I know i’m vlogging after so long. So today, i’ve decided to vlog to show you guys my new apple voice that i’ve got. This is the apple watch, se and uh. I got it recently like uh. I guess three. Four weeks ago and my mom got an uh apple watch. What is it? I forgot. An apple watch, uh series six. I think that’s right i’m, not trying. Oh my god, my memory is really bad, so let me just sit down here. Let me talk to you. This for for a while, because this has really uh taken me back – how well this watch works. I mean the os is so good and i had a watch before this, which that was also like a smart bang, not much not much of a watch, but it was pretty cool. It was from honor. I think i showed you guys, i’m, not really sure, but that what was cool and it had some limited capabilities it could like uh. It could uh. You know tell me my notifications, tell me my calls it could measure my heartbeat. It could do you know simple daily stuff, but this apple watch has really uh performed beyond my expectations, and it is like that everything is everything is in it. I haven’t got the lte version, but if you do get the lte version, which is the cellular version, you can have like a sim card in the watch. So you can, you know, call even when the even when the watch is not uh in the range of your phone, the bluetooth range.

That could be helpful. When you are like uh on a walk us, you may be uh, you don’t want to take your phone somewhere, so you can just directly call and just and receive call on your watch. So if you guys want a review of my apple watch series 6, not my my mom’s apple watch series – 6., let me know, but for today i will just stick to apple watch. Sc that i got and the the difference between the series, 6 and sc is that six has stuff like blood oxygen and uh ek, ecg feature which you can like measure from the watch. I i didn’t get that because i really didn’t need it, but my mom has got it so maybe in the future yeah i will have to ask for us uh for that nicely. So yeah so let’s check my watch. Oh uh, oh my god, it’s it’s, the breathing reminder. Okay, let me place this here uh, so it also has fall detection. So if you accidentally, uh fall while you’re working whatever while you are climbing on uh stairs or whatever, so it will automatically detect it and automatically uh send in a sos to your friends and ever maybe call the emergency also it has hand washing detection. So if i go into the settings app over here, uh, where, where did it go? Okay, if i go into the settings app, it has a lot of features. I mean you can see over here.

You can you can customize the breathe hand, washing detection if you’re hand washing it with a sad time for 20 seconds and also has fall. Detection it’s not showing up over here i don’t know i might be blind, but it has fall. Detection, it’s, pretty cool and uh, maybe it’s in the sos hold on yeah fall detection is enabled. So what will happen is if you fall from somewhere, it will automatically detect and it will send an sos as basic as that. That’S, pretty cool feature and yeah. Hey guys, so this is the watch uh. I place my phone on some books and i’m showing you. This is the watch right now it’s on airplane mode. Let me take it out: oh that’s, the walkie talkie yeah. Okay, just i think it must be uh it’s not connected to my phone anyway, okay, so this is the watch face. I have right now. I can have multiple different watch faces like this. I can uh, you know scroll through all of it or i can just long press it and it does many different watch faces. So this you can add, there are so many new watch faces. This is the crown and you can scroll from this crown also so yeah that’s, pretty cool it has tons of beautiful watch faces and i think it will uh suffice. Anyone’S, you know, taste uh. However, they want to customize their watch, they can do it. So that was that was about the watch faces uh.

Next we go to the notification, so access notifications, you just swipe from above, and then you get all the notifications you can respond to them also or you can click on it for more information there’s. No such information right now, but you know you can click on it and get more information uh, but wait a minute from the uh notification center. Suppose you have messages, so you can reply the messages. Let me go to the oh yeah. Oh here we go. I was talking about messages and i’ve got the message, so you can reply by you know by this voice, so it works really well, hello, hello. Can you hear me watch Music, okay, that’s, good, so that’s how you can do it from the microphone or you can just uh type, also like this, which is pretty cool, and you have emojis and some suggestions, so yeah that’s pretty cool. So you can reply, and next thing we have is the simple uh. You know simple uh settings and everything the basic settings, the wi fi, the battery, the theater mode, the bedtime mode is pretty cool. You can track your sleep airplane mode. The torches are pretty good on this, so you have this one and this one and a red one, which is pretty cool and yeah and that’s the herring thing i don’t know what it’s that is. I would love to check okay, so this is that, and you can also bring your phone from here.

Uh let’s go to the apps. If you press the crown you will go to that, you can see guys. It is in a great view. You can have it in another view also, so these are all the apps i uh i have on my watch and the apple watch has so. This is the the heart rate app. If you get the sixth one, then you will get the oxygen app oxygen. Blood oxygen app and also the ecg app so yeah that’s, pretty cool. This is my workout from before. It will tell me everything about the workout in the workout app not in this, but it generally just tells you everything so yeah it’s pretty cool, but if you want the oxygen and the ecg you will have to step up to six. This is the sc version. Uh, if you go into my workout uh, it tells me all my workout by these rings it’s pretty cool, and then you can move down. It tells you the move exercise and the total steps it’s, not pretty good night till now. It tells me the workout that i have done today, like i did this one minute workout today, so it tells me the calories and everything so that’s pretty cool, and that was about the workout and it has also it’s a pretty cool feature. You can use this thing, uh your phone, your phone’s, uh camera. I mean this as a viewfinder for your phone’s camera.

You also have the walkie talkie feature, so you can talk to my mom. I mean anyone who has an apple watch by walkie talkie uh. This is this: is this translation app that i just downloaded it’s, not apples, so you have, as you can, as you guys can see, you can pretty much everything what you want in your watch, so you can have different pictures on your watch and it’s. A pretty cool watch, i will say so it has many beautiful apps and it has lots of workouts. I mean endless types of workouts. The new uh os will be bringing more workouts yeah, the watchos 8, which will be coming out in september. So right now we have you, i mean a lot of conflict. I mean i must be more than ten, so there’s lots of work out that you can choose from yeah and yep. That will be pretty much it for the watch and, let me know if you guys want to review this – is the breeding app, so you can do a breathing exercise for one minute, uh, so yeah. That is fine. My phone – and that is the this – is the compass and it tells you it tells your elevation in real time so right now, my elevation is this that’s, pretty cool yeah, so my watch has just one sensor, which is the heart rate sensor, but my mom’s watch Has an oxygen center. Sorry, what am i saying oxygen sensor and also has like an ecg sensor, so it’s pretty more complicated and a little bit more expensive than this one? So if you guys want that to be reviewed, just let me know in the comment section below i will make a video on apple watch uh series 6, which will have.

I will show you guys the demo of the oxygen and the ecg features, but this is pretty cool and on this is pretty cool. Also, it measures like the sound the how much the sound is there around you. So if i start to talk louder hello, it will you know the disability. So if my, if uh, if the sound level around me, increases uh above 80, it will notify me that the sound level around me has increased and i should probably move from there. So yeah that was about it about the watch. If you guys, i have downloaded this cool game, which is this tic tac toe game, so it’s pretty cool, but i need another person to play it so yeah. So that is pretty much about it. That is pretty. That will be it for the watch and hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you guys want a video about the i have the nike version here. My mom has got the regular sport version. So if you guys watch uh want another video on that series, 6 for the demo of oxygen and everything so yeah. Let me know in the comment section below hope you guys have a great day and yeah. Thank you.