If you are new to this channel here we do tech reviews, news and unboxing and sometimes tutorials. Every monday and friday, so if this sounds interesting to you, consider subscribing and don’t forget to turn on the notification bell, so you won’t miss any future uploads and if you’re already a subscriber, then we’ll come back, so the apple watch se just arrived from apple. As my brother ordered it for himself and he got the 44 millimeter space gray version and i decided to unbox it for you guys, so as you can tell the beautiful apple packaging, i think it’s similar or identical to the series 5 box, except for the logo. It wasn’t printed, i think it was embossed and was also white, not reflecting the color of the watch. So here, if we flip it into the back, will have se space gray, aluminum case 44 millimeter version, and it tells you what’s included so apple watch and a charging cable and a power adapter sold separately. So of course no adapter. Thank you apple. So now we’ll just remove the plastic, the most satisfying feeling in the world: okay, so here’s the box. Now, of course, it has a mechanism which is actually quite good and protective you’ll have to remove this from the socket, and you are welcomed, with a colorful picture, of course, of loops and bands that you can purchase from apple. So a very good presentation. So now we’ll remove this and we have two boxes: the watch so the if we say the square and of course the loop we’ll first see the loop okay.

I need a cutter now and of course, you will have the rubber the standard rubber loop that you can install on your watch now, we’ll see we’ll open the walls and we’ll see what comes in its box. So here we just have to remove this, and this and now we can oh, so it comes with plastic cover and not like that series 5, which comes with more like a mesh or cloth it. To be honest, i prefer the last one but hey it’s a protection and you’ll remove it anyway. So we’ll leave it aside, and here we have, of course, the user manual and designed by apple in california and the cable for charging. Of course, uh charges wirelessly representing magsafe, and this technology is actually old for the apple watch and, to be honest, i prefer it more than having, of course, a port on the watch. So this way they can hide the charging space without actually jeopardizing the design. Just imagine having a port to plug in your charger now i do realize that when you charge that you won’t be actually wearing it, but still when it’s put on a desk, for example, and it’s charging, of course wirelessly with no port visible, it still looks better. So let’s, just okay, i remind it let’s just remove the plastic and here’s the watch, the space ray and its glory. So this sums up the unboxing experience of the apple watch, se, by the way, if you’re, enjoying today’s video make sure to hit that like button and let us know in the comments below what apple watch do you have or if you are thinking of getting yourself An apple watch se now back to today’s video, now let’s talk about some features and specs of the apple watch.

Se, it was released back in september 18 of 2020 alongside the series 6.. Both gps and cellular versions are available with two size options: the 40 and the 44 millimeter, of course, both featuring glass on the front, a sapphire crystal back and aluminum frame. It is up to 50 millimeter water resistant and, as for the color options, we have the silver gold and the one that i have so the space gray. As for the display, it has a retina ltpo oled display up to 1000 nits of brightness and 326 pixels per inch, so a very high resolution. It runs on apple’s s5 chipset, which has dual core cpu and a power vr gpu amazing performance. By the way, it has one gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of internal storage, and it runs on water s7 and is expected to stay supported for many years to come, which is always welcomed from apple, of course. As for the battery, you can expect up to 18 hours of mixed usage so medium to high usage, so decent battery life, but of course not as samsung’s, for example, galaxy watch or huawei’s, but still it’s an apple, so it’s expected, hopefully in the future. We’Ll see versions that can stay up to two days, for example, even with heavy usage. As for the features it has an accelerometer gyroscope barometer, heart rate sensor and the compass so wide variety of sensors in order to keep track. Your health, of course, calorie count, also and steps etc, and, of course it runs gps as you’d expect and, of course, all of the loops and bands that you have.

If you have, for example, the apple watch series 4 and beyond are still compatible depending. If you have the 40, you can use the 40 loops and if you have the 44 millimeter, you can of course use the 44 millimeter loops with no problems. So if you haven’t noticed the apple watch, se is basically a refreshed version of the series 5 with the same chipset, but under a different name and with a different price tag so guys i hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video as much as i did and, to be Honest the apple watch is still my favorite apple product after the iphone. Of course, it has a sleek design, excellent quality and has a handful of features.