The homepod mini offers 360 degree sound and is powered by the s5 chip, coupled with what apple is calling computational audio to help deliver users the best, sound and performance. From a speaker, this small much like the original homepod, you can pair two homepod minis together for stereo sound and the u1 chip, will let iphone users easily hand off audio from your iphone to a homepod mini by simply just bringing your device next to the homepod. Homepod mini will be available to order on november 6th, with orders shipping out november 16th for only 99. Moving on to the new iphone 12 lineup, and this year, apple started with the standard iphone 12 and announced that all iphones will carry oled super xdr displays with a true death camera system on the front and a new square edge. Design apple also introduced its new ceramic shield, glass, with nano ceramic crystals to help improve toughness, in fact, apple says: there’s, a four times better drop protection with this new glass than ever before. The back of the iphone 12 features an updated dual lens camera system, with an improved wide and ultra wide camera array that offers a better low light performance as well as night mode, which is now included across the entire iphone lineup speaking of night mode. This feature is now available in portrait mode and apple also showed off night mode time lapse mode which delivers long exposure, while recording videos allowing users to capture some crazy low light videos on their iphones.

The new iphone 12 lineup also includes apple’s, blazing fast a14 bionic chip, as well as both millimeter wave and sub 6 gigahertz 5g support. Although it is important to note that millimeter wave is only available for us models, 5g will bring users super fast network speeds and is more advanced to give users high network speeds in more populated or congested areas like a stadium or arena apple showed off its partnership. With verizon for its ultra wideband network of crazy download speeds capable of up to four gigabytes per second or upload speeds of up to 200 megabytes per second, this iphone has custom 5g hardware and radio components inside in order to be more space efficient, but also include More 5g bands for better coverage there’s also a new smart data mode, which will automatically reduce from 5g to lte. If 5g is just not necessary and will help you save power. This will also switch the other way too. If lte is just not cutting it and 5g is better in that specific area that you’re in it will automatically do. The switch for. You apple also introduced its new mac safe feature and a lineup of mac. Safe accessories for the iphone 12 and inside of the iphone is now an intelligent system of magnets built right into the back in order to help with better charging experiences or attach or connect to different accessories. So, for example, with charging apple introduced, several new magsafe chargers, including a new phone and watch combination that folds up for easy on the go transportation, but also showed off new cases wallets and more, and all of this just connects simply via the magnet on the back Of your iphone, this will no doubt open up an entire subset of accessories from apple, as well as third party companies coming soon.

There are two things you won’t be getting inside of a new iphone 12 box, however, which are the earbuds and wall. Adapter apple will be including a lightning to usbc cable, but in efforts to reduce waste apple has removed everything else from inside of the box. This is true not only for the iphone 12 lineup, but even for older models like the iphone se, the 10r and the 11. That apple is continuing to sell as cheaper options. Apple next unveiled, its newest sized iphone, the iphone 12 mini. This phone is smaller and lighter than the 4.7 inch iphone 8 or the iphone se, but comes with a larger 5.4 inch screen. This is apple’s. Smallest thinnest and lightest 5g iphone option available and comes with everything that we just talked about inside of the iphone 12. But, of course, in a smaller form, factor there’s also a cheaper price tag. Alongside it too. The iphone 12 and 12 mini will come in a black white product, red green and blue color options. Next, up apple unveiled its latest pro models, which includes the same new design that we just talked about, but instead of aluminum brushed along the edges, users get the more elegant looking stainless steel frame. The screen sizes have also changed slightly as the new iphone 12 pro will now come with a 6.1 inch screen, and the 12 pro max will offer the largest screen on an iphone to date, with a 6.

7 inch display. The good news here is, even though the iphone screens have increased, the form factor remains relatively close to that of the iphone 11 pro and the 11 pro max. The pro models will also come with all of the same features that we just talked about, but also a few new features specific to the pro models like an updated gold and new pacific blue color options, as well as a newly updated, triple lens camera system. This camera system includes an updated ultra wide, wide and telephoto lens, with a few new features introduced alongside like apple pro raw that will be available later this year. To give pro users the flexibility to edit highlights color white balance, sharpening etc inside of apps like lightroom or photoshop, as well as right inside the photos. App hdr video recording is also available for the iphone 12 pro models with 10 bit. Hdr recording and the pro models also offer dolby vision, hdr 4k recording at up to 60 frames per second. The new camera system also comes with a lidar scanner, similar to what we saw introduced on the new ipad pro models from earlier this year. This will, of course, lead to better objects in room scanning better ar capabilities, as well as helping improve, auto focus accuracy and shutter speed. In fact, auto focus in low light is now six times better than the previous generation. Thanks to the lidar scanner. In this new camera system, the iphone 12 mini and the iphone 12 will start at 699 and 799 dollars respectively, while the pro models will start at 9.

99 for the 12 pro and 10.99 for the 12 pro max. One thing to note here is that the entry level storage has been bumped up from 64 gigs to 128 gigs. For these pro models, the iphone 12 and 12 pro will go on sale later this friday october 16th, with orders shipping next week on october 23rd. The iphone 12 mini and the 12 pro max will go up for pre order on november 6, with orders shipping the following week on november 13th. Before we end this video, i do want to give you more information about today’s, sponsor raptic. When it comes to the newly announced iphone 12 lineup raptic. Has you covered literally with its new raptic shield case for the iphone 12.. This case features an enhanced machine. Aluminum frame, coupled with a soft rubber bumper for the ultimate protection for your brand new iphone. The back of these cases comes with a clear, polycarbonate material so that you can actually see your new iphone 12 colors and the frame of the shield comes with its own. Unique color options of red black blue or my personal favorite iridescent i’m, not usually a big fan of clear cases because they are known for getting kind of dirty or grimy inside. But the raptic shield has a special antimicrobial solution, infused into the frame and the back of the case to keep your phone from getting super gross.