This is jd your gadget review friend, we’re, continuing to review and compare devices and i’ll flash our schedule for the next couple of weeks. You can also check our twitter community at gadget rev now for updates today, we’re taking some time off in reviewing phones and we’re shifting to wearables a couple of months back. We just reviewed huawei band 3 pro for android. It is one of the cheapest and better value fitness tracker today, we’re looking at the goto apple watch for many it got all the useful features of an apple watch, 6 and it’s much cheaper and making it as one of the best smart watches around. This is our unboxing and first impression of apple watch se for 369 dollars. Is it worth it? Hey don’t forget to subscribe. My friend let’s go. We have the minimalist box of apple and turning it around. You will have the opening for the box. You just need to lift the lock and open it once you open the box, you will have a colorful and minimalist experience. You will have two long boxes stacked together. The top box has a watch face logo or image, and i bet this is where the watch face is located. Lifting the box cover yep. You can see the watch face right off the bat covered in paper cover. We will check and set this up later, but now let’s check what else is inside the box. Beside the watch face, you will have the manual with the minimalist presentation in a typical apple fashion and underneath it is the magnetic charging cable again for those of you who doesn’t know even apple watches.

Doesn’T come with charging brick now now let’s check the next box. Underneath the watch face in a charging, cable and it’s the strap, we have the pink or rose gold. Color let’s check it out. So we have some manuals again. I don’t know who reads this: why not just add a charging brick and save some paper for these manuals and just provide a downloaded file on the internet? You know just give us the link. If you want to ever read it. I think that’s more eco friendly apple, so we have two adjustable straps. I think one is for guys with bigger wrists and a smaller one is for girls, i’m, not sure. If a guy like me, will use the pink collar or the rose gold strap, but hey it’s there. Okay, now let’s try to assemble the pieces and set it up with our iphone 11 pro. You just need to slide the strap on the side of the watch. Face and it will clip it that’s an easy piece to charge. You just clip the magnetic cable. At the back of the watch face, it will wirelessly charge for easy pairing make sure you charge the watch first. We got the watch fully drained, so we needed to give it a little power to continue. The pairing process will start in scanning. The watch face qr code. If there’s an available update you can download before you continue the setup process. Okay, once the update is done, it will restart the device and you can continue with the setup process.

I will speed this up, so we can save some time. Okay before we continue to make our first impression of apple watch se. This is a side by side. Comparison to an honor band, 4. it’s a little bigger to accommodate more information, but it is a 40 millimeter watch face, so it isn’t super big either. Just the right fit. Okay, we just finished setting it up and we chose a dark mode on its watch. Face. Okay, so a typical home screen for apple watch, you have all the apps in small round icons. If you click the mail app, it will sync all the mails from your iphone Music. You can also check the weather. You can also open your gallery from your phone. You can zoom in and zoom out, using the side control. You can also check your text messages or imessages and so many more apps you can open on your apple watch se. This also has a cellular function, so you can call text and receive notifications. So there you go for 369 dollars, you have the watch, the magnetic charging, cable and extra strap if you invested in apple ecosystem, although admittedly a little pricey, but this is the best value apple watch you can get today with all the useful features of an apple Watch 6. it’s a great deal with all the functionality it gives you. This is one of the best smart watches out there. If you enjoyed this video, consider subscribing we’re posting videos of gadget, reviews, comparisons, photography, gears and tips.

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