The apple watch 7, a smartwatch with which you cannot only listen to music offline, receive all kinds of messages and reply to them, but it also has a great gps and a whole bunch of health features. Hey folks, my name is leonard youre watching a product reviewer and thats me. The design of the apple watch 7 really hasnt changed that much over the past seven years. It is available in more colors and materials than any other smartwatch, but the design almost stayed identical. The apple ward, 7 may has a square case, but round edges and lots of sensors on the back side. You could say its the smallest computer from apple. It is very light and feels smooth on your skin and its water resistant up to 50 meters. Right now, im wearing the 41 millimeter green aluminum version, which means its the smaller model, but you can also get it in 45 millimeters, but i would only suggest that one if you have bigger wrists and four arms overall, there are five different colors with the aluminum Style three in stainless steel and two and matte titanium, the more expensive materials have a sapphire glass instead of the iron x, but the iron x is still supposed to be very doable since its 50 thicker than on the older ones. The only buttons are the side button with which you can open up all tabs turn on the watch, or you can even call it emergency.

The upper button is your main tool for navigation through this watch. It is rotatable and gets you to all of your apps. You can set timers or customize your watch faces by swiping up. You will get to your quick panel and swiping down. Gets you to your notifications. If you swipe left or right, you will only scroll through your different watch faces, which you put in your rotation. Now, speaking of that, even though we still have no third party watch faces, we still get a whole bunch of different customized watch, faces starting add some minimalistic ones over to some analog ones, very functional ones, with lots of metrics or even very personal watch faces. You can also change your straps in a matter of seconds. Its just super easy to do now. The most important update this year is the display its not only 20 bigger, but the edges are even 40 smaller and overall, the watch only grew by one millimeter. I think the apple watch looks very modern if you compare it to other smart watches there. Even new watch faces to go all the way to the edges and apps got increased by 10 in size. The display is just awesome. Brightness and resolution are top notch. The brightness of the always on display got increased by seven percent so now its easier to read the always of display mode, also slowly fades in when it turns on which i very much like now lets.

Take a quick peek at some specs. Now, with the appleware 6, we had the best processor of any smartwatch, which was the s6. Now we have the same processor and the apple watch 7, just with the newer name s7. That means the apple ware, 7 didnt get any faster or more energy efficient, but the good news are that the competition didnt even catch up to the s6, which means the appleware 7, still has the best processor that you can get in any smartwatch. Like i already mentioned, you can receive all kinds of messages like whatsapp, sms, email, instagram and a lot more, and you can even reply to messages by either using one of the quick reply answers you can write your very own text or use the microphone to dictate. What you want to say, you can also use the watch for navigation. You can set multiple timers at once or listen to offline music, while youre working out now speaking of working out, the half aspects of the ever ward 7 are one of its main focus points. Of course, you have all the heart rate monitoring, which was actually pretty accurate, as i was comparing it to my h10 chest pen during some of my workouts on the average heartbeat, it was only off by like one beat and in the maximum. It was off by like seven to eight beats, but pretty awesome. Now we also get a sleep tracker that can track your respiration rate during the night as well.

You may not be able to see it on your watch, but you can look it up on your iphone over here. You see your heart rate during the night as well. You also have an spo2 tracker, an ecg function, which really makes weird noises every once in a while and a rather accurate built in gps. It may was off by a few meters every now and then, but overall pretty good. Now we can go through every app, since that would just take way too long. But let me tell you that you can call your friends and family right from your wrist. You can either look in the address book or just punch in any number, depending on which apple watch you have. You will either need your smartphone nearby or just can leave that one at home. The apple watch 7 also has a weather widget, which even shows you a forecast for the next week. You have basically every sport mode covered starting from standard stuff like walking, running and hiking all the way to swimming hit, trainings dance, workouts or even tai chi. Okay, now that we got that out of the way lets talk about the battery life dont matter, if you have the big one or a small version, it will definitely last the whole day after work. I got home and had like 40 left, which is enough for the rest of the day, the night and alarm in the morning.

The apple ward series 7 charges up to 33 percent faster, which is fast enough to give me enough battery life for a whole day. While im making my breakfast in the morning and take a quick shower now, theres still one thing that i have to mention about the apple ward 7, which is that the wireless charging is still not a thing, while other brands, like samsung, already include wireless charging through A station or your smartphone that ward 7 is still slacking behind. In addition to that, the apple watch 7 needs to be charged with the newer cable if you want to make use of the faster charging time. So what do i think about the apple watch? Series? 7, not everyone needs an apple watch, especially if youre looking at the price of 430 euros for the 41 millimeter version, which can even go up to 530 euros. So there are definitely some other cheaper options for you out there, which are almost as good now. Dont get me wrong. The appleware 7 is a great smartwatch and if youre an iphone user, theres, definitely no better option for you than get an apple watch 7. If youre looking for a smartwatch, they just sync up way too good, but if youre an android user. Like me, there are definitely some other smartwatch options out there for you, like the galaxy watch 4, the garmin venue 2, which are almost as good but not quite as expensive.

For me, the best features of the apple ward 7 are definitely the bigger display and that it charges up to 33 percent faster. So what are your favorite features? Let me know in the comments below and if youre ready for some tips, tricks and hidden features of the apple watch. 7.