy high speed that you get in 5g, in simple words, 5g isn’t, a good reason to buy iphone 12 in india, since there will be no 5g coverage for at least next 3 to 5 years.

And since there is no millimeter wave in iphone 12 units sold in india, it’s, definitely a no. No. For all the previous reasons, like the price updates and 5g, the iphone 11 was playing a catch up game with iphone 12 series. But there are few things that iphone 11 does even better than the iphone 12 mini. Yes, it has a better battery life and a bigger display size. To give you a perspective, the iphone 11 offers 17 hours of video playback, whereas iphone 10 mini would only offer 15 hours. Another point of difference is the screen real estate. The iphone 12 mini is just 5.4 inch. Oled display yes, it’s, oled and it’s way, better, but it’s small enough for youtube and netflix, and if you prefer a bigger 6.1 inch display, then iphone 11 makes more sense. Overall, the iphone 11 is at least 25 000 cheaper than the cheapest iphone 12. That is the iphone 12 mini, and yet it offers same software experience same updates and has a better battery life and bigger screen, and the only thing it misses out on is 5g, which is still four to five years away in india anyway. Finally, to sum it up at this price, iphone 11 is not only the best iphone under 50 grand, but one of the best smartphone under 50 grand as well. I can easily recommend it to anyone looking for a quality upgrade and you can get it for as low as 48 000 on amazon, with 10 instant discount on hdfc card and no cost emi.

I recommend it getting it on day, one early on prime day, and if you miss it, you can also get it for 55 000 on apple website with free airpods. Yes, the airport itself cost 14 000 and there is a six person hdc cashback as well.